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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    Time To Cash In And Leave The Table.

    Wednesday, March 23 2011

    Once Erica has left Krystal's, Jack and Caleb engage in some posturing. Jack asks Caleb to realize the game is over because Erica is about to be his wife. Caleb exits and Jack tells Krystal he and Erica have set a date. She congratulates him, but asks why he's taking a swing at Caleb if he's already got the girl. Jack just wants Caleb to know it's time to cash in his chips and leave the table. Krystal tells him he's won so he doesn’t need to kick dirt in the guy's face. They move on to discussing her situation living with Tad and his new wife. She recounts her failed love life and declares she's done with love. Jack responds that would be a shame. He bolsters her spirits about dating and then invites her to the wedding. She thanks him for giving her a little hope.

    Annie's Back.

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    Griffin shows Tad and Cara Zach's letter to Kendall. Tad agrees Zach would never use the word sweetheart. Griffin explains how Kendall couldn't get over the letter but didn’t want to obsess. Cara thinks they should let Kendall get over it, but Griffin is worried about her safety and states he will be looking into it. Griffin leaves, as Krystal walks downstairs. She tells Tad and Cara she is moving out. Krystal asks for a minute alone with Tad and tells him she's trying to help him sell his marriage by leaving with the girls. Tad questions this, but Krystal reminds him they are sisters and she will not separate them. Tad won't let her break up this family. Krystal leaves and Opal enters. She tries to plead Krystal's case, but he doesn't want to miss anything in his kids' lives. He admits he didn't think through everything it would cost him by marrying Cara. Opal thinks his girls will be proud of him when they eventually learn and understand what he did for Cara. Tad jokes he will probably be dead by then.

    Cara heads to Krystal's restaurant to talk to her about staying at the house. Krystal thinks it's too dangerous for everyone if they stay. Cara knows it won't be easy, but she doesn't think it's impossible. She promises to do everything in her power to help Krystal and her children. Krystal wonders if she can sell the situation to the feds. Cara truly loves being surrounded by a loving family after all her years of traveling. She thinks immigration will believe it's what she wants because it's the truth.

    Krystal returns to Tad and tells him she's staying because Cara changed her mind.

    Our Hunky Has To Be Dory.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    The Hubbards, Krystal and Brot gather at Krystal's to welcome Angie home. Brot tells Angie Natalia couldn't get away from work. Angie understands but expresses how family is more important than any job. She is touched that her baby will be surrounded by so much love. Krystal corners Angie noting something is wrong, while Brot does the same with Jesse. Both expectant parents admit they are a bit overwhelmed about the baby, but don't want to confess the truth to the other. Jake and Amanda enter the restaurant and welcome Angie and the baby home. Angie informs Jake she won't return to the hospital right away and asks him to remain in charge until she feels ready. Jake agrees and then Angie and Jesse ask the Martins to be their baby's godparents. Angie expresses how much they love them and note how Jake has been there for her since the beginning. They readily accept. Once Jake and Amanda are gone, Jesse and Angie discuss baby names and Angie suggests Ellie, after his mother. Jesse is touched and talks to Angie's belly welcoming Ellie Hubbard to the world.

    Everyone Getting What They Want.

    Wednesday, March 09 2011

    After the "I dos" are said at the Martin home, Jake awkwardly hugs his ex-wife and welcomes her to the family. Elsewhere, Joe expresses his concern about the marriage, but Tad reminds him Cara saved Jake's life so he owes her. Joe worries about Tad's happiness, but Tad declares he will never have anything close to what he had with Dixie. He already had the best. He has no regrets and is okay with this. Elsewhere, JR invites Marissa, Krystal and the girls to come live with them at the mansion since he has the room. Marissa wonders if he ever stops pushing. JR suggests they just continue their good time back at the mansion for one night, but she declines. Tad gets ready to cut the cake and JR says his goodbyes. Jake tries to leave as well, but Tad stops him. Jake tells his brother Cara knows Amanda was the one who turned her in and he has to make sure his wife is okay. He sticks around though and pensively watches the happy couple feed each other wedding cake. Cara then tosses the bouquet and Jake catches it as he helps one of the girls get into place. As Marissa gets ready to go, AJ asks her to come to the house with him. Back inside, Cara says goodbye to her mother, who finally says she's happy for her. Tad assures his mother-in-law he intends on keeping all the promises he made today. Ruth smiles as she announces they are all family now. After the in-laws have left, Tad thanks his family and Griffin for helping them pull this off and for keeping Cara safe. Also, for making it seem like he's the luckiest man in Pine Valley. A stone faced Jake slams a glass of champagne and then leaves to try and find his wife. Tad and Cara clean up after everyone leaves. Tad notices people watching them from an unmarked car outside. He thinks they need to play it up and go to a hotel to make the honeymoon look real.

    JR returns to the mansion and finds Marissa, AJ, Krystal, Opal and the girls playing games. He's thrilled and tells the maid to get the west wing ready. He says to himself that one day soon the house will be filled up again.

    Tad And Cara Get Married.

    Tuesday, March 08 2011

    Opal heads upstairs where JR, Marissa and Krystal are. JR apologizes for not being able to handle Annie by himself and asks Marissa if she ever wishes she could turn back the clock. She tells him she isn't focused on the past, but the future.

    Krystal heads downstairs to the man cave and tells Tad she is thinking of moving out. She says they have to put the girls first. Tad tells her she is amazing and that he loves her. Joe and Ruth enter and Krystal leaves after greeting them. Joe asks Tad what this wedding will do to his brother. Tad explains the real reason for the wedding. Ruth is proud of her son, but Joe is a bit more negative about it. Ruth walks upstairs to meet the bride, as Joe tells his son the wedding is a mistake. As Tad tries to get his pop onboard, Jake calls for Tad.

    Going For It.

    Monday, March 07 2011

    As Opal and Krystal prepare for Cara's shower at ConFusion, they try to come to terms with Tad's wedding. Opal thinks they need to accept it, but Krystal can't get over how much Tad is giving up for Cara. Opal wonders if Krystal is upset because the marriage means her and Tad are really over. Krystal admits she liked what she and Tad had and she's not ready to give it up. Opal doesn't think anything will change, but Krystal says she will move out. Opal isn't happy about that and says she will never like Tad's new wife half as much as she does his old one. Cara overhears, but says it's okay. She's grateful for the shower and then sees her mother and Griffin. Tad stops by the party and sees Liza. He walks over to the bar with her and she gives him a gift as a peace offering. She hopes he and Cara will be happy together. Kathy walks over and shows Liza the video of Colby on Krystal's phone. Opal also discovers it and they discuss Liza's affair, as well as Tad's affair with Marian, in front of Cara and her mother. Liza storms out, as Opal gets riled up until Tad tells her to put a sock in it. Tad apologizes to Leticia, but Cara tries to smooth it over with her upset mother.

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