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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    Taking The Leap.

    Thursday, June 30 2011

    Tad talks with Krystal at the restaurant about JR and Marissa's reunion. He then brings up Cara and admits their marriage is growing into something more. She thought that's what he wanted. He did too, but something feels off now that the walls are down between him and Cara. Krystal suggests he just close his eyes and take the leap. JR arrives and thinks he and Tad can have that lunch now. He joins him and Tad says he feels like it's going to work out for all of them.

    It's Good To Be Home.

    Tuesday, June 21 2011

    Angie sits at a table with Krystal at the restaurant and defends David because he could help her see again. Krystal is leery of trusting David, Angie has to risk the chance if it means seeing her husband and daughter. Amanda walks in and takes Krystal's seat when she goes to the bar. Amanda cries and asks Angie to tell her it will all be okay. Angie asks if she still loves Jake. Amanda responds, with everything that she has. Angie urges her to tell that to Jake. Alone at the table, Amanda recalls her night with JR and runs out crying. Caleb and Jack show up. Krystal talks with Jack alone and quits her job with him, because, among other things, he will be dealing with David. Jack assures her his door is always open if she changes her mind. Jack leaves and Caleb offers her a job. She appreciates it, but turns him down.

    Two Friends In Need.

    Monday, June 20 2011

    Marissa ponders her future with JR with Bianca at Krystal's. Bianca suggests she just follow her heart. After Bianca has left, Marissa talks to Krystal, who thinks JR has changed. Marissa is surprised to hear this and wonders if she's just a coward. She thinks maybe it's time for her to trust him.

    This Is Where I Want To Be.

    Thursday, June 16 2011

    At Krystal’s, Jane tells her that the food is terrible. Bianca walks in and joins Erica at her table. She questions her mom about eating fries which is unusual. She asks her if she's okay. David walks in and Erica excuses herself to talk to David. Bianca warns her about David but Erica says she knows how to handle him. Marissa walks in and takes Erica’s place at Bianca’s table. Marissa says her date with JR was a lot of fun. Bianca confides that her mom almost took a drink. Marisa holds her hand but Bianca pulls it away.

    JR joins Bianca when Marissa leaves and tells her about his plans. She thinks it's too elaborate. He thinks it’s amazing that she knows more than he does about his ex-wife. He’s full of regrets. She says if he hurts Marissa she’ll hurt him. Krystal goes over to Bianca and tells her that Marissa is lucky to have her.

    At the bar, David tells Jane that her language is off. Erica would never use the type of language she's using. She admits Jack caught her going to take a drink and ended up in an intervention. She wanted the excitement and glamor not the mundane part of Erica’s life. She leaves as Bianca tries to speak to her.


    Monday, June 13 2011

    Marissa and Bianca notice JR and Krystal laughing together at the restaurant. Marissa calls it progress and admits JR gets to her as well. She tells Bianca she is thinking of giving him another chance. Bianca is understanding, as Marissa knew she would be. At the bar, Krystal warns JR that while he can make her laugh, he better not hurt her daughter. JR vows he will prove he's worthy. Bianca gets a call from Jack and gets up to meet with him. As she passes JR, gives him the music box to give to Marissa.

    Speaking From Her Heart.

    Tuesday, May 24 2011

    "Erica" and Jack head to Krystal's and he shows her the key ring he found. He's surprised it's hers, but she lies saying she found it during her captivity. Krystal approaches and Jack steps away. Krystal apologizes to "Erica" for things getting a little heated last time about Jack. "Erica" tells her if she ever tries to steal Jack, she will kick her ass into next week. Krystal is shocked by her reaction.

    Proposal At Sunset.

    Wednesday, May 18 2011

    At Krystal's, she tells Jack she knows they can't be more than friends because there's only one woman for him. Jack leaves and "Erica" walks in to lash out at Krystal for kissing Jack. After some back and forth, "Erica" orders Krystal to stay away from her man, as Jack returns and pulls "Erica" away from Krystal. She apologizes to Jack for her behavior and he assures her she is the only one he loves.

    How Many Dead Women Have Said That?

    Tuesday, May 17 2011

    Jack shows up at Krystal's to pick up food for "Erica." They share an awkward moment but Krystal says she's happy for him.

    Jane shows up to see Erica in captivity. Realizing what Jane is up to, Erica declares she will never take over her life.

    Behind The Curtain.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    Jack and Krystal's kiss turns more passionate at his and Erica's place. They stop and Jack says he wants this, but he wants to take it slow so there are no doubts or questions on either of their parts. She wants it to be right just as much as he does. Caleb walks in and says Erica is in trouble. Caleb searches the house, as Krystal calls the cops. Bianca rushes over and talks with a frantic Jack, who then discovers the book with the phone is missing. He panics because no one else knew about the book except for Erica. Krystal feels she should leave because she's not family and Bianca probably doesn’t want her there. She assures Jack she knows the important thing is bringing Erica home. Alone in the bedroom, Jack gets a video message on his phone from Erica, who says she was kidnapped.

    Collateral Damage.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Bianca finds a caustic Jack at Krystal's. He tells his niece Erica might be the center of her own universe, but she's moving out of his. He storms out past Krystal, who badmouths Erica to Bianca. Bianca defends her mother thinking Erica has a good reason to stay away. Krystal isn't convinced. Bianca continues to stand up for her mother, as Krystal calls Jack to make sure he's alright. When she calls his phone, they realize it's sitting on the bar. Krystal says she'll take it to him. Bianca thinks she's done enough and declares she will handle it.

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