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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    Wednesday, March 02 2011

    Krystal and Opal walk in the house as Amanda and Jake help Tad and Cara take photos. They express their disdain for the marriage, but Tad pleads with them to get onboard in order to help save Cara's life. They begrudgingly agree and then Tad pulls Jake aside to tell him he needs to be believable at the wedding. However, he won't be the best man. He's got Jesse, the chief of police, for that duty, which he hopes will look good to Agent Trumble. Tad returns to the room and tells everyone to quiz him and Cara. Opal and Krystal get a little hostile, but then Jake and Amanda get into the spirit and fire off questions about each other's favorite things. Jesse comes over wondering why Tad didn't tell him he was getting married. Jesse meets Cara and is taken aback by the fact that she used to be married to Jake. He asks about the ring and Cara pulls out her band from Jake, who looks affected. After some bumbling around about how they got together, Jesse is called away and leaves. Tad thinks that went okay, but then Krystal pulls him into the other room to tell him he is insane if the thinks that went well. She thinks he's treating this whole thing like a trivia game and being careless. She worries he could go to prison and then wonders how they're going to explain it to the kids. Back in the main room, Cara thanks everyone for what they're doing for her. Opal remains disdainful and Jake and Amanda leave. Alone with Opal, Cara calls her mom. Opal says she'll be upstairs if she needs her. Tad and Krystal return to the living room to find Cara talking to Kathy and Jenny, who have returned from a playdate. Tad sits with his girls and he and Krystal tell them he is getting married. The girls are happy for him and Tad sends them upstairs to get Opal. Krystal thinks that one went pretty well and Cara thanks Krystal before she leaves for the hospital. Once alone, Krystal expresses concern about Tad putting his life on hold by marrying a woman who doesn't love him. Tad thinks the two of them did okay together, but Krystal tells him they settled. Now, he's taking it to a whole new level. Tad insists he is fine with the arrangement because his family with the Martins is the most important thing to him and Jake is part of that. Jake always made him feel like blood and that's all that matters.

    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

    Tuesday, March 01 2011

    At ConFusion, Jack tells Erica he's happy she will be quitting Cortlandt. She breaks it to him that she didn’t quit because it's too soon for her to walk away. She learns something new every day at Cortlandt. Jack wonders what she learned from kissing Caleb. Erica promises it didn’t mean anything, but to Jack it means she kept yet another secret. He tells her they are in trouble and it is not getting any better. She explains she kissed Caleb because she was vulnerable regarding Kendall. He can't get over all the secrets and wonders what chance they have. Erica thinks they have every chance and says he is the only man she loves. Krystal walks up and sees them. Jack tells Erica it seems like she's trying to hold on to Caleb and then walks over to talk to Krystal. Erica later talks with Krystal at the bar. She makes snide comments about always popping up around Jack. Krystal reminds her they are working together, but when Jack needs her the only place she will be is right by his side. They exchange catty comments until Jack returns. Krystal leaves and Erica tells him to fire Krystal immediately. Jack wonders why she thinks she can dictate who he can work with. Erica retorts he's doing the same with Caleb. He fires back that it's not about Krystal or Caleb, but that they are as far apart as two people can be. Erica urges him to trust her and that she loves him, but Jack isn't sure he can anymore.

    Damn The Consequences.

    Monday, February 28 2011

    Krystal meets Jack at her restaurant so they can go over Cara's case. Jack wonders if she's okay with this because of Cara's engagement to Tad. Krystal says she was thrown at first, but she and Tad have been over for awhile. Jack thanks Krystal for not asking about him and Erica. Krystal leaves, but not before Opal walks in and sees them together. Opal tells Jack he's acting like a jackass because Erica would have been furious to see him and Krystal so close together. She's just looking out for her best gal pal and starts rambling about Erica and Caleb. She lets it slip that they kissed on New Year's Eve. She realizes what she's done and tries to convince a riled up Jack he's the only man for Erica. She even tells him Erica is ending her partnership with Caleb.

    Likes And Dislikes.

