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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    Adding To The Mystery.

    Friday, September 02 2011

    At Krystal's, Opal panics when she learns Sam Brady is returning for his high school reunion and wants to see her. She explains to Krystal that he was her first true love after moving there, but Verla Grubbs ruined things. She wants to see him, but she already told Erica she'd go to L.A. to help her find who else David has saved. Krystal advises her to stay and meet up with her old love instead of going on a wild goose chase with Erica, who takes more from her than she gives. Opal thinks Krystal is right.

    No One Knows The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    Krystal enters the mansion. Dixie wonders if Tad is okay. Krystal is happy to hear her concern because it means she's still in love with Tad. Dixie confirms, but says it's best for her to be with JR, while Tad sorts things out with Cara and Kathy is with her sister Jenny. Krystal reveals that she brought Kathy over, who invites Dixie to a party at the house.

    Angie and Lucy enter the Martin home, where Angie and Dixie get reacquainted. Amanda joins the group and thanks Angie for her support throughout her ordeal. She then sees Dixie and they catch up. All the women discuss the power of motherhood, as Maya takes note while holding Lucy. As Angie and Maya prepare to leave, Angie assumes all the talk about kids must have been hard for her. Maya admits she loses sleep worrying about her baby. Angie thinks Jesse could help track her baby down, but Maya doesn’t want Jesse to know because she could get arrested for abandoning her baby.

    Angel Or Devil?

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    Outside Zach's room, Bianca marvels to Marissa about her brother-in-law being alive. Marissa notices how happy she is, but Bianca tells her Zach isn't the only one putting a smile on her face. David approaches them and tells his daughter he's happy she's found love. Bianca asks how he brought Dixie and Zach back. He responds that the details will come out eventually and when they do, he hopes his daughter has a better opinion of him. Marissa thanks him for saving Zach and for giving her and Bianca his blessing. She hugs him as Krystal enters the scene. David walks over to Krystal, who talks up the goodness in him. When she brings up Babe, he assumes she's buttering him up to find out if he saved her. She cries and asks if he did. He just walks away. Meanwhile, Marissa tells Bianca she wants to spend the night with her.

    Tell Me Everything.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    At the hospital, David tells someone on his cell phone that he must find Dixie before she ruins things.

    Krystal opens her door to find David there. She asks why he's there. She lets him in but warns him not to hurt anyone she loves. He calls her pathetic. She retorts that the only thing he's ever done is bring people misery and pain. He claims he's helped human kind. She says the only two good things he's ever done is bring Marissa and Babe into this world and adds, “God rest Babe's soul.” He asks why she thinks God is caring for Babe and leaves. Opal joins Krystal and moans about David hurting people again. Tad arrives and announces that he’s got something to show them. He tells them to brace themselves. Dixie walks in and Opal asks if it’s really her. She says yes and they hug and cry. Tad explains that Dixie escaped from Oak Haven and Tad found her. Krystal hugs Dixie next. Tad calls Cara on his phone and asks her to call him. He’s worried about her. Kathy runs in and Dixie stares at her. Tad tells Kathy he wants her to meet her mom. She really did see her mother in the park. Kathy says she looks just like her pictures. Dixie calls her beautiful and they hug. Tears run down Dixie’s cheeks. Dixie apologizes for not coming home sooner. Kathy tells her mom that her dad has told her all about her mom. Tad calls her "Sunshine." Dixie wants to call her that too. Kathy asks if she can call her mommy. They hug. Dixie wants to hear everything but Tad wants them to eat first. Tad and Kathy go to the kitchen and he tells Dixie to stay put. Dixie sees Tad’s wedding photograph. Krystal comes in with some food. Dixie thanks Krystal for taking care of Kathy when she was away. Kathy says she should thank Cara too.

    Together Forever.

    Monday, August 08 2011

    Opal worries to Krystal at home about Erica, as Cara walks in. She assures them that no bodies were found in the rubble at Oak Haven. She tells the women that she met Janet, who told her Dixie was alive. Opal and Krystal don't believe it.

    Pancakes? No.

    Thursday, August 04 2011

    At home, Tad tells Krystal he and Cara didn’t go on their trip because of JR. Krystal knows Tad is happy and promises him JR will get back up on his feet on his own. She thinks if he's smart he will sweep Cara off of hers.

    All Of Them Will Die.

    Monday, July 25 2011

    JR heads to the Martin home to see his son, but Krystal tells him Marissa took him to a movie. She lectures him about spiraling out of control. He makes snarky remarks about her losing Tad and accuses her of being miserable. Krystal starts to call Tad, but JR grabs her arm and says he won't leave until he sees his son. She wonders if he's going to hit her. JR breaks down in tears.

    Erica's Not Making Sense.

    Friday, July 22 2011

    Tad gathers Krystal, Liza, Opal and Cara at Krystal's to tell them he needs to publicly get rid of the things he's been holding on to connecting him to Dixie. JR silently shows up as Tad recalls how meeting Dixie and JR changed everything for him. He says wants to make sure JR knows he is his son no matter how many mistakes he makes. JR grows pensive and leaves. After more eulogizing, Tad tells Cara she is the reason he can say goodbye to Dixie.

    A Familiar Feeling.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    Marissa walks into Krystal's and tells her mother she's in love. It's not JR, but someone she didn’t expect. Krystal asks if it's Bianca. She says she just had a feeling based on how they are with each other. Krystal knows this is big and new, but Marissa states Bianca is what she has been looking for. She says she's the same person, she's just in love with a woman. Krystal thinks her daughter seems at peace in a way she never was with JR. Marissa wonders how she will explain it to everyone because they won't all be as accepting as Krystal is. Krystal doesn't think she should give a damn what other people think. Krystal just wants her to be happy and sees that she is. Krystal heads to the kitchen to check on her cornbread as Bianca enters. Bianca tells Marissa about "Erica" and David's engagement. Krystal approaches and tells Bianca how happy she is they are together.

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