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    All My Children CAST - Jamie Martin

    Full detailed profile on Jamie Martin Played by Justin Bruening on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Bruening
    Jamie Martin

    Actor: Justin Bruening

    Who played Jamie Martin over the years

    Justin Bruening (September 8, 2003 - August 2007)
    Unnamed actor (1991 - 1992)
    Jamal and Jamil Azizi (1993 - 1994)
    Sean Marquette (1994 - 1998)
    Zachary Kady (1998 - 2001)
    Todd Harrison (2001 - 2002)
    Micah Alberti (August 22, 2002 - August 2003)

    Useful information on Jamie Martin

    * Marital Status - Single/Never Been Married.
    * Other Names: James Edward Martin (full name), Brad Anderson (while on the run following the kidnapping of Ace Buchanan).
    * Ran away from home.
    * Fought in school.
    * Stole a plastic cow from Benny's Beef & Bun.
    * Arrested for breaking and entering Adam Chandler's limo and having sex in the back seat.
    * Arrested for drug possession, intent to distribute, and reckless endangerment involving the drugging of Babe Chandler.
    * Withheld knowledge that Bess Chandler was actually Miranda Montgomery.
    * Drugged a nanny in order to kidnap Ace Buchanan.
    * Kidnapped Ace Buchanan and fled to Virginia, Florida and New Orleans.
    * Arrested for the kidnapping of Ace Buchanan.
    * Provided false information during Dixie and Zach's trail for the murder of Greg Madden to aid in their being found 'not-guilty.'
    *Left Pine Valley to work as a doctor in Africa.


    Past: Pine Valley University student (Kicked out March 10, 2005)


    Jamie was born to Tad Martin and Brooke English, but when their relationship failed, he spent his time between houses, growing up friends with Amanda Dillon and JR Chandler. Tad's marriage to JR's mother made Jamie and JR half-brothers.

    Secure in his mother's relationship with Edmund Grey, Jamie was disgusted when the two parted and she drifted to Adam Chandler. Jamie's drunken outburst at a costume party about his mother's sexual escapade, cost him his relationship with his very religious girlfriend, Joni. A brief fling with his brother's ex-girlfriend, sent JR fleeing town in anger. Jamie decided to steer clear and began pursuing older women for a time. His encounter with a hooker was interrupted by his mother who sent the young woman packing.

    The night of 'The Face of Fusion' contest announcement, Jamie met up with an inebriated blond, with whom he later had sex. The very next night, at a dinner at the Chandler mansion, JR introduced his new bride, Babe. Jamie's jaw dropped when he realized he had slept with his brother's wife.

    Turmoil over feelings for Babe drove a crevice between the two young men, and Babe turned to Jamie when JR tried to drug her. Pregnant with JR's child, Babe gave birth at the same time as Bianca Chandler. The two women were stranded in a cabin and Babe's ex-husband, Paul, stole her child and left her believing that Bianca's child was her own. Poor Bianca mourned the lost of her child and fell into a deep depression, only to later learn the truth when Jamie and Babe discovered the deception and found Babe's real son, Little Adam living in Llanview with her ex's sister. Jamie and Babe kidnapped the little boy and went on the lam.

    Jamie's aunt, Phoebe Wallingford, passed away, leaving her fortune to him, but a stipulation declared it null and void if Babe was part of his life. Babe arranged to have Jamie find her in bed with Josh so that he would leave her.

    The kidnapping case went to trial and Krystal took the blame, going to prison so that Babe could reunite with JR for the sake of seeing her son. Krystal was finally freed and came home to marry Adam Chandler. Jamie turned his attention to gold-digging, Amanda Dillon, but when he realized her plot to trick him into marriage, he ditched her.

    Julia Santos, an older and more sophisticated nurse, soon caught his attention. Despite her reservations about their age difference, their brief separation ended and they have pledged their love for one another.

    The tension of having his father and step-mother search for their missing daughter, Kate, has brought stress into Jamie's life. When Dixie went on trial for the murder of Dr. Greg Madden, Jamie conspired with his father, Tad, to help set her free. He knows his father's secret and he has pledged to keep it.

    Now Jamie has moved in with Julia and is helping her and their friends console Jonathan Lavery after having lost his sister, Erin. Julia's best friends planned to come for Christmas, but were involved in a serious car accident. Jamie and Julie found them and got help, but not in time - the husband passed away from his injuries and the mother is struggling to stay alive. Their little daughter escaped unscathed, and is in Julia and Jamie's care.

