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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Moving On

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    As soon as Ryan returns to the hospital he has Joe paged to check on Spike. He tells him about the new doctor, worried that the man may have done something to Spike. Joe begins to examine the boy. After the exam, Joe tells Ryan that Spike is perfectly fine, Ryan apologizes for overreacting but then goes right ahead and overreacts again by asking for security in Spike's room. Joe tells him he just needs to talk to Kendall. Jonathan walks in, worried about Kendall and the new doctor. Ryan fills him on Dr. Hilliard, still angry about what Kendall did and what Dr. Hilliard may have offered. Ryan can't take his eyes off Spike, worried that something may have happened while Spike was away from PVH. Jonathan changes the subject to Ryan's new venture capital project, telling him the deafness research he was planning to invest in is a sound investment. He tells Ryan that he'll take the job offer he mentioned a few weeks back! Jonathan tells Ryan to call Annie, not telling him exactly what happened with her, only that she is really stressed out. He leaves. Ryan calls Annie but can't get through - the number has been disconnected! He tries again but gets the same disconnect message.

    New Doctor, New Plan

    Monday, August 20 2007

    Annie is frozen in fear as she listens to "Ring Around the Rosie" coming from the phone. Slowly she picks it up and asks why the person is calling. No one answers and she quickly hangs up. Seeing a picture of Emma she calls the day camp to arrange for an early pick up. But Emma isn't there! Annie becomes really worried when the woman tells her that some man, claiming to be Emma's uncle picked her up. She hangs up when someone knocks on the door. It's Jonathan, bringing Emma back. She freaks out on him but Jonathan calms her down, reminding her of Emma's dentist appointment. Realizing that Annie is very overwrought, Jonathan asks what is going on. Annie tries to cover but Jonathan doesn't buy her explanation and tries to get her to call Ryan. Annie refuses, saying she knows it was crazy but she just got worried because of what happened with Spike and Ian. Jonathan asks, again, what is really happening. He wonders why her immediate response was to call 9-1-1 instead of Ryan or Rachel or even him but Annie blows off his concern. The phone rings and Annie hesitates to answer it; Jonathan moves toward the phone. Annie orders him not to answer it!

    Annie hangs up from talking to Ryan, more worried than ever. Jonathan goes to help Emma with cookies and she makes a call. She learns that whoever she was calling for hasn't left wherever they are as Jonathan and Emma return with a plate of cookies. He takes and few and leaves; Annie locks up behind him. She picks up Emma, holding her close because she is still worried about the weird calls.

    Annie's Father Is Deaf - And Angry!

    Wednesday, August 15 2007

    Jonathan and Ava arrive at the yacht club. A few photographers follow them in and Ava plays up to them. She becomes slightly annoyed when she sees JR and Amanda arrive and the photographers begin paying more attention to him! JR sends the photogs on their way and they return to Ava, who plays up to them once more. She turns to JR and asks how he likes to be famous. A photographer follows her and asks for a joint photo. He declines, but Amanda encourages him to do it, after all Ava's 15 minutes will be over soon. Ava wonders what that means and Amanda tells her she'll figure it out. The photographer begins shooting the two of them; Amanda rolls her eyes. Ava returns to her dinner with Jonathan and thanks him for putting up with all the madness surrounding her. Jonathan doesn't say anything about the way she makes herself ultra-available to the press. They kiss. When their meal is served Ava asks Jonathan if she should get a manager. He becomes worried when she tells him she spent her entire first paycheck on the outfit she is currently wearing. Ava asks him about Spike and Ryan, apologizing for focusing on herself rather than his family problems. Jonathan likes the distraction that Ava offers, however, and tells her so.

