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    All My Children CAST - Krystal Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Krystal Carey Chandler Played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bobbie Eakes

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Warner Robins, Georgia
    Real Name: Bobbie Eakes
    Web site:


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    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    Jack saddles up to the bar at Krystal's. He tells Krystal he and Erica are finally over.

    Where They Belong.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011

    At home, Tad worries that he hasn't heard from his parents, who usually call like clockwork. Ruth rings the doorbell, surprising her son. Opal and Krystal return home and are thrilled to see Ruth, who is catching up with Dixie. She tells them Angie called Joe to ask him to be a temporary consultant so they are moving back to Pine Valley. Jamie is next to come to the door and Tad says no one deserves to be this happy. Jamie thinks no one deserves it more.

    Joe, Jake and Amanda show up at the Martin house. As the family catches up, Dixie tells Joe she and Tad have never been happier and then steps out to text someone. Ruth marvels over the miracle Tad has been blessed with. Tad knows it and texts someone as well.

    After texting each other, Tad and Dixie meet up outside. They agree they're on the same page and then Tad unknowingly dials the house. Opal answers and tells the room she thinks Tad is about to pop the question. They all listen in as Dixie tells Tad he's done this before, so she'd like to give it a try. She tears up as she tells Tad he's her home and her heart. He's everything to her and where she belongs. Tad gave his heart to her 20 years ago. They say, "Together forever." Dixie asks if he will marry her. Tad says yes and they kiss. They hear their family cheering over the phone. Tad and Dixie return to their excited family, who celebrate their engagement.

    Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    At the station, JR watches as David asks Griffin to keep his patient healthy. Griffin is resistant, but David knows his conscience will get the better of him. Krystal stops JR from going into the interrogation room to accuse him of attempted kidnapping. She tells him Marisa is getting a restraining order so he won't be able to see his son for a long time. JR tells Krystal he thinks David is keeping Babe alive, but Krystal doesn’t think it's true. After Griffin storms out, Marissa shows up with her restraining order. JR crumples it up and throws it at her saying she'll need more than a piece of paper to back up her threats. Krystal and Marissa call him a drunk and a bully, but JR knows when he gets Babe back, they will get their son.

    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    When Krystal can't sleep at home, she heads to the restaurant. Liza stops by when she sees the light on. Krystal lets her in even though they're closed. She pours them a drink as they discuss David's arrest. Liza tells her David called her to represent him. She notes she's not happy no matter what side of the law she's on. She envies Krystal, but Krystal counters that she's doing inventory at three in the morning so she doesn’t have to feel so lost. They talk about their daughters and the men they've shared: Adam and Tad. Liza hopes her regrets are proof that she's learned something along the way. Krystal thinks Liza's learned a lot. The women agree they'll be there for each other as friends. Colby shows up and Liza consoles her over leaving the mansion, which Colby considers her home. Krystal looks at a photo of Babe.

    Humor And Love.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    Krystal comes to the police station to help Dixie out of her suit. The charges have been dropped against Tad and Dixie leaves to see JR. Krystal tells Tad she's thinking of moving out of the house.

    Don't Try So Hard.

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Opal nervously prepares to meet Sam at the reunion, as Dixie and Krystal offer their support at home. Once she's gone, Dixie tells Krystal about Tad finding her with David. Krystal is with Tad on this one and tells Dixie to stay away from the devious doc. Dixie just wants to remember what happened and who the woman was in the room with her. Dixie tells Krystal about seeing a bracelet with the letter B on it. Krystal tells Dixie how David has led her to believe that Babe could still be alive. Krystal won't go there and torture herself thinking it could happen. Dixie wishes she could find a way to prove to Tad they could still be good together. Krystal hopes she can because she's heard how much fun they used to have. Dixie gets an idea and takes off.

    It's Real, But Different.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    At the restaurant, Krystal tells Ryan she would forgive David anything if Babe were alive. Ryan thinks that's what David is banking on. Jack joins them, as Ryan urges Krystal not to buy into David's games. Jack backs him up as Ryan steps away to take a call. Jack tells Krystal David is baiting Erica as well, but Jack doesn’t think she fell for it. Krystal counters that Erica took it hook, like and sinker because she went to L.A. to find Mike Roy. Jack wonders why Erica can't let it go.

    Tad finds Jesse waiting at the hospital, as Angie undergoes surgery. Jesse is more worried about Angie forgiving him though. Tad suggests Jesse let Angie mourn Ellie and deal with whatever comes next. It will take time, but he knows Angie will forgive him. David comes upon them to say Angie's surgery is going as planned. Once Tad has left, Frankie and Randi show up to wait with Jesse. When Jesse beats himself up over deceiving Angie, Randi empathizes with him. Jesse just hopes Angie can forgive him some day. Frankie knows she will. Tad returns, as Jake brings Krystal to wait with the group. Everyone eventually leaves Jesse alone to breathe, except Tad who declares he's staying. Frankie returns to tell his father Angie's surgery is over.

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