    Julia thought she was pregnant, which scared Jamie because he wasn't ready to have kids. The two broke up soon after Julia found out the pregnancy was just a scare. She left with Kathy to visit her family in California. At loose ends, Jamie began hanging out with Babe and decided to go back to Med. School. A few weeks later he was contacted by his cousin, Jake Martin, about going to work at an AIDS clinic in Africa. Jamie decided to help out Jake and left Pine Valley.




    Joni Stafford (dated)
    Elizabeth, a teenage prostitute (kissed)
    Laurie Lewis (kissed)
    Babe_Carey_Chandler (lover)
    Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone (lover)
    Amanda_Dillon (affair)
    Julia_Santos (lover)


    Tad Martin (father)
    Brooke English (mother)
    Unnamed Half-Sister (paternal)
    Laura Cudahy (maternal half-sister - deceased)
    Kathy Martin (half-sister)
    Laura Kirk English (maternal half-sister by adoption)
    Ray Gardner (paternal biological grandfather - deceased)
    Opal (paternal biological grandmother)
    Joseph Martin Sr. (paternal adoptive grandfather)
    Ruth Parker (paternal adoptive grandmother)
    Ed English (maternal grandfather)
    Jane Dobrin (maternal grandmother)
    Henry Martin (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Kate Martin (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Jenny Gardner (biological paternal aunt - deceased)
    Adrian Sword (biological paternal half-uncle)
    Peter Cortlandt (biological paternal half-uncle)
    Jeff Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Tara Martin (paternal half-aunt by adoption)
    Bobby Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Philip Brent (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Jake Martin Jr. (paternal uncle by adoption)
    Joshua Madden (paternal half-cousin by adoption)
    Philip Charles Brent (paternal cousin by adoption)
    Kate Jefferson (paternal cousin by adoption)
    Samuel Carlos Grey (paternal first cousin by adoption)




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    Friday, September 23 2011: To Pine Valley.

    Jamie sees JR at the airport. JR thinks he's back because he thinks Babe is alive. JR coldly declares Babe is dead. JR says he's leaving town, but he will be back. Jamie is glad Babe isn't there to see him like this. It would break her heart. Dixie and Tad catch up with JR and tell him Stuart is alive. JR thinks they are lying or it's one of David's head games. He won't fall for it. JR is ugly with Dixie, blaming her for screwing him up, not Adam. He tells Dixie to stay out of his life, but Dixie doesn't want to lose him. He says she already has and walks away. Dixie cries, as Tad promises her that JR will be back. Tad gets a message about the Chandler party. He thinks they need to remember they still have a lot to celebrate. Later, JR decides not to take his flight, saying, "I've got a party to crash."

    Everyone gathers at the Chandler mansion. Even Jamie returns because he's worried about JR. Angie notices that Randi is glowing. She admits to her husband, Jesse, and Angie that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Zach and Griffin attempt niceties as Kendall intervenes to say she's glad David is out of their lives. David shows up looking for Adam. JR lurks in the secret tunnel, as Erica and Opal show up and see Jack talking to Krystal. JR pulls out his gun as Adam and the room toast to Pine Valley. Erica asks to talk to Jack alone, as David finds Adam. David is snarky, as Adam doesn’t know how to thank him. David says cash is always a good start. Adam wonders what he's up to, but gives him money anyway. Bianca and Marissa show up after getting a text message. They think it was from Scott, but he denies it.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011: Where They Belong.

    At home, Tad worries that he hasn't heard from his parents, who usually call like clockwork. Ruth rings the doorbell, surprising her son. Opal and Krystal return home and are thrilled to see Ruth, who is catching up with Dixie. She tells them Angie called Joe to ask him to be a temporary consultant so they are moving back to Pine Valley. Jamie is next to come to the door and Tad says no one deserves to be this happy. Jamie thinks no one deserves it more.

    Joe, Jake and Amanda show up at the Martin house. As the family catches up, Dixie tells Joe she and Tad have never been happier and then steps out to text someone. Ruth marvels over the miracle Tad has been blessed with. Tad knows it and texts someone as well.

    After texting each other, Tad and Dixie meet up outside. They agree they're on the same page and then Tad unknowingly dials the house. Opal answers and tells the room she thinks Tad is about to pop the question. They all listen in as Dixie tells Tad he's done this before, so she'd like to give it a try. She tears up as she tells Tad he's her home and her heart. He's everything to her and where she belongs. Tad gave his heart to her 20 years ago. They say, "Together forever." Dixie asks if he will marry her. Tad says yes and they kiss. They hear their family cheering over the phone. Tad and Dixie return to their excited family, who celebrate their engagement.

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