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    All My Children CAST - Adam Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Adam Chandler Played by David Canary on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Canary

    Birthday: 1938-08-25
    Birthplace: Elwood, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Maureen 1982
    Real Name: David Canary
    Height: 5'11 1/2"


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    Throw Him A Bone.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    At the gala, Brooke promises the investors they threw JR a bone because of his name. Later, Dr. Anders congratulates Dixie on being named director of the Miranda Center. She thinks perhaps tonight they can get to know each other better. Brooke interrupts. She should have never trusted JR with the reel. Dixie is worried about what is going on between Adam and JR. Outside, David comments to Cara about JR’s quick temper - classic JR. Cara joins Brooke and Dixie as JR emerges. Adam asks to speak with Dixie and Brooke and they go in. Outside, JR tells Cara that Adam said he was an embarrassment. Cara points out his outburst was a little over the top and he accuses her of turning on him too. He calls her a fake for leading him on when all she cares about is hiding her son from David. He tells her to drop the act and go to hell. Inside, Adam tells Brooke that JR won’t be a problem. Dimitri watches as they hold each other. Upstairs, AJ is upset. He believed JR when he said tonight would be a new beginning. Miranda is the only person who doesn’t disappoint him. She pulls away and he calls her out for avoiding him whenever things get personal. He gets close - he always wants her around. Heather enters and invites him to join the dance contest. Downstairs, Colby looks for Adam but Brooke tells her he is already on his way to the airport. Colby plays it like she doesn’t care. Later, Brooke tries to talk shop with Dimitri as they dance but he just wants to enjoy the rest of the evening. Upstairs, Angie runs into Oliver and she offers to tuck him back in. Downstairs, Dixie admits to Anders she is worried about JR. David gets Angie to dance. Jesse enters and begins to fight David. The men pull Jesse off. David apologizes to Angie and offers to take her home. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Meanwhile, Oliver wanders downstairs and eats some candy. Outside, his grandmother looks for him and Opal recognizes her as Cara’s mom from Tad's wedding. She lies and says her name is Carmen. Inside, Colby dumps a plate of food on Celia, who retaliates by dumping water on her. David finds Oliver unconscious on the floor. Outside, JR begs for Cara’s forgiveness. She wonders how he could question her feelings for him. They kiss, but she pulls away. He is her patient and she can’t go there.

    Daddy’s Here.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    Back at the gala Colby, Opal, Evelyn, and Celia trade barbs about the auction. Meanwhile, AJ warns Hunter off of Miranda. JR backs AJ up but can’t throw Hunter out because of his parent’s potential investment in Chandler Media. AJ knows JR has worked hard on his presentation and admires that. Meanwhile, David has something to say to Angie but Joe interrupts and Dixie shoots him the evil eye. Zach joins AJ at the bar and they talk about Miranda. AJ admits she is the most beautiful girl at the gala. Later, David apologizes to Angie for letting slip to Jesse about the abortion. Angie blames herself for the abortion because she was with Jesse instead. He assures her this isn’t her fault. JR and Cara check on Oliver upstairs. JR lingers and injects himself while Cara runs into Dixie downstairs. Dixie hasn’t been able to reach Tad to tell him JR is out of his coma. She misses him but has faith he’ll be back soon. Cara offers a sympathetic ear if it isn’t too uncomfortable. Dixie thinks whoever Tad loved had to be pretty special. Meanwhile, Zach encourages Miranda to talk to AJ about her feelings. If she doesn’t open her heart she won’t know how beautiful it could be. Brooke takes the stage and introduces Jason Derulo. While he sings, Heather kisses AJ and Miranda looks sick. David stares at Cara. After, Brooke introduces JR’s presentation. The file is corrupted so she fires up her backup reel. JR loudly accuses her of setting him up. Adam silences him and David looks overjoyed.

    Evil On A Stick.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    Dimitri and Brooke stop by Jane’s Addiction before leaving town. While she is in the bathroom Dimitri answers her phone when Adam calls. Adam hangs up and later Brooke tries to call him back. Outside, Dixie hands Billy Clyde a letter, thanking him for helping AJ when he needed it. Maybe his spirituality isn’t an act and she hopes it continues to guide him. He seems touched and thanks her.

    So Hot, So Fast.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    Back at the mansion Adam cuts his call with Brooke short. Colby senses trouble in paradise and tells Brooke she had an idea to make the launch party a charity event. Brooke loves it for the Miranda Center. She is impressed with Colby.

    It's Been Nice.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    At the Chandler's, Adam prepares to leave and promises to call AJ after his plane lands. Brooke indicates she'll keep an eye on AJ for him and Dixie. Adam worries about David being out of prison thinking David has an agenda. In the next room Celia tutors Miranda. Miranda's annoyed by the constant calls Celia's ignoring. They discuss their guy troubles and family history. AJ arrives and a corsage is delivered. Miranda won't go to the school dance and AJ's suspended anyway. Celia thinks there must be some way to cheer Miranda up. AJ smiles and disappears. Miranda confronts him when he returns and thinks he should talk to his father. AJ gets upset and leaves. Miranda finds a card addressed to her.

    Make Me Disappear.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    At the Chandler's, Bianca blames herself because Miranda's been bullied since grade school. Upstairs, Miranda refuses to go to school. AJ heads downstairs. Adam tells him that he's suspended. Back upstairs, Miranda apologizes to Bianca. She wants to disappear. Bianca remembers feeling the same at her age. Miranda tells AJ she going to transfer to Bramwell. He worries about how he will look in the uniform when he follows her.

    Joe brings Dixie coffee to AJ's room. She explains Tad doesn't plan on returning until after his assignment. Later she returns and overhears Adam telling AJ who will be in charge while he's away. He adds he would do the same if AJ was able, saying what a failure and disappointment he is. Dixie interrupts asking him to find it in his heart to show a little kindness. JR's a victim too. Adam learns David is out and worries about AJ. Alone he tells JR he loves him and leaves.

    What Did You Do?

    Wednesday, May 01 2013

    Adam kisses Brooke at the mansion. Opal interrupts with Peter who is ending a phone call as they arrive. Adam thinks Peter doesn't need advice regarding Cortlandt but arranges a meeting for him. Celia misses Peter as she arrives. Brooke introduces her to Opal. Opal realizes what Pete's interests are in staying in Pine Valley. Alone, Brooke mentions Celia's a computer whiz. Opal begins to tell Brooke that Celia's perfect for Petey but she adds "to help him while he's in town." Brooke steps out and Opal deletes a file. Opal texts Petey for help when Celia finds it missing. Celia receives an important text and leaves.

    Home Sweet Home.

    Monday, April 29 2013

    At home Brooke wakes from a dream when a gun goes off. Adam comforts her. She asks if it will end. She lost so much. AJ says it's been five years and she agrees it's time to move on. Upstairs Miranda tells AJ her social networking problems. Alone Adam asks Brooke to marry him. She responds yes before he asks her a favor. AJ and Miranda join them. Brooke asks Miranda how Bianca is. AJ interrupts yelling, "We have to move on." Later Brooke signs an official document and Adam kisses her.

    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    At the mansion, Adam is elated that Stuart is alive. Brooke says, "And now, so are you." Adam thinks the empty house is more depressing than the hospital. He wants to leave, but Brooke has a surprise for him: She bought the house back. She says, "Welcome home." Scott shows up and puts up Stuart's painting. Colby is there as well and says they need to throw a party since Adam, Brooke and Stuart are back. Adam calls Winifred who's thrilled to see Mr. Chandler. He tells her to unpack the boxes and pop the champagne. They're having a party!

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