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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    Goodbye For Now.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    At Krystal's Colby questions what Liza meant about her not wanting to hurt her. She thinks Liza, Tad and Damon are keeping something from her. Tad intervenes and says Liza was responsible for Damon's acceptance into UC Davis, but she didn't want them to know she orchestrated it. Colby pulls Damon aside and says he should go to California and she wants to go with him. Damon thinks she's amazing, but he can't let her do that. Asher shows up and Damon says it's cool that he stays because the party is about fresh new tracks. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Amanda's hopes are dashed when she realizes she's not pregnant. She confides in Krystal, telling her she got ahead of herself. Scott enters and chats with Marissa and then JR and AJ arrive. Annie walks up outside and sees them talking. She imagines them planning to get rid of her. Amanda sees Annie and tries to stop her from coming in the party. Annie gets more riled up and asks Amanda to tell JR she needs to talk to him privately. Amanda reluctantly agrees and she finds JR at the party to tell him Annie is waiting outside for him. JR leaves and Marissa finds his phone. She sees all the calls from Annie and says, "You have go to be kidding me."

    Elsewhere outside of Krystal's, Liza and Damon discuss them never wanting Colby to find out they slept together, as Asher eavesdrops.

    Mailbox Full.

    Tuesday, January 25 2011

    With scissors in hand, Annie startles Marissa who is decorating for Damon's party at Krystal's. Annie hands her the scissors and then offers her assistance in getting ready for the party. Marissa wants to know why she's really there and also questions her about spending so much time at the mansion. The women cattily argue and Annie accuses Marissa of trying to get rid of her so she can have everything – including JR. Opal and Krystal enter, which prompts Annie to storm out. Marissa follows suit, as Tad, Amanda and Jake arrive. The guest of honor walks in the door, as Colby and Liza follow.

    I Never Gave You That.

    Friday, January 21 2011

    In the hospital hallway Marissa runs into Krystal. She says she’s gong to offer her legal services to her dad. She goes to David’s room and when she sees him she tells him if he accepts her help he has to agree to let her call the shots. David is amazed that she wants to help him at all. She wants a connection with him but she won’t take any guff. He says he couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer or daughter. She warns him to behave and leaves. Greens goes into David’s room and he says he thought he’d never see her. He notices her new ring and says he never gave her that.

    Jack asks Krystal to join him at his table. He tells her that he’s heard good things about Marissa and that she’s obviously taking after her mother. He says they will both be there to catch Marissa if she falls.

    Manage And Control.

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    Jack stops in Krystal's restaurant and finds her lost in thought about David coming out of his coma. She pours them a drink as they discuss how he is affecting both Marissa and Erica. Jack bemoans his issues with his fiancée and her relationship with Caleb. He fears the challenge Erica initially felt in regards to Caleb has become something more.

    Seize The Day.

    Wednesday, December 29 2010

    JR walks into Krystal's with the flowers looking for Marissa. Krystal tells him she's busy, but she might stop later. JR asks Krystal to give her the flowers as a thank you for agreeing to joint custody. Krystal orders him to hold up his end of the bargain or else she will come after him. He sees another bouquet of flowers for Marissa and angrily reads the card, which is from Scott. He asks Krystal about Marissa's work with Scott, but she suggests he take it up with her daughter, but urges him not to let his grudge with Scott get in the way of their newfound truce. JR assures her he does not hold any grudges against his cousin. Later, Tad finds Cara sitting alone at a table. He asks if she's okay and she admits she needs to get out of this town. She tells him about working with Jake earlier and how distance is probably best. Krystal walks up and they explain how they are divorced but still live together. Cara and Tad talk about the sad state of their love lives and she says they should have lunch.

    Christmas In Pine Valley.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    The Martins and Careys gather at Krystal's where Amanda informs everyone she invited Cara and Griffin to the celebration. Damon tells Tad and Colby he's applying to college to study pre-law. Tad is thrilled and expresses how proud he is of him. Colby on the other hand doesn't know what to say. She thinks it sounds like he's becoming her mother's clone. She leaves to go home, but assures him they are okay. Amanda hounds Jake about his present for her, as Griffin and Cara enter. Amanda greets them, as Jake looks less than thrilled. Griffin and Cara present the group with tequila and tamales, because Cara makes the best ones. As Griffin involves the kids in his meal preparations, Tad wonders aloud to Jake if this is the strangest Christmas ever. Jake agrees it's pretty odd. Later, Jake gives Amanda a gift, which is a diamond broach of a parrot to commemorate their pirate night. Toasts are made and Cara sadly takes note of Jake and Amanda's coziness.

    Use The Front Door Next Time.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010

    At Krystal's, Tad tells his ex he is investigating Cara. He then leaves to get to work on it. Marissa and AJ walk in. Marissa tells her mother she feels weird about spending the day with JR. She wants to believe JR is reaching out to make sure AJ has a good Christmas, but she's afraid to trust him. However, Marissa thinks she's seen a side of him she hasn’t seen in a long time – the man she fell in love with. She insists she doesn’t want to get back with JR, but Krystal urges her to protect herself.

    Tad meets JR at the mansion as he prepares to go meet with Marissa and AJ. Tad wonders what's going on with Annie at the Yacht Club. JR says they had a client coming in from Europe and they were meeting him there. Tad demands JR stop messing with Marissa. JR vows he will do nothing to hurt his family. He tells Tad he, Marissa and AJ will have a great time and if he doesn’t believe him than he can come along. Tad readily accepts and then they head off to get a tree with Marissa, Krystal, Jenny, AJ and Kathy. When the group returns, Annie watches from outside as JR makes nice with Marissa. After the gang heads outside to decorate, Annie sneaks in and finds the ornament JR gave Marissa. Tad returns and finds Annie. She says she and JR need to go over a press release, but Tad tells her JR is with his family. He tells her to use the front door next time and walks out. Annie picks up the ornament for Marissa and drops it, shattering it into pieces and leaves. JR and Marissa return and she can't believe he is the same person who is trying to take her son away from her. He knows he's made mistakes but he hopes one day she'll trust him. The rest of the group returns and Tad takes JR aside to tell him Annie was there. Tad warns him he can't be dedicated to doing what's best for his son with Annie peeking through the windows.

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