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    All My Children CAST - Di Henry

    Full detailed profile on Di Henry Played by Kelli Giddish on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelli Giddish
    Di Henry

    Actor: Kelli Giddish

    Who played Di Henry over the years

    Heather Kenzie (November 14, 2008 - November 17, 2008)
    Kelli Giddish (March 15, 2005 - December 2007)

    Useful information on Di Henry

    * Marital Status - Single.
    * Served several years in jail for failing to cooperate with a grand jury investigation.
    * Agreed to go along with David Hayward's plan for her to pretend to be Dixie Martin.
    * Conspired with Annie in the kidnapping plot.


    Past: Nanny for Adam Chandler III


    Di first surfaced in the correctional institution where Krystal Carey was serving her sentence for her hand in kidnapping Bianca Montgomery's baby. Di was there for failure to cooperate with the grand jury.

    One of Kystal's visitors, Dr. David Hayward, was struck by how much Di resembled his past love, now presumed dead, and upon Di's release, David struck a bargain with her to impersonate Dixie, hoping Di could persuade Dixie's son, JR Chandler, to allow David's daughter, Babe, to share custody of their child. Di promptly went to the Chandler mansion and applied for the little boy's nanny position, and was hired

    Di ingratiated herself into JR's life and also became romantically involved with Tad Martin. Neither of the men could explain the familiar attraction they felt for the woman, and when David started dropping hints that she might be Dixie, Tad confronted Di and she lied and said that she was. Fingerprints and DNA tests manipulated by Dr. Hayward, confirmed her false admission, and Tad fell in love with Dixie all over again.

    When Del Henry came to town and discovered his other half-sister masquerading as the one presumed dead, he agreed to keep her secret. Di was successful until Julia Santos and Noah Keefer were followed to Pine Valley by Garret Williams, also known as The Dragon. He was the man who caused Di to serve time because of her fear that he would kill her if she testified against him. Having to help Julia get the man after he killed Noah, blew Di's story apart.

    When Di was exposed as a fake, she still loved Tad, and although he eventually forgave her and understood what drove her to the lie, their planned marriage fell by the wayside. Di's pain was soothed by her friendship with Aidan Devane, who was also reeling from a failed relationship. The real Dixie's search for her missing daughter, Emma, brought Dixie Cooney Martin back from the dead, and Di is determined to help her half-sister and Tad find the child that the devious and now dead, Dr. Greg Madden, stole from them.

    Di began a relationship with Aidan Devane but when it became clear that the relationship was going nowhere, Di left town to take a job in New York.

    Annie lured her back to Pine Valley, explaining that she needed Di to care for Emma so that she and Ryan could have some time alone to heal their marriage. Di became Annie's dupe in the kidnapping plot.




    Garret Williams (lovers)
    Kevin Sturgess (lovers - deceased)
    Aidan_Devane (lovers)


    Paul Hunkle (father)
    Lila Kirby (mother)
    Del Henry (brother)
    Will Cortlandt (paternal half-brother - deceased)
    Dixie Cooney (paternal half-sister)
    Melanie Cortlandt (paternal half-sister)
    Louise Kirby (maternal aunt)
    Adam Chandler Jr. (paternal half-nephew)
    Unnamed Child (paternal half-niece)
    Adam Chandler III (paternal half-great-nephew)




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    Tuesday, November 18 2008: That's My Daughter!

    Di is brought in to the clinic, dead. Greenlee sees her and calls Jake. Aidan's monitors begin to buzz and she rushes to his side.

    Monday, November 17 2008: Moving Plans!

    At the hotel, Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan rush into the room and find Di on the ground! Annie says Di took Emma; Ryan rushes to her side and tries to get Di talking. She tells Ryan to ask Annie where Emma is; Annie says she was trying to get Di to tell her the truth when the gun went off. She says she saw Di in the lobby and followed her to the room. Aidan and Greenlee question her. Annie tells them that Di is the only one who knows where Emma is. Aidan looks back, sees Di point the gun and pushes Greenlee out of the way. Di shoots and Aidan is hit! Di collapses and Ryan says she is dead. He and Greenlee try to save Aidan but Annie is frozen. Just then Jesse and several police officers burst into the room. He tries to talk to Greenlee but Annie gets nervous and tells him to rest. The paramedics give Aidan more medications. Two officers question Ryan but when he explains that Di was the bad guy, they don't believe him. Greenlee tries to go with Aidan but the officers stop her. "Not until you are interrogated," the officer says. Ryan goes nuts, yelling at the officers but Jesse shuts him up, saying he'll handle it.

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