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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    A New Day

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    Ava walks in to the yacht club. A worker tells her to leave because she isn't a member, even after she shows him her Fusion shots. Jonathan calls, asking if he can see her but she refuses. "You don't fit into the Ava-entourage anymore," she says and hangs up. Though the manager asks her to leave, Ava makes herself comfortable. Jonathan arrives and tells the man to leave Ava alone because she is his guest. Ava gets mad and runs off. Jonathan follows. Ava runs down to the beach, angry that Jonathan won't leave her alone. She fully expects him to still be upset about Lily or her own problems, or dealing with his own family problems. Jonathan listens but doesn't leave. He tells her that he did see a little bit of Lily in her at first but now he only sees her. "I want you," he says and kisses her.

    Hospital Drama

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Joe walks with Ryan, telling him to stay outside of the exam room. Ryan doesn't listen, he goes right inside and stands by Spike, talking to him. The surgeons come in and Joe leads Ryan back into the waiting room. The surgeons go to work on Spike, unsure how the operation will go. Ryan is alone outside the surgery for a few for a few minutes until Annie arrives. She holds him tightly, not saying anything. Annie walks Ryan to the chairs and he tells her what they have to do with Spike. Joe comes out, worried because Spike needs more blood and they don't have the right time. Jonathan, who just arrived, tells them he has the same blood type and they rush him over to donate. Ryan, Jonathan and Annie wait as the doctors continue working on Spike. "If I could just talk to him," Ryan says. Annie reminds him that Spike is a tough little guy and he'll be fine but Ryan can't believe her. She hugs him and so does Jonathan, trying to give Ryan some comfort.

    Zach watches Dr. Delano from the waiting area. Josh walks up beside him, asking how things are. Zach tells him the baby is really small and asks Josh what that means. "I don't understand it," Zach says. Josh tells him that the baby is a miracle. He leaves Zach and runs into Ryan, Annie and Jonathan in another waiting area. Unable to help them, Josh walks on. Moments later, Joe walks out from Spike's surgery room. He tells them Spike is stable but still in danger. "The next 24 hours are critical," Joe says and returns inside.

    Ava Is Flying High!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At the police station, Derek is going over the search plan with Ryan. He apologizes for jumping on Derek earlier. Annie, Jamie, Babe, Di and Krystal walk in. They have built a website and opened an email address for new information. Derek thanks them but is quickly distracted by a new report - a young, brunette acting crazy at the boathouse. Thinking it could be Ava, Jonathan leaves to check things out. Later, Derek comes back to go over more plans with Ryan. Ryan's cell phone rings and he answers - it's Greenlee! She hears his voice and manages to tell him that it is her but then passes out! Ryan keeps calling to her but Greenlee doesn't answer. Derek tells him to keep the call connected and Aidan tells him they are tracing the call location now. Listening to Ryan call to Greenlee, Babe wonders if they should stop working on the website. Krystal tells her they won't stop until Spike is back home. Aidan returns, telling Ryan they have a trace on the call. He and Aidan run for their cars.

    At the boathouse, Ava is high and dancing around. Adam walks in, taken aback by how out of it Ava is. He grabs her, reaming her for telling Colby about their deal but Ava can't focus on anything. Shaking her, Adam blames Ava for losing Colby. "Do you realize how much you've cost me?" he asks but Ava can't answer. She begins to sway and then cry, telling Adam that she is alone, too. Adam pushes her away. Calling Ava a waste, he order her to make things right. She gets angry and steps away - and falls into the water! Ava can't swim and cries for help! Adam stands there watching for a few seconds, shocked, but finally goes into the water to save her. Jonathan and Di arrive and help Adam pull her from the water. Jonathan tries to get Ava to talk but she is completely out of it; he blames Adam, who says Ava was high when he got there. Di calls for an ambulance. She asks Adam to stay but he refuses and leaves. Di and Jonathan focus on Ava and manage to wake her up. She wakes, freaked out because she doesn't recognize either of them!

