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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Adam To The Rescue!

    Friday, June 22 2007

    Jonathan wakes Ava from a nightmare and asks if she is okay. Ava isn't sure what to think about that. To distract him she asks if she looks more like Lily when she is asleep and Jonathan gets mad. Ava asks him not to leave. At the door, he asks what she wants and Ava thanks him for helping her on her first night at the estate. She tells him about her dream - running through a forest, trying to find her mother but her mom has become a cackling witch. Jonathan realizes that Ava's life has been harder than any of them realized. Ava shrugs it off saying, "People grow up with crappy parents all the time." Jonathan tells her a bit about his father. As Jonathan is placing a heavier wrap around her shoulders Di arrives with Ava's first visitor - Lily! Lily doesn't really see the tension with Ava and Jonathan and instead asks Ava about her new home and delivers a gift - it's Ava's wish crystal. She tells Di and Jonathan about Ava's nightly wishes, which makes her uncomfortable. Ava tries to change the subject to her new home; Lily thinks it's too big and wants Ava to come back to her house. Ava invites Lily to come to visit and go swimming and lets it slip that Jonathan and Lily shipped off their wedding memories. Jonathan leaves the room, upset. "He'll never stop loving you, Lily," Ava says. Lily doesn't understand and Ava tries to convince her that she and Jonathan can be friends even if they aren't married. Lily's uncomfortable and leaves. Di realizes that Ava has feelings for Jonathan! She pretends not to be interested, saying Jonathan isn't her type but Di won't let the subject drop. Ava tells Di that she isn't going to be the girl waiting at home for the guy to come home. She thinks about how Jonathan looks at Lily and Di tells her that Jonathan looks at her a certain way too - and it isn't because she looks like Lily! Jonathan returns to apologize for leaving so suddenly. Ava apologizes for bringing up the river thing and tells him Lily has gone. He leaves again. Di leaves, too, but tells Ava that he came to see her before closing the door.

    Cooking Up Trouble!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    Ava is getting to know her new home by blasting music and dancing around her new room. Jonathan walks in, smiling, and making Ava angry. He tries to explain that he isn't making fun of her but that only makes Ava madder. He holds out a welcome-home present! They make a picnic in her room and enjoy some chocolate. Jonathan tells her about the different buildings on the grounds and freaks Ava out when he talks about the mausoleum. She doesn't want dead people hanging around her new home! Jonathan tells her a ghost story about an amputee who haunts the estate and Ava pushes him away. Taking her hands, Jonathan tells her that there are no real ghosts, just a family of sorts living under one roof. Jonathan swears he won't judge her and neither will the others at the estate. Ava is worried though, and swears again that she wasn't involved in buying drugs from the dealer for herself. Worried about her past and how the others will react to her living there, Ava isn't ready to get too comfortable. She thinks Aidan and Julia will have a problem with her staying there. Jonathan promises that he and Di will smooth things over with the others. Feeling attracted to her, Jonathan asks her about her outfit - a sexy, black negligee - and she admits that she found it in a closet. She offers to change but Jonathan backpeddles, not wanting to show how much she affects him. As Jonathan leaves, Ava asks him to leave her door open and some lights on! Ava falls asleep and Jonathan returns to watch over her from the doorway.

    Hello, Simone!

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Ava wakes at the boathouse, annoyed at the birds and generally feeling sorry for herself. An animal crawls across her head and she begins screaming. Jonathan and Di, out for a morning run, hear her and rush inside. Di asks why she spent the night at the boathouse and Ava angrily tells her to ask Jonathan. "She is here to protect Lily," Jonathan says slowly. Ava gets mad, believing that Jonathan thinks the only way she can protect Lily is to leave her alone. Di leaves to grab them some breakfast. Alone, Jonathan asks why she left the Montgomery's. She gets sarcastic, not telling him anything. Jonathan wonders where she spent the $500 he gave her a few days before. Ava admits that she spent the dough on a new pair of shoes, annoying Jonathan. Di returns with breakfast and offers Ava a new place to stay - Wildwind! She tells Ava about all the room at the estate. Jonathan has one question - what will everyone else staying at Wildwind have to say about the new arrangements? The three head to the estate and Di invites Ava to make herself comfortable. She flops on a sofa and tells Jonathan that this will do - for now!

    Amanda Wants In On JR's Plan!

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    At the boathouse, the drug dealer touches Lily, freaking her out. Jonathan arrives, yelling at the man to leave Lily alone and telling him that Lily is his wife! Angry, Jonathan tells the dealer to get lost. He leaves. When they are alone, Jonathan apologizes to Lily for calling her his wife but she understands his motives - to get the dealer away from her! She notices Jonathan still has the box of keepsakes and wonders why. He explains that he couldn't keep them and was going to send them off down the river. Lily offers to help him with the send-off. They sit together for a moment and then put the box in the water and watch until it disappears.

