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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Keep Your Enemies Close...

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Ava and Jonathan return to Wildwind and make love.

    Who Sent the Locket?

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    We’re at Wildwind and JR is having it out with Ava and Jonathan. He’s being typical JR-cocky and Jonathan’s having none of it, kicking JR out on his tush. But Ava stops JR from leaving the grounds at the last moment, asking for some alone time with Jonathan first. Jonathan makes it clear – he wants Ava to have nothing to do with JR. “Trust me to handle this,” Ava says. He tells her to be careful with JR. “Piece of cake,” she says, and calls JR back in to the room. Jonathan leaves. JR starts trying to tell her that his offer has been rescinded, but Ava doesn’t believe it. Has JR met his match?

    At Ryan and Annie’s place, Annie’s staring out the window. Ryan tries to get her to relax when she mentions going to Fusion to work. Ryan won’t let her go. She’s about to unpack when there’s a knock on the door, scaring her. It’s only Jonathan. He’s showing the tabloid picture, asking Annie if she’s now afraid of him. She says no. She leaves the room with a box. She opens it and pulls out a yearbook from Midwood High School. She reads a signature inside and again hears that ominous voice, warning her that they will always be together – it’s her brother Ritchie, who we find out, graduated two years early…with Annie. She opens the book to display Ritchie’s picture which has been scribbled out with a pen. She then pulls the page out of the book and rips it to shreds.

    Meanwhile, out in the living room, Jonathan is trying to convince Ryan that he needs to drop him from his life. But Ryan, ever-faithful to his brother, won’t hear of it. Annie comes back in the room, backing up Ryan. “Everybody should have a brother like you,” she says. As Ryan starts to usher Jonathan out, Annie steals away to the fireplace and ever-so-surreptitiously lays that yearbook in the fire. Bye-bye haunting, ominous voice!

    Back at Wildwind, Ava and JR are still facing off, Ava giving JR a run for his money in arrogance. JR tells Ava that Jonathan refused his business idea. JR tries to backdoor things, asking Ava, “Don’t you think Jonathan owes you?” Ava catches on and tells JR that she knows he’s the one who planted the tabloid story about Jonathan. JR cops to it, but brushes right past it. He tells Ava that she’s going to benefit from his idea, leading her to believe that she’s going to be bigger than Paris and Nicole. She’s buying into it, and JR really gets going. He’s speaking Ava’s language now, and all that talk of money and fame must be getting her hot because she plants a long, slow kiss on him. They part, and, flustered, JR asks Ava if she’s in. “You want me to cheat,” she says, “And I’m not going to do it!” Now it’s Ava’s turn to laugh, telling JR that the kiss was just like her kiss with Amanda, it meant nothing. She tells JR that she won’t cheat on Fusion. But JR pushes hard, saying Babe will do everything he wants. Oops! Babe’s at the door and overheard him. Not cool for JR who’s about to find out exactly what Babe will and won’t agree to.

    Decisions To Make

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Julia, Jonathan and Kathy are making Ava comfortable on the sofa. Julia and Kathy leave for school. When they leave, Ava throws a pity-party, believing her career is over because of the surgery and the tiny incision the docs had to make to save her life. "You need to suck it up!" Jonathan says. She brings up JR, saying he knows exactly what she needs. This makes Jonathan angry and he says JR is only looking out for his own needs. Ava could care less, as long as her face is the face JR is exploiting - and the face making the money! - she'll do anything. Jonathan changes the subject to her pregnancy fears and swears that he'll take care of the protection from then on. Ava takes that badly, thinking that he doesn't trust her to take the pill (even though she just admitted that she doesn't always remember them). She wonders if he doesn't want kids or if he doesn't want kids with her. Jonathan swears that he'll never have kids because of his past. "It's bad enough I'm Ryan's crazy brother. I won't be some kid's crazy father," he says. Ava tells Jonathan not to worry about his past because he isn't that guy any longer. Jonathan, though, can't forget what he did and insists that he won't father a child. JR arrives, shows them the latest tabloid headline - which shows Ava and Jonathan in a hot embrace with the headline "Beauty and the Beast". He says he is no longer interested in working with Ava!

    Twists and Turns

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Ava passes out and Lily freaks. Joe tells her if they don't get Ava into surgery, she will die! Since Lily is her closest relative, Joe says Lily can authorize the surgery. Ava wakes and tells Lily not to give the go ahead. Joe tells her exactly what could happen without surgery; JR says the same thing, but not as nicely. Lily begs Ava to sign the forms and get the surgery. She hesitates and JR says he'll just go with another model - who isn't dead! - to fulfill his business plans. Annoyed, Joe interrupts them as they talk business and tells Ava surgery is now or never. Jonathan arrives and Ava asks for his advice. He asks Joe about the different options but there are none. He promises to be with her through the whole thing and then gives her the forms to sign. She can't because of the pain but tells Lily to go ahead and do it. The orderlies wheel her up to surgery. When Ava is out of earshot, Jonathan confronts JR about why he is there at all. JR defends himself, saying he ran in to Ava at Fusion. Jonathan tells him to leave. In the hall, JR is hounded by a slew of paparazzi. Joe orders them all away. JR catches up with them, points out Jonathan and makes sure all the photographers know exactly who he is. They already do and are planning to do a big reveal once interest has peaked. JR warns the photographer not to wait and tells him that one of the Chandler companies will beat them to the punch. Then, he gives them another tidbit of info - that Jonathan was once married to Lily - Ava's lookalike sister.

    A Day to Remember

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    Jonathan and Ryan are dressed to the nines and lunching at the marina with a very businesslike man. Meanwhile, at the bar of the same marina, JR is schmoozing someone over the phone. JR pays a waiter to give him the scoop on what Ryan and Jonathan are up to. When he finds out that they’re into business deals, he hatches a plan to get them on board with Right away he hops onto the Internet to research how to best get in with Jonathan. With little searching at all, he finds the photos of Ava and Jonathan naked on the beach.

    At Fusion, Annie’s telling the girls about Spike’s frightening night. The girls are on the warpath for Greenlee. Talking about Greenlee’s horrible deeds leads everyone to a little introspection and they talk about all the bad things they’ve done, but call Annie the “only innocent one in the bunch.” Annie doesn’t look too happy, knowing that she’s not exactly as “innocent” as they all make her out to be. Amanda gets a phone call from JR – he’s sent her the link to the photo of Ava and Jonathan. Amanda is unhappy and the freak-out spreads like wildfire through Fusion as Babe and Annie see the photo themselves. The stuff’s hitting the fan, just as Ava enters.

    Back at the marina, JR approaches Jonathan. JR puts on the fake sympathy act, hoping to bait Jonathan into conversing with him. It works – Jonathan bites. JR whips out the laptop and shows Jonathan the beach photo. Jonathan doesn’t give JR the warmest reception in the world, half-taunting him, definitely shutting him down. JR schmoozes Jonathan then, telling him he’ll be helping Ava by getting in on JR’s plan. “Why would I want to partner up with you?” Jonathan asks. “Because I can help you help Ava,” JR answers. But Jonathan turns him down flat. “There’s no way I would put one red cent into your pocket,” Jonathan says. JR treats it just like he treats everything these days – he laughs at it and warns Jonathan that he’ll be sorry he didn’t get in on the ground floor of this new business.

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