    Lily surprises Jack and Josh in the waiting area. She is armed with a lot of research on premies and pregnancies and reports what she has learned. The more she talks, about the new baby and about Spike's abduction, the more Jack and Josh worry. Erica returns to the group, telling them the contractions have stopped. Jack wraps her in a hug. Josh makes a joke about food. Erica leaves to call Bianca. Jack gets a call and leaves to answer it. It's Livia, reminding Jack that the divorce will be finalized by 5pm if he and Erica don't show up to contest it. He asks her to stall as long as possible. Jack hangs up and then tries Greenlee's phone again but doesn't get an answer. Alone, Lily asks Josh if Kendall will be okay now. Erica returns to them and is talking to Josh when the doctors go running into Kendall's room. Zach comes out, telling them that Kendall's water may have broken. Just then emergency workers wheel Ava in. She is screaming and still high, fighting the doctors. They wheel her into an exam room as Lily comes in, freaked out at how bad Ava is. Jonathan tells her Ava took drugs but Lily doesn't believe him. Jack and Erica walk Lily out of the waiting area so they can talk to her.

    Jack and Erica talk to Lily, telling her things will be fine. Erica leaves to return to Kendall. Jack suggests Lily go home but she refuses to leave until she knows how Ava is. Lily asks him why Ava would have taken drugs. Jonathan steps forward and says it is his fault! Jonathan takes Lily into Ava's hospital room. Joe is still taking care of her. He tells her that Ava needs to stay in the hospital overnight, but that he expects her to be fine. He tells them not to stay very long. Jonathan steps forward, brushing her hair off her face. Lily stays beside the door.

    Where Is Spike?

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    In the lobby, Babe is watching a television report about Kendall and Spike. Di and Annie arrive, worried that Greenlee has finally gone off the deep end. They ask about Kendall. Ryan walks in with Tad and Aidan. Annie runs to him, telling Ryan to be positive. Tad fills Di in on the police search and Aidan reassures Ryan. Zach and Joe come out to tell the gathering about Kendall. Zach asks them all to keep the news about Spike out of Kendall's room. Jonathan walks in, offering to help look for the baby. Aidan asks Annie and Di to come with him to the police station. Di goes but Annie stays with Ryan. Babe steps up, telling Ryan that Greenlee didn't want to drive with Spike. He explodes at her, angry that she let Greens take Spike. Babe apologizes. Ryan walks away. Jonathan and Annie follow him. Jamie comes over to support Babe. She asks him to come with her and they leave.

    In the waiting room, Ryan blames himself for what Greenlee did. Zach steps in, basically telling Ryan "I told you so". Erica and Jack arrive with Josh; Joe updates them and then returns to Kendall. Erica asks about Spike as Tad returns. There is no news about Greenlee or about Spike. Erica begins to panic and Jack tells her to calm down. Zach and Ryan ask him where Greenlee may have gone; Jack steps back, asking them how they can be sure that Greenlee took Spike. He is holding out hope that something else may have happened! Angry, Zach and Ryan tell Jack what they've seen from Greenlee lately. Erica lashes out at Jack, who lashes right back. Zach defends Erica; Josh defends Greenlee, telling them that Greens was moving on. Ryan leaves to check in with Derek. The doctors return with good news - Kendall's contractions have stopped! However, her cervix is still effaced, so they are going to keep her on the medications because the labor could start up any time. Erica rushes to go inside but Zach holds her back, telling her not to say anything about Spike. Jack tries Greenlee again and leaves a message. Annie listens, telling Jack he is doing the right thing. "I can't see her taking Spike. Not like this," Annie says.

    Baby Danger!

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Ava calls the drug dealer to the boat house. He's angry because of the confusion with Lily and because Ava never bothered to pay him before. He pulls her to him, saying he'll take a different kind of payment! Jonathan arrives, watching them. He interrupts, breaking things apart between Ava and the dealer. Ava gets mad, goes straight for the dealer and kisses him! She pulls away and tells Jonathan that she'll do what she wants, when she wants. Jonathan asks her to return to Wildwind with him but she refuses. "I don't need you to protect me," she says. The dealer tells Jonathan to back off but Jonathan won't. He warns the dealer away from Ava, shoves him down but doesn't hit him. "Stay away from her," Jonathan says. He leaves and so does Ava. She returns later and the dealer asks her to pay off what she owes. Ava hands him some cash and then asks for more drugs! The dealer leaves. Crying and alone, Ava opens a sack of drugs and pops several in her mouth!

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