    Jack confronts Ava, who denies any part in the charges against Sean, telling them she wasn't anywhere near the prom. "Sean's a liar," she says, trying to convince Jack that Sean is trying to pin the crime on her because he is heartbroken over losing her! Ava tells Jack about Sean living at Colby's for a while but Jack doesn't care. Ava changes her tact, reminding Jack that she doesn't know anyone in Pine Valley and asking how she could have found a drug dealer. Jack doesn't believe her for a second. Ava tells them that Sean is using her past against her and begins naming all of Sean's crimes. Jack steps in, telling Ava that no amount of connections will save Sean. Angry, she asks for any proof that she was involved with the drugs. Sean swears that no one besides Ava had access to his jacket but she says that doesn't prove anything. Jack gives in, realizing that all they have are suspicions. He makes both of them swear not to tell Lily what happened. Just then, Lily comes home talking about the "bad man" at the boathouse. Without thinking, Ava says, "Did he hurt you? I'll kill him!" Jack asks Lily to tell him exactly what happened and she does. Ava speaks up, admitting that the drug dealer knows her - not Lily or Jonathan! Jonathan leaves. Ava tries to backpedal, saying the drug dealer was only hitting on her and not admitting to buying the drugs. Jack can't believe her explanations and tells her it's over. When Ava suggests she leave immediately, Jack won't have it. He wants Ava to explain why she is leaving to Lily before she goes anywhere.

    How Far Will Kendall Go?

    Monday, June 18 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Ava is admiring a new pair of shoes she bought with Jonathan's money when Sean comes home. He asks her for a little more action - the kind that got him in trouble! Ava pretends not to know what he is talking about. He comes right out and asks her for more drugs! "I want to do it again, with you," he says, asking for her source. Lily walks in the room, freaking out. They think it's because they are so close on the couch but that isn't the reason - she is afraid Ava's nail polish will tip over and stain the carpeting! Sean helps her clean up and Ava goes to answer the door. It's Jonathan! She is disappointed to learn that he is there to see Lily. Lily comes out of the house and hands Jonathan a box of mementos from their wedding. She tells him that she doesn't want to remember but since he apparently does, he should have the things. Jonathan isn't sure what to think. He holds the box as Lily tells him that he can be happy again. With tears in his eyes, he leaves!

    Dream A Little Dream

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    Julia finds Jamie and Jonathan asleep on the sofas with a movie in the background. She begins flipping through the channels and finds a documentary on childbirth. She dreams, Julia is pregnant. Jamie is her doctor but tells her there really isn't a baby, even though she has an obviously-pregnant tummy and they hear a heartbeat. He leaves, saying he needs to get a life. She wakes, realizing that Jamie isn't ready to be a father. Upset, Julia goes to her room. The next morning, Jamie kisses Julia good morning in the parlor. She pulls away but before they can talk, Kathy comes. "We'll talk later," she says and leaves.

    Jonathan dreams of rebuilding Lily's tree house. She wonders why, telling him she doesn't need silence or sunglasses - she only needs him! Lily kisses him and he thinks its Ava. It isn't, it really is Lily, only now she isn't autistic. He wakes up, disturbed by the dream.

    No Negotiations!

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    Outside Ava meets with Jonathan. He hands her an envelope filled with money and says there are no strings attached. Ava isn't sure what to think about Jonathan's about-face. He swears he doesn't have any ulterior motives but Ava doesn't believe him. She thinks he will come back to her to collect on the loan. She takes the money and goes back inside.

    Trouble Is Brewing For JR!

    Thursday, June 07 2007

    Ava arrives at Wildwind, wanting to see Di and annoyed that Sean is blowing her off. She compares Sean to the rest of Pine Valley, who are also not big fans of hers. Di commiserates with Ava, telling her about a hostess who once treated her badly. She says she didn't have anywhere else to run to so she took the bad treatment, but reminds Ava that she has Lily. She has people to rely on! "You're in a pretty good place," she says, talking about the Montgomery family. Di urges Ava to give the Montgomery's a chance. Jonathan comes in, wondering why Ava is there at all. Aidan walks in too, just in time to hear her tell Jonathan that she isn't going to talk to him about turning tricks at BJs! Aidan jumps to the attack, wondering if Ava really was hustling and Jonathan jumps in, defending her and telling Aidan to back off. Ava turns to Jonathan, swearing that she wasn't turning tricks and he believes her. Aidan can't believe it. Di pulls him away. Alone, Jonathan asks Ava to tell him what she was doing with the guy at BJs, worried about her. Ava wants to trust him but isn't sure she can. She picks up her bag and leaves.

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