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    All My Children CAST - Erin Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Erin Lavery Played by Connie Fletcher on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Connie Fletcher

    Birthday: 1982-11-08
    Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
    Real Name: Connie Fletcher


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    Home Where He Belongs.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    At Kendall's, Greenlee and Ryan give Zach and Kendall a romantic weekend in New York. Marissa and Bianca will watch the kids. The Slaters are floored and anxious to spend time alone together. Erica rushes over and tells Kendall and Zach the writer for the movie wants her help, but Jack is against it. Bianca enters, as Zach leaves. The girls side with Jack and urge Erica to let the screenwriter write the movie. They suggests she write her own ending by marrying Jack. Erica will marry Jack, but it won't be an ending to anything. She also won't compromise her goals just to put a ring on her finger. Kendall tells her mother to do what she has to do, but to be honest about why she's doing it. Later, Zach talks privately with Erica. He recalls their Vegas days and says they're not that different. He respects that she's never abandoned her dreams and tells her not to change.

    Enjoy The Fresh Air While You Can.

    Monday, January 31 2011

    After Greenlee gets off the phone with Ryan, Kendall wants to talk about the wedding and suggests she have it at her house. Erica asks to talk to Greenlee alone. She warns having the wedding at Kendall's will put her back in the hospital. The women debate it and then Kendall says she got a text that David's been caught. Kendall hopes her thoughts and dreams about him will stop. Erica and Caleb leave and Ryan arrives. Greenlee says she wants to get married at ConFusion and a jubilant Ryan says he doesn’t care, as long as they get married. Greenlee is suspicious and wonders what he did.

    There's Always Tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    Erica returns to the hospital and finds Bianca and Jack. Jack apologizes for fighting with her earlier, but a guilt-ridden Erica assures him she's not even thinking about that right now. Jack asks where Erica went and she explains she was talking to her mother and Zach to ask them to keep an eye on Kendall. She then tells him her New Year's resolution is to never take him for granted. They hug as they both declare their love. Bianca sees Caleb in the hallway and walks over to him. Caleb encourages her to look out for her mother.

    Miss Me?

    Tuesday, June 22 2010

    Ryan and Emma come to the hospital to visit Erica, who is in her room with Jack. Erica fills them in on her adventure, as well as her engagement. After Ryan brings up Greenlee's name, Jack pulls him out in the hall to tell him Erica doesn’t know Greenlee and David might be behind her plane crash. Bianca comes to the hospital and tells Jack Greenlee is planning on pushing Erica out of the company tonight. Jack doesn't want Erica to know yet. Erica sees them talking in the hall and comes out to find out what's going on. They get her back in bed and Jack leaves to let the women catch up. Erica demands to know what everyone is talking about behind her back and Bianca tells her the reporters are hounding them about the scandal. She says they can wait, but Erica thinks the longer she waits the worse things could get. Bianca runs into Madison in the hall at the hospital and gets filled in on her history and connection to Erica. Bianca tells her Erica doesn't know about Greenlee and David's involvement in her crash so she asks her to come back to visit another time. Erica sees them talking and calls Madison on her cell phone knowing Bianca is trying to talk her out of visiting. She asks her to pretend to leave, but then to come back to her room. Madison follows her instructions and fesses up to Erica that David and Greenlee could be responsible for her crash and they are throwing a party tonight. Erica thanks her and asks her to help her get ready.

    Unfavorable Reaction!

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    Greenlee stands in Erica's doorway laughing at the sight of Erica tied to a chair. Erica says they both know that somewhere in this room, David has left Greenlee a clue to his whereabouts. Erica says if she lets her loose, she'll help her find what she's looking for because she wants David to get away too! As they bicker about David and Fusion, Greenlee searches the house, stopping near a vase of roses. She finds a note and puts it in her pocket. Erica keeps talking, and Greenlee tells her it might be a shock, but not everyone likes the sound of her voice as much as she does! Greenlee dangles the keys to the handcuffs, then sets it down and leaves. Ryan comes in and sets Erica free, assuring Erica that he knows how to find Greenlee. He explains that he put his cellphone in Greenlee's purse and it has a tracking device on it. He suddenly says, "That's strange, Greenlee's at the hospital!" Erica says she's coming with him!

