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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Richie Clears Ryan!

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    In the hall, Jack asks Jonathan about his proposal to Ava. Jonathan tells him everything, hoping that Lily will be okay with the changes coming into her life. Talking about how much he loves Ava, Jonathan tells Jack that he thinks things will be great for them once they are married and Ava knows she can depend on him. He is still worried about Lily but Jack tells him that things will work out for Lily. Jack leaves. Jonathan returns inside to check in with Annie. She tells him to go home, that things are fine and he leaves. Zach tells Annie she can count on him to help in any way and then leaves. Annie turns to watch Ryan and Richie. Richie returns to his nice-guy act but Ryan doesn't buy it and Richie gets angry again. He says, "This is going to be more fun than I thought". Annie listens as Richie puts on his nice act. She goes to Ryan, telling Richie to leave. He does.

    Meanwhile at The Comeback, Ava sits JR down and demands that he tell her everything. He assures her that the funding is there and the network will go live very soon. Ava begins to compare herself with the Britney's and Paris's of the world; JR tells her to slow down and keep everything to herself for a while longer. She starts planning her paparazzi-filled wedding day and JR gets angry. He calls Jonathan a psycho and Ava gets mad and starts defending him. She tells JR that she is marrying Jonathan and they'll be together forever - she shows him the tattoo to prove her point but JR only laughs. They play around, pushing and shoving. JR calls Jonathan a psycho-boy again, making Ava angry. He kisses her and she pulls away but quickly goes back into his arms, kissing JR passionately! JR pushes Ava into the bushes and they are about to make love when Ava pulls away, remembering her newly-engaged status! Annoyed, JR walks off. Ava walks back to the front of the building and JR follows. As they are talking - and getting close to one another again - Jonathan arrives and they both spring apart. He tells Ava they need to celebrate Ryan's freedom. They leave.

    A Tattoo, A Deal and A Deal-Breaker

    Wednesday, October 10 2007

    Jonathan and Ava are having a quiet night at The Comeback when a bunch of photographers arrive. Jonathan asks them to leave but they inform him that Ava invited them and they aren't going anywhere! She stands up on the bench seat and shows off a new tattoo on her lower belly - and then says yes to Jonathan's marriage proposal. The tattoo is a heart with "J & A" inscribed in it. Ava poses for a few more pictures and the photographers leave. Jonathan reacts badly to Ava's answer and to the photographers, wondering why Ava had to make a spectacle of their engagement. Ava tells Jonathan that she was trying to show the papers that there is nothing wrong with Jonathan and then brings up Lily's pro/con list. Jonathan is still resistant and Ava makes a big deal about having the tat lasered off. "Are we getting married or not?" she asks. Jonathan calms down and accepts Ava's acceptance of his proposal. He gets down on one knee and re-proposes, placing the ring on her finger. He leaves. Ava is happy for a moment. Then, JR walks up! He tells her that she can't marry Jonathan and still be the star of her own network. He wants her to choose!

    Who Will Babe Believe?

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    Lily is making a list when Ava arrives at the Montgomery home. She surprises Ava by telling her that the list is filled with things she'll need for her wedding! She begins asking Ava questions about where they will live after the wedding and how they'll create a budget and meal plans. Ava wonders if the list is a holdover from when Lily was married to Jonathan. She backtracks. Ava tells Lily that she hasn't accepted Jonathan's proposal but Lily is certain that Ava will accept. Lily starts back on the list to help Ava decide if she should marry Jonathan. They make a pro/con list, which makes Ava really examine how she feels about Jonathan. Because she has never really loved anyone in her life, she isn't sure she can love Jonathan unconditionally. Ava brings up one big con - hurting Lily - that could keep her from marrying Jonathan. Ava tries to get Lily to admit that she still loves Jonathan but Lily won't admit it; she can't even consider that. "You have someone who can love you forever, besides me. Where is the con in that?" she asks. Ava cuts off the conversation and Lily leaves. She imagines herself accepting a movie award and then imagines herself pregnant with crying babies all around. Jonathan walks in the picture to run off to work and she angrily asks him what happened to her life. He leaves for work. Next, Ava imagines being on the red carpet with reporters asking if she can have it all - a huge career and a great marriage. Lily returns with a photocopied list of the pros and cons. Ava thanks her for the list but says she doesn't need it.

