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    All My Children CAST - Erin Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Erin Lavery Played by Connie Fletcher on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Connie Fletcher

    Birthday: 1982-11-08
    Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
    Real Name: Connie Fletcher


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    Colby = Trouble

    Monday, October 09 2006

    At conFusion, Amanda urges Josh not to "play" Babe. He admits that he loves Babe and will do "anything" to get her away from JR. And he hates JR as much as he loves Babe.

    Erin observes Di and Aidan canoodling in the corner, approaches Aidan and asks to talk to him while Di's getting drinks. She says she fumbled and bungled their breakup and asks for his forgiveness.

    She tells Di that they've worked things out.

    Pine Valley mourns Colby Chandler.

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    At the Fusion office, Simone tells Josh the campaign is "awesome." They're shocked when he tells her, Danielle, and Erin that he's been fired. She says Babe chose JR over him. Simone says she needs him for a project and hires him back. He says she has to check it with Babe. Danielle says JR is a "jerk" and offers her help.

    Babe and Josh Make Love!

    Friday, September 22 2006

    At ConFusion, Dixie and Josh are talking. She insists they did not bury Greg Madden. Tad appears behind her. Jamie and Tad bicker and Jamie stalks off. He's about to take a pull off a beer bottle when JR grabs it out of his hand.

    He accuses Jamie of being a hypocrite. Dixie tells Tad he's a liar, and JR walks over to comfort Dixie. She tells him to go home to his wife and baby. When he mentions she's working upstairs, Dixie tells him to go get Babe.

    Tad tells Jamie that Dixie is "desperate" and a bad person. Jamie says she's like a mother to him.

    Annie comes in and thanks Jonathan for saving her daughter. She says she knows the kind of man he is, and doesn't care what anyone says. She's worried about him; he says he's OK and to leave it alone. They discuss Lily and she assures him that he gave Lily back her life—despite his feeling that he cannot help her.

    Erin is discussing how she can help both herself and her brothers overcome a history of abuse.

    Kendall & Ryan and Josh & Babe declare their love.

    Thursday, September 21 2006

    At the club, JR is yelling on the phone to the rescuers, and pretty much admits to Jamie that he wants to drink. Jamie says if he does, it will be a good thing if Josh takes Babe away. JR tells Jamie that he doesn't need his or anyone else's advice, and angrily leaves the club. He runs into Josh at the stairs and there's a stare-down—and JR leaves.

    Josh and Julia commiserate on loving someone who doesn't love you back.

    Di approaches Jamie and insists that Tad is wrong-- Dixie is innocent.

    Erin asks Jonathan how he is, and he admits he's only as good as can be expected. He declines her suggestion he take a few days off, and asks her just to be his friend, not his worrying-about-him sister.

    The search for Colby continues.

    Monday, September 18 2006

    Erin visits Lily in hospital and assures her of Jonathan's love…"Please come back for his sake."

    Josh Has a Drink with Jeff

    Monday, September 11 2006

    Simone, Danielle and Erin attempt to bond by having drinks at ConFusion. They share a chocolate fondue while they discuss life and all it's good and bad parts. The girls talk about lost loves and Ethan. Everyone has their battle wounds but they're all still standing and can enjoy life or find a way too!

    Ryan and Kendall Share a Kiss

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    A drunk Zach is at the bar making claims that he was hooked up with Dixie the night that Madden was murdered. The only thing he ...killed..., says Zach, was his marriage. JR confronts Zach and tells him that he's a jerk to ...scrape... his mom off his shoes to go back to Kendall. He accuses him of just using his mother. Babe gets in the middle of them and pulls him away trying to calm him down, JR then walks out.

    Standing alone, Josh approaches Babe asking her if she's ok, but she just tells him she's going back up to close up the office. While she's headed out, Erin approaches her asking her straight out if she's having an affair with Josh. If looks could kill as they say, Babe glares her down insulted by the very question. Babe tells her she's married and has only hired Josh for what he does. Erin asks her if she can go after Josh then and Babe reassures her to go for it, but as Erin walks away, Babe just stands there looking at her.

    Babe, back in the office, goes to shut down her computer trying to save the file but instead it deletes and Babe panics! Josh walks in on Babe freaking and tells her computers really don't care if she yells. Josh tells her that her files are there and shows her how to retrieve the file. He massages her hand telling her she's going to have one hell of a bruise from smashing the computer desk. Babe pulls her hand away from Josh and leaves to go home to her husband.

    Josh approaches Erin to join her in a drink. She tells her that Babe gave her the light... and Josh smiles and said ...oh she did?... Erin then asks him if someone were to make a pass at him, how should she do it? Erin continues to flirt with Josh but he politely turns her down.

    Ryan Comforts a Raging Kendall

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    Babe and Josh talk business and she tries to lift his confidence telling him how talented he is in so many areas. He tells her to stop it, that if she continues talking to him like that, he'll never have a chance to get over her. Babe encourages Josh to reach out to his family, that if it were her, she'd grab that chance in a heart beat!

    In walks Erin snidely telling them that they should just bring their clothes here since they work this long each day. She asks them to join her for a bite to eat but they both decline with Josh telling her what him and Babe have going on right now just can't wait.

    Babes' husband JR is at the bar crying the blues to Erin and she tells him she's trying to keep Josh's attention away from Babe but so far, hasn't got very far. How long will it take for Babe to realize what a creep Josh is, asks JR. She tells him she's off to ...spy... on what's going on at the office and she'll be back later to give an update!

    Zach joins JR for a drink telling him about his alibi for the time of Madden's murder.

    Zach & Dixie's Affair

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Back at the courthouse, Jonathan is devastated and his sister comforts him. He cannot believe that Lily is gone out of his life forever. He tells Erin that he truly loves Lily and he's lost her trust for good. She tries to tell him all the incredible things he did for Lily and she's so proud of him. But he shakes his head knowing Lily's state of mind is so sensitive this may shut her down completely and it's his fault.

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