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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Zach & Dixie's Affair

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Back at the courthouse, Jonathan is devastated and his sister comforts him. He cannot believe that Lily is gone out of his life forever. He tells Erin that he truly loves Lily and he's lost her trust for good. She tries to tell him all the incredible things he did for Lily and she's so proud of him. But he shakes his head knowing Lily's state of mind is so sensitive this may shut her down completely and it's his fault.

    Lily Discovers Jonathan's Secret!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Jonathan and Jack argue behind closed doors. Jack insists that he's here for Lily's own good. Jonathan tries to reason with Jack that if he continues, this will break Lily's spirit. He assures Jack that he loves Lily with all his heart. But Jack tells him if that's the case then Jonathan must fess up to the truth. Jonathan promises Jack that he will tell Lily the truth if Jack drops his efforts to declare Lily incompetent.

    Later on, Jack stands up in court to announce to the judge that he's decided to drop the hearing. Judge adamantly tells him that he will not revisit this issue at any time in the future and he better be certain this is his decision. Jack assures the judge it is final.

    Lily is very excited but realizes Jonathan is not in the courtroom. Asking where he is, she runs to the witness room to tell him the great news! Jonathan is very pleased and starts to remind Lily how much they truly are alike. What their love means to each other, how he'll always be there for her. Then, he drops his bombshell and tells Lily the truth about his health and condition. Lily is furious and utterly devastated when she finds that Jonathan has been lying to her about his condition. She tells him her father's been right all along, that Jonathan's be lying to her and probably lied about his love for her as well. She swears that she will never forgive Jonathan and goes home with her dad only to come apart at the seams.

    Jack Takes Lily to Trial!

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Lily goes over things with Erin and Jonathan for the hearing. Lily goes to the courthouse to practice on the witness stand making certain she can be clear about her ability to make the right choices.

    Back at the apartment, Erin and Jonathan are talking when Ryan walks in and tells him he's had quite the talk with Jack. Looking suspiciously at Jonathan, Ryan asks him WHY would Jack think that Jonathan is fully recovered? Erin chimes in stumbling and Ryan looks at Jonathan with disbelief realizing its true. Oh my God, exclaims Ryan. Jonathan jumps in to tell him it is true and he doesn't want Ryan to be angry explaining why he's trying to protect Lily. Ryan assures him that he could never be angry and he's just ecstatic that his brother is back! Jonathan tells Ryan he won't let Lily feel alone ever again, that he truly loves her. OK, replies Ryan, the lets go win this for Lily!

    At the court hearing, Jack's lawyer discusses Lily's inability to make the proper decisions for herself and her safety. An example of that is her recent marriage to Jonathan Lavery, a man with a violent past, the lawyer states to the Judge. She continues, Jack just wants to resume the guardianship to annul this marriage. Judge says thank you and ready to hear testimony about Lily's incompetence.

    Later, after a few witnesses in Lily's defense, Lily gets on the stand. She goes on to tell the judge about her ability to make the right decisions for herself. How she's made great strides in her abilities and gives examples.

    Jack then is on the witness stand explaining his devotion and love for his daughter. That he only is concerned for her safety and her well being. And being married to Jonathan is very dangerous thing for her to be in. At that moment, Jonathan stands up and yells at him to stop!

    Judge offers a break and Jonathan points to Jack to take this outside. They enter a private room to talk.

    Babe is Rescued!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Lily, still panicking from the petition, wonders how this could happen. Tries to tell herself it must be a mistake when suddenly there's another knock at the door. In enters Jack. He goes to Lily telling her he's sorry and wanted to get here to tell her before the papers came, that he's the one behind the petition.

    Shocked and confused, Lily can't believe her dad's betrayal telling him he's so wrong about her, about Jonathan, about her life.

    Jonathan assures her the petition is not about her, it's about him and Jack wanting to keep them separated. Jack scolds Jonathan for continuing to play games and quit lying. Demanding him to tell Lily the truth once and for all. Jonathan holds steady defending Lily telling him why doesn't he give Lily enough credit to decide her life. Jack snaps back telling Jonathan to be a man and fess up to the truth. He looks at Lily telling her he's leaving and needs her to think all this through, that he just wants what's best and to come home.

    After Jack leaves, Jonathan embraces Lily, telling her they'll get a lawyer and fight it. Lily looks up at Jonathan and tells him to hold her and touch her. She feels safe and implies she wants to consummate the marriage.

    Everyone Questions Dixie And Zach's Innocence.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Lily walks toward the house with Jonathan going on about how her dad has controlled her life, tried to stop their wedding, tried to spread lies and break them apart. Jonathan replies that maybe he can really show her how good love can be, opening the door to an array of flowers. She's surprised and gleams as she reads the card telling her happy anniversary. Jonathan asks if she likes the surprise. Lily smiles and says beautiful.

    Later on, Jonathan walks towards the living room telling her it's late and to come to bed. But Lily is not tired, she's busy submitting her admission and essay for college. She asks Jonathan about his opinion on her essay topic. It speaks about their love, his autism disorder and how she's so happy to be her. She wants to write so much more and he offers his help.

    Then, Lily turns to him and asks if he could go back to being the way he was before his brain tumor was taken out, would he? Jonathan smiles and sweetly replies that he never ever felt normal then, not until he found Lily.

    Jonathan falls asleep on the couch beside Lily and starts to dream a terrible dream. Lily shakes him gently and asks him if he's okay? He replies he had a bad dream. That he dreamt he lost her, that she left, the apartment was empty all because of her father and his letter. Lily assures him that'll never happen. Until death do us part she reminds him of their wedding vows.

    Jonathan reads her final draft of the essay and tells her it's perfect. She asks him if he thinks it'll be interesting to someone who doesn't know them and their life. Jonathan smiles. There's a knock at the door. A man standing there asks her if she's Lily Lavery? "Yes," she replies as she takes the envelope and opens it up. Shocked and dismayed she looks up at Jonathan and tells him it's a petition to have her declared incompetent!

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