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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    A Day to Remember

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    At Fusion, the girls sit Ava down and show her the pictures of her and Jonathan. She’s surprised and unnerved, but tries to pass it off as no big deal. Ava asks if they’re trying to fire her or lecture her. Babe tells her that they’re being like big sisters, trying to keep her from making any more mistakes. Ava sprints to the restroom, sick to her stomach again. Babe catches Annie in passing and tells her she looks a lot less stressed out. Annie says she feels like she can breathe again. Ava reappears, obviously sick. They tell her to go home, but she doesn’t want to go. Babe reaches out to her, tells her to stick around and have some juice and let them take care of her. When Babe walks away, Ava pulls a pregnancy test out of her purse and trashes it, saying, “I know what I don’t need.” She begins worrying about her looks, staring into a mirror and asking if the girls think she looks fat, bloated, puffy. Babe finds the pregnancy test in the trash and confronts Ava. Ava denies it. The girls try to make her feel more comfortable and take the test there at Fusion – Ava doesn’t want to do it. She rushes out of Fusion.

    Loud and Clear

    Monday, September 10 2007

    The Comeback is the place to be tonight! At the bar, Babe is holding an envelope and beaming – she’s gotten her high school diploma! Wes, the new bartender, flirts openly with her, and gives her a cupcake with the word “congratulations” written on it. Jonathan and Ava enter, holding hands. Wes right away recognizes Ava and flirts with her, too, but he doesn’t really mean it. It’s obvious already – he’s all about Babe. Outside, Greenlee is spewing venom at Aidan, sure that he’s the one who told Jack about her hiring Dr. Hilliard. When Aidan denies this, she thinks he’s lying. But Aidan springs it on her that not only did he not tell Jack, but she told Jack herself. What’s worse, he tells her that she said “other things” while she was in the hospital as well.

    Back at The Comeback, Wes loads Jonathan and Ava with food that they didn’t order, on the house, to make up for hitting on Jonathan’s girl. Jonathan’s cool about it and he and Wes shake hands, but Ava darts for the restroom. Outside, Greenlee finally comes to grips with the fact that she was the one who blabbed about Hilliard to Jack. “I need a drink,” she says, lightheartedly. Greenlee whips out the locket/pocket watch she’d found on the beach and she and Aidan wonder about where it came from. Greenlee thinks it’s romantic, compares it to The Gift of the Magi. Something about the locket makes Greenlee romantic, but Aidan hardly shares her dreamy side. They make a friendly bet to find out what the history behind the locket really is: romantic like Greenlee suspects, or evil like Aidan suspects?

    Babe catches Ava as she’s coming out of the restroom. Ava claims she has an upset stomach. Babe tells her she looks awful. Babe questions Ava about how she and Jonathan are doing. Ava is closed down about the relationship, but Babe is clearly getting at something. “Is it possible that you could be pregnant?” she asks. Ava denies it, saying it’s just a stomach bug, and storms away. She grabs Jonathan from the bar and drags him out.

    Love in the Afternoon!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Over a picnic at the beach, Ava asks Jonathan if they can stay there all night. When he turns back to work - he brought his laptop to the beach - she does her best to distract him. They begin talking about the Lavery family and his past mental health issues. "Ryan gave me my life back," Jonathan says. They talk more about their families and for the first time Ava realizes she understands what love is - because of Lily! As they talk Jonathan suggests that they are both so attached to their siblings because their siblings are the only people who can really see them. Ava jumps up and runs to the water to play. Jonathan follows her. They return to the beach a while later and kiss passionately. Paparazzi are hiding in the bushes and start to take pictures! Jonathan suggests they go somewhere other than the beach but Ava is quite happy where they are. They drop the towel, giving the paparazzi a whole new angle!

    Birthday Party Fun!

