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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    Collateral Damage.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Once Bianca has left Krystal's, David stops in. Krystal notes his good mood, which means he is up to something. He doesn't find what he's looking for so he leaves. Caleb enters and tells Krystal about his interaction with Jack. They both accuse the other of using the situation to their advantage with Jack and Erica.

    Krystal finds Jack back at his and Erica's place. He wonders aloud why he keeps waiting for a woman who doesn't want to be with him. She wishes there was something she could do to make things easier. Jack pulls her in for a kiss.

    Can't Forgive And Forget.

    Friday, May 06 2011

    Bianca and Jack head to Krystal's, but he can't stop thinking about the scarf on the floor because it wasn't there before. He assumes Erica has been back and didn’t tell them. Krystal and Bianca try to convince him otherwise, but Jack leaves saying if Erica is back he wants to see her.

    A Clean Slate.

    Thursday, May 05 2011

    Bianca asks Jack not to give up on Erica at Krystal's. Jack responds that after all he said on the video, he's gotten more warmth from a stranger. Bianca looks through the tabloids and sees how her whole family has been trashed. Jack and Krystal try to make her feel better, but Bianca thinks they can use it to make Erica so mad she'll return to make heads roll. Bianca accompanies Jack to pick up a few things at the house.

    No More Lies.

    Wednesday, May 04 2011

    Opal finds Krystal at Jack's and wonders what the hell she's doing there. Krystal insists she's Jack's friend. Opal thinks Krystal's taking advantage of Erica being gone. She loves Krystal but urges her to find a man who's available. Krystal only wants Jack to be happy. If that means with someone other than Erica, Krystal's all for it.

    Back at Krystal's, though Jack admits he hasn't heard anything from Erica, he refuses to accept she simply ran away from him.

    Spitting On Zach's Grave.

    Friday, April 29 2011

    At her restaurant, Krystal tells Jack she can't work for him because she knows Erica will return and she doesn't want to do anything to ruin their friendship. Jack doesn't think quitting is the answer. He pleads with her, but she tells him it's for the best and leaves to get some air.

    Krystal returns to the restaurant to assist Jack on a phone call when he can't find papers he needs. She agrees to keep working for him, as Bianca joins them. She tells Jack she got an email from Erica and shows Jack and Krystal a video of the kids saying how much they miss their grandmother. She wants Jack to record something too, but he doesn't even know what he'd say. He eventually agrees and records a message telling Erica how much he loves her, but he has limits. He won't put his life on hold forever.

    Bottle Caps And Scrapbooks.

    Thursday, April 28 2011

    After a near kiss with Jack, an embarrassed Krsytal leaves his place. Jack finds a DVD and when he plays it, he sees an old interview of Erica talking about marriage. The interviewer brings up her many marriages and wonders if she's just not the marrying kind. Erica admits she might not be. Angry, Jack throws the remote across the room.

    Jack finds Krystal at her restaurant who thinks she needs to put some distance between them. She says she can't work for him anymore.

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