    Two Can Play This Game!

    Thursday, March 04 2010

    At her new home, Erica fills Opal in on Greenlee asking her to find a way to work together - they agree she's got a lot of nerve! Just then, Greenlee comes to the door, asking if they're going to do this or not? She says they should stop fighting each other and fight Fusion's competition. Erica wonders how they could stand it. They bicker sweetly over what each of them would bring to the table. Erica agrees to think about it, and says she'll have to talk to her attorney. Greenlee says she'll talk to Jackson. After she leaves, Erica tells Opal that Greenlee thinks she's playing her - that's why she didn't agree right away - this way she'll buy it. Erica smiles, "Two can play this game!"

    Low Battery.

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    Erica and Opal are chatting about how excited the boys are about Kendall's impending return when the phone rings in the house. It's Kendall - she says they're in Ohio - their plane was diverted due to a storm. Erica listens as Zach conveys that they will rent a car. When Erica hangs up, Opal tells her to call them back - she has a very bad feeling about Kendall and a car - they cannot drive there! Erica and Ryan discuss the situation with Opal, who continues to plead with Erica to call Kendall back to ask them to at least be careful.

    Drunken Turkeys!

    Thursday, September 17 2009

    In ConFusion, Adam and Annie take a rest, and Madison ducks out of sight. Erica and Ryan confront Adam and Annie. Erica and Annie trade barbs, and then Ryan says he knows that they came to try and make Annie look good, but it's not going to work - they won't get Emma and he won't let her grow up to be like her! Annie goes to slap him, but he grabs her wrist. Adam tells Annie he enjoyed that, but Erica warns Adam to keep her in line! Adam tells Ryan that he's just upset because people are seeing the real Annie - even his good buddy Zach! Ryan asks what that means, but Adam just laughs and walks away!


    Monday, July 13 2009

    Still at Fusion, Kendall takes a call from Zach asking her to come home. She says goodbye to Erica and leaves. Erica looks in the mirror and thinks back to her time with Ryan. Adam shows up and says, "You accuse Annie of being crazy? You're the lunatic here!" Erica tries to explain that she merely cares about him and doesn't want to see him get hurt!

    Being Committed...

    Monday, December 10 2007

    At Kendall's, Josh arrives as Erica is making demands on a toy company. A delivery man arrives with boxes filled with toys. She tells Josh that she is trying to make certain that things will be perfect for Kendall and Zach; Josh asks what he is doing with her own life. Kendall calls and afterward Josh asks what is really going on with Erica. Instead of talking about her own problems, Erica calls Pam and postpones several episode tapings, telling Pam that she has to be available for anything that Kendall may need. As she dials a few more numbers Josh tells her that he is moving in until Zach returns home. Erica more or less ignores him. Pam calls back and begins going over a few show details with Erica. When Erica finally hangs up the phone Josh cuts right to the chase and brings up Jack but before Erica can say anything Joe Martin interrupts them. Erica sees him and says he is not welcome in her home! Erica sends Josh away (apparently not caring that she is actually in Kendall's home) and tells Joe that he is not welcome anywhere near her or her family because of the way he is trying to break up she and Jack. Joe points out that he isn't the one who was lying to Jack and says in any case he is there to see Kendall, not Erica. Erica tosses him out! Josh returns and tells her he know exactly how she feels! Erica tells him about her plans for Greenlee. Josh tells her that even Kane's can be wrong and says she has to be the first to apologize to Jack. Erica says she can't because she truly believes Greenlee needs psychiatric help. Josh reminds Erica that when he was in a similar place, she gave him exactly the same advice. She still doesn't think she can do it. Kendall arrives home a few minutes later.

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