    Across the room, JR can't concentrate on Amanda because of Ava. Annoyed, she reminds him that before he helped out Ava he managed to lose his entire fortune trying to get back at his father. Ava and Jonathan kissing across the room takes his attention again. When JR goes on about Ava and how the press keeps sticking them together because of the drug bust, Amanda gets even more annoyed. Amanda decides it's time for The Relationship talk but JR balks. She asks about dating other people, making JR wonder if she wants to get back together with Jonathan. Amanda sets him straight about her friendship with Jonathan. She leans across the table, giving him another option for their relationship. They both start laughing. They get up to leave and JR realizes Jonathan has gone. Seeing Ava practicing her autograph he makes a smart comment; Amanda pulls him out of the club.

    All The Angst In The World

    Monday, August 13 2007

    After running all of the tests, the doctors tell the Slater and Lavery families that Spike is indeed profoundly deaf and it can't be fixed. Neither Ryan nor Kendall want to believe it. The doctors tell them with an implant Spike may be able to hear at some point in the future. When she learns that the implant cannot be done immediately, Kendall demands that Spike be taken somewhere else right away. Erica, Josh and Zach try to calm her down but she tells them that Spike needs a cure right now - not sometime down the road. Zach holds Kendall and tells her that moving Spike now could hurt him even more. Jonathan asks Ryan what he can do to fix this mess but Ryan doesn't have any answers. Annie goes to him, too, telling him that things will work out. Jack distracts Erica, asking her to come with him to decompress for a little while. Erica doesn't want to leave but he eventually convinces her to go with him. Josh goes to the hall and makes a call, he leaves an angry message, telling the person to call him back right away.

    Greenlee arrives at the hospital, tells the nurses at the hub that she is Bianca and asks for directions to the room. The nurse won't give her anything but Greenlee pushes the issue. The nurse sees Bianca's name on the list and points the way to the conference room. Before she can get away, Josh sees her and tells her to leave! She asks how Spike is and Josh gives her the news. Greenlee insists that Josh take her to Kendall so she can fix things but he refuses, telling her she sound like a crazy person. Jonathan walks up and demands that Josh get rid of Greenlee - right now! Josh defends Greens to Jonathan, who can't believe it. "You defend your family, your don't support their enemies," Jonathan says as Greenlee hobbles away from them.

    Annie and Ryan talk about cochlear implants, wondering if this is the right thing to do. Annie likes the idea, especially because both doctors feel it is the right way to do. Ryan is too angry to make a decision; he actually lashes out at her, hurting her feelings. Ryan apologizes. They return to Spike's hospital room, meeting Kendall, Zach and Joe inside. All of them stand by the little boy, wondering what they can do to fix him. Joe tells them all to leave and get some rest but Kendall refuses to even sit down. She is afraid that if she isn't there something else, something worse, will happen. Joe leaves. Jonathan watches the family from outside with no idea how to help but needing to all the same. Inside, Kendall is holding Spike and feeling better about things as the little boy drinks a bottle. Zach leaves to get coffee. In the hall, he asks Jonathan to come with but Jonathan declines. Zach leaves.

    Jonathan moves to the window to watch Kendall and Ryan. A moment later Ava arrives with balloons and a huge stuffed animal. She also brought along champagne for him. She squeezes the animal and a song begins to play; she realizes her mistake, but Jonathan doesn't care. He is touched by her thoughtfulness. They walk a bit and talk. Jonathan kisses her and she embraces him.

    The Wait is Over

    Friday, August 10 2007

    Joe returns to the group, telling them that Spike came through the MRI with flying colors but asking them not to visit him for a while yet. They want him to come fully out of the anesthesia before then. Annie and Kendall hug at the good news. Down the hall Ryan swears he will get Greenlee to admit what she has done - not because it will change things but because he wants to know! Jonathan arrives and gives Annie a photo album from the house. As she looks through the pictures Annie swears to never let them down the way her family let her down. Jonathan suggests a card game to take their minds off things but Jack declines. He begins to pace the halls, struggling with his feelings for Greenlee, his love for Erica and Kendall. He has no idea where to turn. Kendall returns from Spike's room. She draws a blanket from the bed and a three-heart bracelet falls out. "Nooooo," she cries and falls to the floor in grief.

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