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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    The Wait is Over

    Friday, August 10 2007

    The card game doesn't last long as no one can concentrate on anything other than Spike's future. All of them realize they are afraid - for Spike and for themselves. Joe returns.

    Making Demands

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Jack takes over from Derek with the media, asking them to back off so the police can take care of things. Behind the media line, Jonathan asks Amanda about her relationship with JR. Upset and worried about him, Amanda wonders why he didn't just walk away. Tad arrives and heads straight to Jack, along with Babe, Krystal, Colby and Sean. Jack blames JR for the situation. Derek tells Tad about Ava helping with a drug bust and also blames JR for getting involved. Annoyed, Tad tells them they should never have chosen a public beach to do a drug sting. Krystal asks Colby to leave but she won't budge. Babe asks Tad how things really are and he admits he doesn’t know. Sean asks Jack if this is part of the way they are going to clear him and Jack admits it is. Bereft, Jonathan asks Amanda what he'll do if Ava doesn't make it out alive. Jack and Derek have a private confab, hoping that JR and Ava will make something happen that will save the day. Talking to Krystal, Babe worries that JR won't make it out okay. She is worried, not only because he is in danger but also because he has been acting like two different people for a long time. Spotting Amanda, Babe goes to talk with her, reassuring Amanda that she will be okay. Adam shows up and asks Jack to let him through. Derek and Jack pull the tape so he can pass and Adam immediately goes on the attack wondering how many of his family members are on drugs. Jack outs Adam as the source behind Sean's arrest and he turns to Tad, blaming him for the whole situation! Derek goes after Adam and Jack pulls him back as Adam continues arguing with Tad. He becomes even more angry, then has a sharp pain and nearly falls over! Colby rushes to his side.

    Derek hangs up from talking to Lenny. Tad asks for details; Jack and Derek ask him to just be calm. Lily arrives, very worried about Ava, whom she saw on the news. Jonathan talks to her, telling Lily that Ava was part of a sting operation. When Colby tries to play nursemaid, Adam angrily tells her to back off. Krystal steps in and tells Adam that he needs to see a doctor - and leave his daughter alone. Adam won't listen. Krystal opens a bottle of water and offers it to him. Finally, Adam opens up a little because of his worry over JR. Amanda and Jonathan begin arguing about JR - again! Telling Jonathan that she still thinks Ava is trouble Amanda tells Jonathan that she may also be good for him! Sean and Colby talk to Lily about Ava's actions to help the police, extremely proud of what Ava did and hoping she'll get out okay. Babe returns to Amanda, who admits she is really scared for JR. Babe reaches out to her. In tears, Amanda tells Babe that she has her moments when she wants to hurt JR but mostly she has fun with him and cares about him. The crowd hears a gunshot from inside the shack!

    Derek pulls everyone back from the shack as Lenny walks out of the shack, pushing Ava ahead of him! JR is right behind and holds up the gun, telling them the situation is over! Police officers rush to take Lenny into custody as the Chandler and Martin crew head straight to JR. Ava immediately begins posing for the cameras until Jonathan pulls her back and hugs her tightly. Jack tells her Lily is there. Ava turns to see Lily holding out her arms. The girls hug!

    Spike Is Deaf!

    Monday, August 06 2007

    Jonathan meets Lily at the Montgomery home, trying to find Ava. Lily hasn't seen her but asks Jonathan to stick around so they can talk. Jonathan goes inside and Lily brings her computer to him to show him, statistically, how well she is going with the news that he is seeing Ava. She asks him what kind of birth control they are using, making Jonathan very uncomfortable. He changes the subject and asks Lily where Ava might have gone. She immediately begins to wonder if Ava is using drugs. Jonathan doesn't think it is drugs and he and Lily begin to talk over where Ava may have gone.

    On the beach Ava tries to finish the deal but Lenny won't exchange any money until he searches for the wire. Worried, Jack tells Derek they need to pull Ava out but Derek convinces him to let Ava do her thing. Back on the beach, Ava plays up to Lenny, calms him down and he pulls out the drugs! Before they can complete the transaction JR and Amanda interrupt them. JR realizes he knows Lenny from the old days and Amanda wonders what Ava is doing there. Ava tries to get them to leave but JR and Amanda won't go. Listening, Jack tells Derek they need to intervene. Back on the beach JR outs Ava as the one who set up Sean with a drug bust. Lenny gets worried. Amanda tries to pull JR away, realizing that they've obviously interrupted something but JR won't leave. Lenny grabs Ava as Derek orders the cops to move in. Lenny finds the wire as Derek and the cops round a corner. JR and Amanda move away, Lenny hauls Ava behind some driftwood as Derek tries to get him to make a deal. Just then Jonathan walks up! Jack holds him back as JR tries to calm Lenny down. The dealer waves a gun, still holding on to Ava. He backs away, taking Ava to a shack on the beach. Inside, Lenny talks to the cops through the microphone, telling them to call him on Ava's cellphone!

    Will Greenlee Leave?

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Ava pulls away from Jonathan, afraid to trust him and afraid to trust her own feelings. Jonathan won't let her walk away, though. He tells her to trust her feelings! He kisses her again and then asks her to come to Wildwind with him. Ava pulls away and tells Jonathan that she overheard him tell Amanda that he still loves Lily. Jonathan explains that he will always love Lily, but in a different way. "When I'm not with you, I want to be. When I am with you I want all of you," he says. Ava runs off, telling Jonathan that she knows he only wants her in bed! Jonathan follows her down the beach, trying to get through to her but she pretends not to listen. He keeps talking, though, telling her that he is just as afraid as she is because their relationship isn't just about the sex. He asks her for a second chance! Ava's ringing cell interrupts them. It's Lenny and he is moving up their drug date! He tells her to meet him in 30 minutes and then hangs up; Ava isn't sure what to do. Jonathan asks what is going on but she cover, telling him it was Fusion and they need her - now! She gathers her things and runs off, leaving Jonathan behind.

    Arriving on the terrace to the yacht club, Jonathan calls Amanda to find out where Ava is. Amanda tells him she isn't working at Fusion that day!

    A New Day

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    Kendall and Ryan awake in Spike's room - and find him awake, too! They tell him about all the people who have been wanting to see him, including his new baby brother. Kendall leaves to spread the word as Jonathan arrives.

    A nurse comes in to check Spike's vital signs and Ryan leaves. In the hall, he finally breaks down in tears. Annie walks by, sees him and goes to him, holding him as he cries. Jonathan returns from a phone call, asking about Spike. Ryan is interrupted with a business call, leaving Annie and Jonathan to talk. He thanks her for sticking by his brother and their family. "He's found peace with you," Jonathan assures her. Annie bursts out in tears. She pulls herself together, blaming her tears on finally seeing Ryan breakdown. She tells him she is never going let anyone come between them; from now on she will fight for her man and her family! Jonathan calls Ava and then leaves the hospital in a hurry.

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