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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Zach's In Biiiiiiig Trouble

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Richie pulls the car over after hitting Zach. Seeing him unconscious, Richie pats him and says he won't make it! He puts Zach in the car, places the picture of JR, Babe and little A under Zach's car and then drives off! He keeps mumbling that he needs a hospital or to call his wife but Richie doesn't care and just keeps driving. After a while, he opens the passenger door and pushing Zach out of the moving car! Richie continues on and find Tom's apartment. He pretends to be Ryan until Tom answers the door. Inside, Richie begins to intimidate Tom. Scared, Tom tells Richie that he made the whole thing up and was only trying to con Ryan out of some money. Richie doesn't believe him for a second and keeps up the intimidation tactics. He picks up the evidence that Tom has lying around; Tom tells him to keep it and tries to run but Richie trips him. Tom hits his head and starts to bleed. Richie tells him he'll leave town - now! Frightened, Tom packs up. A while later Ryan and Jonathan arrive and find the room is completely bare. They see an open window but no one is around.

    Zach is hit by a car!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Ava and Jonathan arrive at The Comeback for an evening alone. He's only just returned from a London business trip. As they talk, Jonathan gets a call that sets him on edge. He tells Ava he'll be back soon but there is something he needs to take care of. Ava heads to the bar, where she sees JR in another stupor. She asks how he is but JR takes the question badly and tells her to stop piling on to him. He storms out and sees Amanda outside. Angry, he asks why she doesn't just toss another drink in his lap. Just as mad, she tells him she won't stop him from drinking - she'll pour him whatever he wants! They leave together.

    Babe arrives at Annie and Ryan's - they're still trying to figure out how to reach Tom Brennan - and tells them they are horrible people for terrorizing Richie! Annie gets really mad when Babe continues to defend Richie against them. Ryan tells Babe she doesn't know what she is talking about. Just then Jonathan calls and tells Ryan that their computers have been hacked - and all their emails have been rerouted. Ryan is certain Richie is behind it. Babe says they can't prove that Richie is involved and storms out. Ryan finally gets the rerouted email and they realize that Tom contacted them and gave his address. Richie may have the address, too! Ryan hurries off and leaves Annie home.

    JR Tries To Seduce Ava!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Annie pours Ryan some coffee, very strong coffee. He tries it and likes it. Jonathan arrives and Ryan asks him to partake in some of the "miracle" coffee but Jonathan turns it down. Ryan tells Jonathan about Richie's latest scheme (the leukemia diagnosis). Jonathan asks Ryan if they can talk about Ava. He fills them in on the engagement but they already know, having seen the papers. Ryan realizes something is wrong and Jonathan asks his big question. "Do you think I'm throwing my life away by marrying this girl?" he asks. Annie points out that Ava has done some strange things - like the Mohawk 'do - but that she seems like a nice girl. Jonathan brings up Lily, asking if they think it is strange that he is marrying a look-a-like. Neither knows what to say. Jonathan tells them that he loves Ava and they wish him well. A few minutes later Kendall and Zach arrive with news about Spike. The ear infection is gone and Joe says Spike can have the implant surgery! They are all very excited with the news. Kendall asks Ryan if she can pick up Spike that afternoon and he agrees. Jonathan brings up Ava and the wedding date - there still isn't one - and an engagement party. Ryan suggests that he take things over, since he'll probably be the best man. Jonathan teases that Zach will be the best man! Then things get serious and Jonathan asks Ryan if he'll stand up with him. Ryan agrees. Ava calls Jonathan and asks to see him ASAP. She is nearly in tears and tells him to hurry to the house. Jonathan leaves.

    Jonathan arrives at Wildwind and finds Ava, crying in a chair. She rushes to him, kisses him and tells him that she wants to set a wedding date and the sooner the better! Jonathan happily agrees but when he tries to get a calendar, Ava pulls him on to the couch and kisses him.