    Amanda meets Jonathan at ConFusion and sarcastically asks about wedding gifts. "Are you out of your flipping mind?" she asks. Jonathan thinks Amanda is jealous but she swears she is just worried. Jonathan throws JR in Amanda's face but she points out the difference: she and Jonathan are just having fun when he and Ava are not. Jonathan doesn't want to listen to Amanda, especially when she tells him about Ava's freak-out at Fusion. Jonathan makes excuses for Ava's behavior, telling Amanda that Ava is just confused and unsure about how to take all of the attention that is being thrown at her. Amanda doesn't believe that and tells him so. He points out Ava's good side - her patience with Lily, the way she talked to Spike and brought gifts to him. Amanda asks him if he is trying to protect Ava from the world by marrying her. Amanda asks Jonathan to consider Lily's feelings but he thinks he has. He asks Amanda to butt out! Amanda admits that she has probably overstepped her bounds but tells Jonathan she is worried for him. She says she'll always be around for him and then leaves.

    Get Me Off This Island!

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    Jonathan arrives at the Montgomery home, hoping to find Ava. She didn't return to Wildwind the night before. Lily is outside and tells him that Ava spent the night there and that she was upset all night long. Jonathan tells Lily that he is the reason Ava is upset but says it isn't because of sex this time. Lily turns to go inside and Jonathan drops the ring box accidentally. "You asked Ava to marry you," Lily says and begins to hyperventilate. She starts counting and by the time she reaches 140 she is much calmer. Jonathan asks if she is okay and apologizes for surprising her about the proposal. He reaches out to her but Lily backs away. She tells Jonathan she is happy for him but then goes inside without talking with him any more. He tries to follow but she closes the door. Ava arrives! Ava apologizes to Jonathan but then gets mad when she finds out that Lily already knows about the proposal. He apologizes for accidentally letting Lily know and for surprising her with the proposal. He tells her that he will help her realize her dreams of money and fame and power but that he will also protect her from the people who would do her harm. He hands her the ring, asking her to hold on to it until she is certain of what she wants. He kisses her and leaves. Ava isn't sure what to think.

    Jonathan Proposes to Ava!

    Monday, October 01 2007

    Jonathan and Ava meet at The Comeback. He tells her to be wary of JR but she takes things the wrong way: she thinks he is trying to take away her spotlight! Jonathan can't believe her and says he is only trying to protect her from JR's bad ideas. Ava tells Jonathan she doesn't need protection - she needs the money that will come from JR's deal! Jonathan offers to help her but Ava doesn't want anyone to help her, she wants to make her life her own on her own. Jonathan completely stuns her when he pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to her! Ava doesn't say anything so Jonathan keeps talking, telling her that they can make it through anything as long as they are together. She grabs her bag and runs off.

    Wes is Really Richie!!

    Friday, September 28 2007

    JR is trying to get his deal going. He visits The Comeback, sees Jonathan and buys him a drink. Jonathan cuts to the chase and brings up JR's plans for Ava. He says he isn't going to help JR one little bit! Jonathan picks up his beer and leaves JR standing at the bar. He follows Jonathan and actually gets him to admit that the idea is a good one. Jonathan points out that JR doesn't have any money to get the business off the ground. JR points out (again) that that is where Jonathan and Ryan come in. He even says Jonathan owes it to Ava because of how his past is impacting Ava's life. Jonathan refuses to take the idea to Ryan. JR goes off on Jonathan, telling him that he is ruining Ava's life by hanging around her but not helping her. Jonathan slams out of The Comeback as Zach arrives. Zach confronts JR, believing that he idea is really a plot to ruin Kendall's business! Jr says it doesn't matter - he can't harm Fusion because he can't get his idea off the ground. "What if you could?" Zach asks!

    Keep Your Enemies Close...

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Ava and Jonathan are in another part of the bar, talking about their relationship. Jonathan is standoffish because of the latest tabloid headline but Ava puts him at ease, reminding him that he is a different guy now. She segues from that to asking him to bankroll JR's new business venture. Jonathan wonders how Ava got JR to renew their business partnership. He wants to know why Ava is so set on working with JR and suggests that they go out on their own - and cut JR out of the deal! Ava isn't sure that Jonathan can make the new network fly with all of his other responsibilities. She thinks his past might hinder them, too, and tells him to just let JR do all the work!

    At the bar, JR is giving Wes a lesson on good champagne. Wes could care less and orders a couple of beers. JR asks for the bill and Del gives him the total (almost $500). He pays. Del tells Wes to watch out for JR because he always goes home with the sexy girls! Del delivers Wes's beers and he turns to go back to the table. He calls JR "Junior" and tells him to lighten up. JR turns to Ava's table, curious about how she is doing with Jonathan. He listens in as Jonathan tells Ava that working with JR is a huge mistake. Jonathan warns her that JR will mess things up; Ava tells him that JR's name carries a lot of weight. She kisses him and then sees JR watching them. Ava leads Jonathan out of ConFusion. At the bar, JR reminds himself that Ava is business - not pleasure!

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