    Wednesday, February 23 2011

    At the Martin home, Tad tells Opal and Krystal about his wedding plans. They don't like the idea, but Tad defends his decision. He asks them to go along with it and help them pretend the marriage is real.

    At Krystal's Jack and Erica fight. He expresses his doubts over whether or not they will actually get married, but he doesn’t want to be the one to call it off. He wants her to do it, noting her relationship with Caleb. Erica tells him there's nothing between them, but points out he spends an awful lot of time with Krystal, who walks up to meet with Jack. Jack kisses Erica on the forehead and says they will talk later. In a booth, Krystal confides in Jack that she's taking Tad's news harder than she should. Jack asks if she loves him. Krystal admits not like that anymore, but everything will change now. She says she's scared of being alone. Jack tells her you can be with someone and still feel alone. Krystal chuckles, wondering how that's supposed to help her.

    Bye, Bye Pine Valley.

    Tuesday, February 15 2011

    Jack takes photos of Greenlee and Ryan at ConFusion, as Annie tries to get Emma to come with her. Emma wants to take photos and eat cake, but Annie leads her daughter away. After photos and food, Jack and Krystal leave and Ryan looks for Emma. Ryan and Greenlee panic when they can't find her and when Ryan grabs his phone he listens to JR's voicemail.

    Jack and Krystal head to Krystal's. They joke around and he thanks her for making him laugh, because he really needed it. David walks in and finds Liza at the bar. She brings up Greenlee and Ryan's wedding, but he says he is done chasing people who have moved on. He hopes she has too. He downs his drink, wishes her a happy Valentine's Day and leaves. Colby runs in and tells Liza what just happened. She wants Annie arrested and Liza immediately puts that in motion. Colby tells her mother she wants to get out of Pine Valley and is going to see Damon. Liza doesn’t think that's a good idea. As they debate it, Asher walks in and says it's a huge mistake. Colby heads outside to make travel arrangements, as Asher implores Liza to stop her from doing this fearing she will get hurt. Liza knows it's best not to tell her daughter what to do. Colby returns and Liza points out she will have to stay in town for a least a week to file charges against Annie. Liza leaves and Colby tells Asher she's booked on the next flight to L.A. so she will give her statement via email. Asher tries to convince her Damon is bad for her. Colby asks if he knows who Damon slept with. He plays it off and then says he doesn't want her to go see Damon. Colby thinks he will forget about her once JR puts him on another project. He tells her he can't get her out of his mind. He kisses her but she backs off and walks out.

    Erica arrives at Krystal's and finds Jack at a table. She tells him it was a mistake for her not to go to the wedding. Krystal walks out with cake for her and Jack and sees Erica. She says she'll go get coffee and walks away. Erica accuses Jack of taking a date to the wedding. Jack corrects her, but says he'd like to continue his drama-free evening and leaves.

    Enjoy The Fresh Air While You Can.

    Monday, January 31 2011

    Erica finds Caleb at Krystal's. He welcomes her home, but she tells him about David's blackmail. She wants him to know in case David goes through with his threats. He will do whatever he can to help her protect Kendall. Jack walks in and curtly tells Erica he didn't know she was back. Caleb steps away and Jack and Erica catch up. She then leaves as Annie walks in. Annie sees Caleb and realizes the divorce proceedings were canceled again. She asks if it was Marissa's idea, but Caleb wonders what business that is of hers. Caleb leaves and Krystal walks up to Annie to warn her away from Marissa and to stay out of her restaurant. Annie secretly grabs the knife in her purse and rattles on about how everyone thinks Marissa is so innocent and that she is so bad. After Annie has left, Krystal finds a frustrated Jack who vents about finding Erica with Caleb. He didn’t even know she was back in town. Krystal says if it was her, she wouldn’t have made any stops before coming home to him.

    Annie brings Emma to Krystal's to make it clear the proprietor can't tell her where she can and cannot eat. However, after Ryan walks in and sits with his daughter, Krystal tells Annie she is not welcome there. Annie gets Emma and they leave. Ryan asks what that was about and Krystal points out she and Annie don't get along. Ryan later makes a call to establish his alibi regarding David.

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