    Friday, August 31 2007

    Krystal is shocked that JR has lost Tad and everyone worries where he could be - and if he'll miss his entire party. Erica asks Aidan where Tad may have gone but he doesn't have a clue. As they all discuss Tad's whereabouts, he sneaks into the bar without anyone noticing. He orders a drink from Wes, who begins to laugh. Zach and Kendall arrive and Tad finally steps up from his perch in one of the booths, announcing his arrival. And the birthday fun begins! Babe starts up a few games, first up is Guess The Year - based on Tad's different haircuts! Opal and Ruth win the game and a few rounds of free beer! Julia walks in and greets Jonathan and Ava. She asks about Jamie and Jonathan makes a quick exit. Babe sees her and they talk about Jamie a little. Meanwhile Zach and Erica are showing the crowd pictures of Ian and Spike. Opal brings up Cochlear Implants, making Kendall uncomfortable. Jack arrives at the party, interrupting a hot kiss between Jonathan and Ava. He apologizes for getting her involved in the drug bust but she could care less; Ava believes the bust made her career and thanks him! They all go inside and Aidan distracts Jack with questions about Greenlee. Seeing the tension between Jack and Erica from across the room, Tad asks Erica what the deal is now. She tells him about the new talk show, which is hilarious for Tad. Jack interrupts as Erica asks Tad for a kiss. Tad leaves. Babe and Josh are talking about Greenlee, both wondering where she is; Aidan and Amanda are taking advantage of a few free drinks at the bar. She asks him about Di and he changes the subject to poker, hoping to get a game going. Krystal gets a few birthday tributes going and the crowds talks Tad's greatest hits. JR introduces an email tribute from Jamie in Africa. Krystal takes centerstage with a song. Tad looks around at the room full of friends as Krystal begins to sing "Our Love Is Here To Stay". Kendall talks to Babe and Amanda about Fusion and Ava butts right in with her two cents. Kendall basically tells her to get lost. Ruth walks up and asks about Ian and Spike, excited about the prognosis for both boys. Kendall cuts her off when she brings up Cochlear Implants, saying she has another doctor in mind. Meanwhile at the birthday-boy's table Joe, Opal and a newly arrived Ruth are regaling Julia with stories of Tad's past. Sean and Colby listen in and she learns that Tad and Liza used to be an item. She can't believe it and asks Tad what really happened. Colby asks about Tad's other lovers but Tad clams up. He tells Colby he is much happier not being Tad-the-Cad. Kendall goes to Zach, tells him she has to leave to express some milk for Ian. He says he'll go to but Kendall tells him to stay behind with the boys and the poker game and gets Julia to drive her. Julia and Kendall leave. From outside, Greenlee watches the party go on. She starts to go inside, hesitates but finally decides to go inside. Aidan catches her on the way in and accidentally hits her ribs. Inside the party is beginning to break up. Tad joins Krystal at the bar and they talk about Jenny for a bit. Tad kisses Krystal and it turns passionate. She pulls away and neither knows what to think about it. They go their separate ways.

    Happy Birthday, Tad!

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    Outside The Comeback, Ava suggests a quick trip to New York to hit some of the hotspots. Jonathan turns her down, telling her it's time for a night out of the spotlight. She reluctantly agrees. Opal, Ruth and Joe are helping Krystal and the others finish up the decorations for Tad's surprise party. Wes, a new bartender, arrives and Krystal introduces him around. Babe offers to give Wes the grand tour. Meanwhile, Amanda and Colby wonder if Tad is prepared for the night ahead. Krystal isn't sure but is fairly confident that JR will get Tad there on time. She sees Jonathan and Ava and invites them to join in the party. They agree. Krystal stuns Ava by thanking her for the publicity that surrounded The Kiss, but warns Ava that she doesn't want any publicity tonight! Amanda can't believe Ava has been invited and warns her to keep her distance! Babe interrupts them, telling them to get over themselves, then she takes Jonathan and Amanda to finish up some decorating. Colby walks over and thanks Ava for helping to get Sean cleared of the drug charges. Ava shrugs off her actions. Josh walks in and talks to Joe about the family, still unsure of how to react to the big Martin clan. They find common ground in talking about Jamie. Joe hugs him. Ruth is creating Tad's favorite breakfast with Krystal - cereal and candy bars! "His dentist must be a rich man," Krystal says. Opal and Krystal talk about old times and karaoke nights from the past. She thanks Opal and Ruth for raising Tad the way they did.

    Erica arrives at the party, hoping she hasn't missed the surprise. Tad isn't there yet. They see someone coming, hit the lights and hide. JR comes in - alone! Everyone wonders where Tad could be.

    Moving Day!

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    Jonathan is surprised to find Lily in Kendall's old hospital room with no one around. She is busy working on Zach's computer and quickly gets distracted. Lily surprises Jonathan by apologizing for Ava being a lesbian! She shows him the blog with Ava and Amanda's photo. He tries to explain things to Lily - that Ava is just trying to keep her name in the headlines - but Lily doesn't understand that kind of action. She wonders if Ava could like men and women, or even be like Zoe. Jonathan tells her he is going to have a chat with Ava to figure things out. "Its like an addiction," Jonathan explains, saying that the more Ava gets attention the more attention she needs. He worries that she won't stop in time to save herself from a huge crash and burn. Jonathan tells Lily that Ava should be more like her sister in some ways!

    Annie Is Keeping Secrets

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    Jonathan returns to Kendall's room and Ryan tells him that the home phone and Annie's cell have been disconnected. Jonathan tells him to get home, that he'll watch Spike. Ryan leaves. As Jonathan watches over Spike, he tells the boy that he'll be alright. Ava bursts in, angry over Babe's decision to have Amanda watch her every more. She makes a crack about Babe and sign language and stops cold. Jonathan tells her to stop talking and hugs her. They go back to talking about Ava's plans for her future. Jonathan wonders why she is go eager to have become a household name. "Don't you know I always want more?" Ava asks, kissing him. She goes on about the next Fusion shoot. A doctor from Stanford calls Jonathan and he leaves to talk about Spike's condition. Ava goes in to sit with Spike. Not sure how to treat a baby, she pats his head and talks to him. She points out the good side of not being able to hear - it's easier to ignore people, not getting awakened by a lawn mower - but realizes the bad doesn't outweigh the good. "Different gets noticed," she says, pointing out that Lily is different, too. Jonathan returns and Ava immediately returns to talking about Fusion.

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