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    All My Children CAST - Erin Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Erin Lavery Played by Connie Fletcher on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Connie Fletcher

    Birthday: 1982-11-08
    Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
    Real Name: Connie Fletcher


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    Peaceful Pine Valley?!?

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    Ryan visits the cemetery, stopping at Erin's grave to tell her about Annie. "I wish you could be there when we say our vows," he says emotionally. Slowly he approaches the tombstone to return Erin's comic book. Ryan leaves, telling Erin that she is his hero.

    Someone is killing the women of Fusion

    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    "No way this is an accident," says Josh to the police. The white ribbon, the's identical to how Simone was found.

    Zach responds to Josh's call, and doesn't tell Kendall where he's headed. To Kendall's displeasure, he grabs Annie off the porch, where she's waiting for Ryan, and insists she wait with Kendall. He also makes a quick call, doubling the security on his family.

    Annie offers her condolences over Simone's death. Suddenly, Kendall asks if she's considered looking for Emma's biological father. She says she doesn't think it's a good idea, and then asks Kendall a question of her own: What made her choose Zach over Ryan?

    When Zach shows up at the Fusion roof, Derek can't understand how he got there so quickly—how did he know? The police are all over the Fusion roof; Jonathan wanders up and sees his sister, lying dead. He gets hysterical, and begs them to get a doctor…but them tell him it's too late. He embraces Erin and promises to take care of her.

    Ryan arrives, and Jonathan begs him to "tell them that our sister didn't die." Ryan tries to get Jonathan to come home with him. Jon doesn't want to leave Erin, and Ryan gently tells him that Erin is dead. Jon breaks away from him, rushes into the clubs and starts grabbing people, hollering "who did it…was it you?"

    A new beginning for Babe and JR?

    Monday, December 11 2006

    Erin and Di are at conFusion, discussing the events of the day. Is Di "giving" Aidan to Erin?

    Aidan comes up to Zarf, and asks if he's "Freddie Luper" from Indiana. "She's dead," replies Zarf. Zarf point out Erin and Di, and asks "which one is mine?"

    Zarf runs into Erin and asks her a series of questions about what she hopes and long for.Josh is at the gym, taking out his frustrations on a punching bag, and shooting the breeze with Amanda. She tells him that he doesn't understand how difficult it is to live in a town where one has to see some you love but can't have.

    Later that evening, Josh goes up to the roof, where he find Erin--dead!

    Asking for forgiveness

    Friday, December 08 2006

    Zach comes to the Fusion office, and announces that the coroner's report says that Simone died of a drug overdose, taking a "party drug." Nobody can believe it, and Kendall is sure that someone killed her.

    Zarf breezes in and suddenly says "I'm sorry." Zach wants to know if Zarf is the one who gave Simone the drug that killed her. Bianca intercedes and tells them not to misunderstand. Zarf doesn't mean his apology to imply that he's sorry for Simone's death.

    Zarf says that Simone might still be alive if Simone had accepted his proposition. Zach and Ryan again ask if Zarf gave Simone the drug. "What has Miss Kendall been lying about," replies Zarf. An angry Kendall demands that Zarf leave now!

    Zach calls some of his contacts and asks them to check out Zarf.

    A grief-stricken Erin asks Jonathan to help her find the person who sold/gave Simone the drugs that killed her.

    Why did Simone die?

    Thursday, December 07 2006

    The Fusion gals and Bianca are in the office, discussing Simone's death—they can't believe she'd kill herself. They all drink Bloody Mary's [Simone's favorite drink] in her honor, laugh and reminisce about her. Zarf enters, and sensing the darkness of their auras, asks "who died?"

    Zarf waxes philosophical and says that Simone has fulfilled her destiny—and that there is no reason to mourn. He and Bianca go to the roof to chat and she chides him for lack of compassion, and asks if he's ever grieved for someone. "For myself," he responds.

    "Do you think I've always been Zarf the rock star? There's been many changes along the way. Everyone changes, everyone dies."

    Bianca comes back into the office and Kendall asks her if she's gotten rid of Zarf. She says she didn't, and that he's a unique person.


    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Julia and the gang continue their celebration at ConFusion, laughing and toasting their new living arrangements as Erin enters looking distraught.

    Annie and Ryan run into ConFusion behind Erin and excitedly tell of their trip before Erin can speak. Jonathon takes her aside and asks what's wrong - nothing you can do anything about she replies. She decides to stay silent for the moment.

    At ConFusion, Erin is drinking heavily. Jon notices and asks again if she is alright. Del loudly declares that life "at the big W" will be a non-stop party. Julia teasingly reminds him that some of them have real jobs. As they share yet another toast, Erin drops her glass and cries out.

    Erin breaks down sobbing. Ryan and Jonathon beg her to tell them what's wrong. "She's dead", she cries…

    Erin tearfully describes a scene from the office where Zarf had stripped down and pitched an idea that all the girls should get naked as well. She remembers the look that gutsy Simone gave her - this is all so unreal she cries. Aiden and Jonathon want to know how she died. They don't know yet, Erin tells them. Jamie excuses himself to phone his Dad. Erin ominously says the she thought the bad times were over, but they never really are.

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