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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Baby Danger!

    Monday, July 23 2007

    JR tells Krystal about his new plans, including giving up Chandler Enterprises. She's stunned that JR finally moved out but wonders if he'll stick with the decisions he made. She also wonders where he'll wind up sleeping. Just then Amanda walks in, asking for her drink! Krystal is surprised at the new couple and warns JR to be careful with Amanda. Aidan and Del wander in and order drinks. Del heads straight for Amanda and offers to give her pool lessons. Angry, she tells him to back off - at the bar and at her house! She tells the crowd that JR is moving in for a few days. Del warns JR that living at Wildwind is work; Aidan wonders why JR would want to live there. Both guys gang up on JR but he doesn't back down. Del challenges JR to a game of pool. If he and Aidan win, he gets to sleep in Amanda's bed. If JR and Amanda win, he'll do all of chores for a month. Amanda objects, telling Del he'll never be in bed with her. That isn't what he wants, though, Del just wants Amanda's room - not her! They begin to play. Jonathan walks in and Amanda leaves the game to talk with him. He isn't interested in talking and tells her to go away!

    Overhearing how hard Jonathan is with Amanda, JR tells him to watch his step. They begin to argue and nearly come to blows before Krystal interrupts them, telling them to take it outside. Aidan returns to the group, telling Jonathan about the trouble in his family.

    JR Gives Up!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Near the boathouse, Jonathan is still trying to convince Amanda that he had Ava's interests at heart. As they talk, he realizes he has hurt the girl and should just walk away, but he can't. Jonathan also realizes how much he hurt Amanda and apologizes. After a while Amanda realizes Jonathan isn't staying at the boathouse to talk to her - he is waiting for Ava to show up! She decides to go. Jonathan stays on the dock, hoping Ava will show up so that they can talk. He flashes back to the moment she left the Montgomery's, worried about her.

    A Whole Lotta Changes!

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    Ava can't believe that Lily is actually touching her. "You're the only person that I've ever really cared about," she says, still feeling bad for the things that have been going on. Jonathan rings the doorbell, surprising them. Lily opens the door as Ava hides behind a wall. Lily tries to head off Jonathan but he insists on seeing Ava. Lily holds him off by telling what Ava said - that he was really making love to Lily when he was with Ava. Ava steps out from the corner. Her new look shocks Jonathan. He wonders what the new 'do will do to her job at Fusion. "I make my own decisions," she says. Jonathan offers to drive her to the office but she refuses. He tries to get her alone but she doesn’t want to talk to him at all. She asks him to leave but Jonathan won't go. The way he did when she was turned down for the Fusion contract, he points out the ways she is different from Lily. "I care about you," he says when she asks why he touched her differently when she came home looking like Lily. From across the room, Lily begins counting back from 100. Neither of them can calm Lily down. She stops counting and leaves for her room. Jonathan starts to follow but stops when Ava lashes out at him. "Go! Save the woman you really want," she says, getting more angry by the second when Jonathan doesn't go after Lily. He tells her that the night before was about her, not about Lily. "When I touch you, Ava, I know exactly who I'm touching," he says and reaches out to her. Scared, Ava backs away and then runs from the house.

    Jonathan goes to the boathouse, calls Sean and asks him to go to Lily. Amanda walks up, not thrilled with how Jonathan has been spending his time. Jonathan tells Amanda that he has fallen for Ava, but she believes his only interest is getting into Ava's bed! She reminds him that she told him getting together with Ava was a mistake but Jonathan doesn't want to hear it. He admits that he'll always love Lily, not realizing that Ava has been listening from outside. She walks away and he goes on, telling Amanda that he isn't in love with Lily - he will never be in love with Lily again!

    What Will Krystal Do?

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    Jonathan goes to Fusion to find Ava but she isn't there. In a panic, Di comes in and asks him what happened. He explains, not getting it. Di sets him straight, telling him that he connected to Ava because of her resemblance to Lily! Di asks him who he was really with the night before and he tells her he was with Ava. That he cares about Ava, not Lily! He realizes that even though he saw a different side of Ava, she thought he was only seeing Lily!

    Ava goes to Lily's and rings the doorbell incessantly. Finally, Lily answers. Ava tries to explain what happened and tells Lily that when Jonathan made love to her he was really making love to Lily. Lily doesn't understand, and Ava keeps trying to explain. While she is talking she looks around for booze and finally finds a new bottle of cognac and takes a big swig! She becomes angry as she talks, which makes Lily nervous. She is shaking and rocking on the sofa but Ava is too wound up in herself to see. Looking in the mirror, Ava calls herself ugly names and begins giving herself a makeover. "Redredredredredred," Lily says when Ava turns with bright red lipstick. Ava realizes she has gone too far and hurriedly tries to take the makeup off. Lily counts backward from 100 until she feels more together. She offers to help Ava! Lily suggests Ava make herself look different. She begins with a new, brunette hairstyle, but the new hair color doesn't make her feel better. Seeing her sister hurting, Lily goes to her and reaches out. She gently touches Ava on the shoulder and tells her that she loves her. Jonathan arrives on the doorstep.

    Two Steps Forward

    Monday, July 16 2007

    Jonathan is stunned by Ava's appearance. Seeing her looking so much like Lily is freaking him out. She keeps talking about the shoot, not realizing at first how weirded out he is. When she realizes he hasn't said anything, Ava runs from the room. Looking in the mirror, Ava studies her reflection. Jonathan comes to her, puts her arms around her and watches. He kisses her softly, and they begin to make love. He slowly undresses her, planting soft kisses on her skin as he does and carrying her to the bed. Afterward, Ava begins to cry. With Jonathan sleeping beside her she realizes this time with him was different - and she thinks it is because she looks so much like Lily! Jonathan wakes up, alone, and calls for Ava.

    JR walks in to The Comeback to talk to Krystal. She doesn't disappoint him and lets him have it because of the kidnapping scheme. She asks how he will feel with little A turns on him the way he turned on Adam. He doesn't believe little A will ever turn on him because he will never treat little A the way Adam has treated him. Krystal sets him straight, reminding him that Adam isn't the best man but that he loves all of his children with all his heart. JR swears that he is different from Adam and that he won't repeat the mistakes his father made. Krystal tells JR that Adam didn't deserve what JR did; JR thinks Krystal might have feelings for Adam still. She tells him to think again and leaves the table. Colby walks in and JR leaves. With her shift over, Colby decides to surprise Sean with a picnic on the beach from some of Krystal's kitchen leftovers. Jonathan walks in, looking for Ava but neither Krystal nor Colby have seen her. Neither knows where she would be but Krystal suggests he try Kendall's. Derek walks in later. He spins her around, obviously wanting to continue with their new relationship. Krystal pulls back. She tells him about Tad's offer. "You deserve somebody who knows what she wants," Krystal says, telling him that she has no idea where her future lies. Telling Derek she likes him, Krystal explains that the timing for their relationship isn't right. He tells her not to lose his number and leaves.

    Jonathan returns home and begins putting Ava's clothes away.

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