    Richie Gets A Job Offer

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Jonathan is meeting with a party planner at the yacht club. She suggests a few decoration ideas for the engagement party at ConFusion. Ava arrives and Jonathan tells her about the party plans - it will be an engagement/birthday party. He asks about Ava's cowboy hat and she ignores the question. The party planner asks about themes and Ava makes a smart comment. JR and Amanda walk in and watch from the sidelines. JR is positive that Ava's new look will turn Jonathan off for good; Amanda isn't so sure. They party planner leaves. Finally Ava shows Jonathan her new 'do (she admits she hates it!) and then tells him about the photo shoot with the magazine. He tells Ava that her hair will grow back and advises her to think twice the next time she thinks she has to do something outrageous to get attention. They begin laughing about her new style. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss. JR watches and can't believe that Jonathan hasn't freaked out yet. Amanda wants to leave and gets annoyed when JR can't stop talking about Ava. Amanda tells him that no matter what Ava does they won't let her out of the Fusion contract. JR says he'll have her soon enough and Amanda realizes he doesn't want Ava for the new business - he just wants Ava! JR tries to convince Amanda that she is nuts. They argue about his Ava-obsession; JR continues to insist that he is only interested in the money Ava can make him. Amanda tells him to prove it - by leaving the yacht club! When JR doesn’t jump up to leave Amanda gets up, prepared to leave by herself. JR slows her down and agrees to go wherever she would like to go. He kisses her and they leave. On the way out the door, JR can't take his eyes off Ava!

    Ryan, Richie, and Revenge!

    Friday, October 12 2007

    JR is at the marina, pondering the menu. His face darkens as Adam walks in. Adam invites himself to sit at JR’s table and gloats about JR’s business idea going sour. JR shares with Adam that it’s off the ground and poised to take the world by storm. But Adam senses that there’s something more – something wrong. JR admits that he’s irked because he thinks he chose the wrong girl. He tries to pass it off as Ava just being a pain in the tush, but it quickly turns to complaints about her wanting to marry Jonathan. Adam guesses that JR’s just green-eyed, wishing Ava would be with him. Adam gives him grief about his choice in women and reminds him about what a bad choice Ava would be. Adam fears that Ava will get JR into real trouble. JR compares Ava to Krystal, rankling Adam. “Busted!” JR says. “You still love Krystal!” Adam denies it, but boy is it a paper-thin argument and JR isn’t buying it, either.

    As luck would have it, Ava and Jonathan waltz in, looking glowy and glamorous. Ava wants to hide when she sees JR, but Jonathan won’t have it. They sit, but Ava’s not feeling very romantic. She wants things (and by “things” she means their engagement) to slow down. “If I were you I wouldn’t marry me,” she says. “I think you deserve better than me.” Jonathan is steadfast in his belief in their upcoming marriage, though, which makes it hard even for Ava to ruin the romantic mood. They kiss.

    “You’re too nice to me,” Ava says. “You put too much faith in me.” Jonathan suspects something else is up. He pressures her and she admits it’s something that happened between her and JR. As salad is served, Ava comes clean, not about the kiss with JR, but that she’s going into business with him. But Jonathan is cool with it, saying they’ll find a way to deal with JR together.

    Richie Clears Ryan!

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Slowly, Richie walks into the courtroom as everyone turns to watch him. Jonathan arrives a moment later, wondering what is going on. Jack arrives and so do the police. Richie says he just wants to tell his side of the story! Jonathan and Ryan both get loud with Richie, who sits calmly in the seating area. Richie surprises everyone by telling the cops to let Ryan and Aidan go! He says they didn't do anything wrong! Richie makes up a story about calling Ryan to meet him to talk in private. He tells them about the questioning and the cops ask about the noose. Richie says it doesn't matter because he put the noose around his neck and that the chair slipped from under him. Annie can't believe what she is hearing when Richie says he just wanted to know what their mother felt like when she killed herself. Everyone in the courtroom is stunned. The police don't completely buy the story either and ask Richie for a complete statement. He moves to the back of the courtroom to wait. Annie is still nervous and Ryan tries to reassure her. Greenlee distracts Annie and the girls go to the seating area. Jonathan and Zach both wonder what Richie really has in mind. Jack returns and tells Ryan and Aidan they are free to go. Annie tries to send Greenlee back to the guys but she won't leave Annie's side. Ryan asks Jonathan to focus on Annie and Emma for the time being. Jack usher everyone out the door, asking about Richie. Aidan tells Jack that Richie has no soul. Jack and Aidan leave the group and then Jonathan takes off. Greenlee follows the men out. Zach talks with Ryan for a moment but he isn't ready to leave; he tries to get Annie to leave but she won't go without Ryan. She tells Zach that they have to leave town - Ryan, Emma and Annie - for good! She goes on to tell Zach that she can't trust Richie to leave town or to leave her child alone.

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