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    All My Children CAST - Erin Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Erin Lavery Played by Connie Fletcher on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Connie Fletcher

    Birthday: 1982-11-08
    Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
    Real Name: Connie Fletcher


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    Goodbye, Simone

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Babe rushes down to conFusion to get help for Simone. 911 is called, and while they wait, Josh examines Simone and delivers the terrible news that she's dead. Everyone is shocked; Zach once again has a vision of the young, long-haired woman. He tells everyone not to move Simone—suspecting foul play.

    Chief Frye arrives and asks why Zach says "Simone was killed." No sign of struggle, no trauma, no weapon.

    Derek takes everyone from the alleged crime scene to the roof to be questioned. Derek suggests that Simone's death might be suicide—an accusation to which Kendall reacts vehemently.

    Babe tells Josh goodbye

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Ryan and Annie are at conFusion, her "first date in ages." He has concert tickets and a helicopter waiting to whisk them there.

    Zach and Kendall come to the Fusion office and invite the staff to join them downstairs to celebrate their new house. Kendall finds Zarf and Bianca together and invites him to celebrate with them, but he declines, claiming his "aura needs cleansing." Simone stays in the office while the rest of them go down to the club to celebrate. She's working at her desk when she's startled by Zarf, who tells her she's "spectacularly beautiful," and asks her out. No thanks, says Simone, and asks him to leave.

    At the conFusion bar, while ordering, Zach keeps having visions of a beautiful, long-haired woman—the same visions he had at the new house.

    Annie and Ryan are sitting with Kendall, who is bummed when Ryan shows her the photo of him, Spike and Annie with Santa that they had taken at the mall—she wanted to take Spike to see Santa herself.

    Zarf is in the house!

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Simone and Erin discover a naked, meditating Zarf in the Fusion office. He's "come to clear their way…and protect Babe's vision." He goes on about "fusion of body and soul…and agrees to stay and work on the campaign." He wants them to disrobe, and when Kendall arrives with Spike, she wonders what in the world is happening!

    She gets the girls to dress, and they discover that Zarf has full veto control over Fusion's use of his song and the personnel who work on them. Zarf acts like a prima donna and refuses to work with anyone but Babe, who finally arrives.

    "I felt the tug of your soul on mine, says a moody Zarf. He's about to leave—and return on the next full moon—when he runs into Bianca, and is smitten.

    Ryan comes over to gives some papers to Kendall and pick up Spike. He says that Spike's the most important thing in his life. When she asks if he's in love with Annie, he doesn't answer.

    :::Can David be found?:::

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Erin explains to Jonathan what's happened. He wants her to use the Miranda Center computer to find the foster home where Emma is—so that he can kidnap Emma and return her to Annie. She tells him this is a crazy idea and begs him not to do that—and he agrees. Amanda overhears their conversation. After Erin leaves, she comes in and says that he's a liar—and is going to get Emma. She tries to stop him, but he's determined to proceed. Amanda asks him why he doesn't care about his own future any more. Amanda begs him to fight for himself as hard as he does for other people, and to keep her promise to Erin.

    A Shattered JR.

    Monday, November 06 2006

    Erin and Josh are at the bar, commiserating about he and Babe. He claims he's ready to move on after Babe. She tells him that she's ready for a friends-with-benefits relationship. They go out to the roof and make out. He admits to her that he can't give her anything emotionally, but that's ok with her. As they're kissing, Josh has flashbacks of his time on the roof with Babe—and says he can't continue.

    Babe apologizes to a shattered JR for sleeping with Josh. Her reason is that she felt "left out" of JR's life—but it was a "horrible, one-time mistake." He's deeply upset, especially since so many people—David, Krystal, Colby, etc.—knew the truth.

    Just when he's most upset, Colby enters with Little A, notes that they're not upset and wants to know why. She figures something's up. After she leaves, Babe reiterates her love for him and her belief that their marriage can survive—even though they've been to hell and back. Can he forgive her? She forgave him for trying to kill her—she loves him with everything she has—and begs him to stop staring at her and talks to her. He has only one question: Did she tell Josh she loved him? An anguished JR tries to leave the room; she begs him not to leave.

    They run, yelling, into the foyer—where they're seen by Adam, Krystal and Colby. JR rushes out and drives away. Babe thinks he's going after Josh. Adam goes off to the Valley Inn, searching for JR. JR's in his room, sucking up liquor from the mini-bar, and hallucinating about seeing Josh and Babe making love.

    Babe goes to conFusion, looking for Josh. Finding him out on the roof, she's happy to see he's ok—until she sees Erin.

    Emma comes home:::

    Wednesday, November 01 2006

    Ryan and Tad burst into David's cabin, looking for Emma. Tad logs onto David's computer, searching for clues. David comes home suddenly, and they demand he tell them where Emma is. He laughs at them.

    Dixie is still at the airport, trying to decide whether or not to leave on the private, untraceable charter David arranged.

    After she talks with Emma and realizes how much the child loves her mother, Dixie brings Emma back to Annie. Erin and Jonathan are enraged and want to call the cops; Dixie tells Annie that she was "so wrong." Annie sends them away, so that she can talk privately to Dixie, who admits that she considered taking Emma. She tells Annie that after being with Emma and hearing her talk about her Mommy, she realized that she already has a mother who loves her. No matter what any DNA test shows, Emma already has a mommy. She swears that she will never take her from Annie again. At that moment, a shocked Ryan and Tad walk in. Dixie promises to stick to her word, but begs Annie to let them DNA test Emma, so Dixie can know whether or not her daughter has been found.

    Tad and Ryan get the news at David's, and Tad assures him he won't let him hurt Dixie. David taunts Tad, and calls him stupid for not believing him. After they leave, he's upset—murmuring that Dixie was "so close" to getting what she wanted.

    Josh's first day at Chandler Industries.

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    There's a stalemate between Annie & Ryan and Tad & Dixie about Emma's whereabouts. Annie is getting agitated, but Dixie insists she knows nothing. Aidan has searched all night, but has come up dry. While they're talking, Dixie takes off. Annie wants to rush off after her; Ryan convinces her to stay at home with Erin and Jonathan.

    Tad and Ryan come to Zach and Kendall's, searching for Dixie, but she's at David's, talking with Emma/Kate. Then she turns to David and asks if he has any idea of the chaos he's caused. He tells her there's a private jet waiting for her, along with new identities, ready to take her anywhere she chooses. She doesn't want to leave Tad; David says the only way she can have a future with Kate is to forget about him. From this moment on, it's entirely her choice. And surprise—though he did this for her, he's not coming with her.

    Dixie has another day in court.

    Friday, October 27 2006

    Erin and Jonathan are at Annie's home, discussing the case, and how different their lives would have been if they'd had parents as devoted as Annie.

    When Annie and Ryan get home to tell everyone the good news and see Emma, they discover that she's gone.

    Bianca's back...and Annie plans to leave

    Thursday, October 12 2006

    Annie returns home and announces to Erin that she's leaving town with Emma, to keep her way "from those lunatics." She asks Erin to give her her cars keys—and Ryan bursts in, demanding she stay.

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