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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Proposals and Goodbyes

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Ryan interrupts Jonathan's daydreams about Ava. Ryan tells Jonathan about his New York trip; Jonathan tells Ryan about Ava's new job. Ryan isn't thrilled, mostly because he doesn't like the idea of Jonathan and Ava together. Realizing that he can't convince Jonathan to drop Ava, Ryan hugs his brother and wishes him luck.

    Jonthan is flipping through channels on the television when Ava arrives home, looking exactly like Lily. He welcomes Lily home and Ava sets him straight.

    Jenny's Christening!

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    Aidan and Del are playing basketball and talking about the Wildwind gang when Del lets it slip that Jonathan and Ava hooked up. Aidan can't believe it. Jonathan joins them. Aidan goes off on Jonathan, telling him that sleeping with Ava is a huge mistake. Jonathan gets angry and tells Aidan he doesn't know the real Ava. He wonders why Aidan can't let go of Ava's past. Soon they begin arguing about Lily and nearly come to blows. Di interrupts the argument. Di realizes she has stepped into a sticky situation. She tells Jonathan to watch Ava, not to make excuses for her and not going everything for her. "She needs to learn how to pull her own weight," Di says. Aidan tells them all that Julia will toss Ava out anyway once she returns. They begin playing ball. The game ends and Jonathan corners Di. She tells him about Ava's new job and once more warns him not to do everything for the girl. He asks Di to get Aidan off his back! They rest for a while and begin playing again. After the second game, Di asks Aidan for a date. They leave. Del pushes Jonathan's buttons, comparing Lily and Ava.

    Let's Make A Deal

    Wednesday, July 11 2007

    Ava wakes up alone and wonders where Jonathan is. Seconds later Jonathan walks in with breakfast in bed for her. Nervous, she starts talking about her past and her brushes with prostitution. Jonathan makes her stop, telling her to move forward from her and stop revisiting the past. He reaches for the toast and begins feeding her. He kisses her. They make love. Jonathan asks Ava out on a date and offers to pick her up at The Comeback that night. Ava hesitates, afraid that Lily might see them together. "Lily is the first good thing that I've had in my life," Ava tells him, asking him to keep their new relationship quiet for a while. Jonathan doesn't want to but he finally agrees to keep things quiet. Di calls and asks Ava to get to Fusion ASAP. Ava hangs up, wondering if she is in trouble. She leaves to get ready. Lily wanders in to Ava's room, surprised to find Jonathan there. Nervous, she begins cleaning up the room as Jonathan makes up a story about bringing Ava breakfast. She tells him that she saw them kissing and Jonathan gets worried. He tells Lily that he likes Ava. She tries to vocalize how she feels but can't. Instead she asks a question of her own - she wants to know if they slept together! Jonathan admits the truth. Lily tries to make him feel better about that by telling him that it is okay with her, but that doesn't work. She suggests building a treehouse for Ava, the way he did for her. Lily gathers her things and leaves. Jonathan takes his things and leaves the room, too. He watches from a window as Lily leaves the estate.

    Love Detox

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Jonathan walks Ava inside Wildwind, kissing her the entire time. She pulls back, asking if he is just feeling sorry for her. He assures her he doesn't. They are on the couch, making out, when Ava pulls away. She doesn't want to hurt Lily and is also afraid that Jonathan is substituting her for her sister. Jonathan tells her that both he and Lily have moved on and begins counting all of the differences between the girls. Lily is trusting, Ava is wary. Lily hides behind sunglasses, Ava hides between sarcasm. Lily assumes the best about people, Ava assumes the worst. The more he talks about the differences between them the more Ava tries to protect herself behind her hard exterior. Jonathan kisses her again and Ava kisses him back. Lily walks in to the mansion and begins looking around. She sees Jonathan and Ava on the couch, kissing passionately. Shocked, she steps behind the wall. She peeks around the corner and runs from the house. Ava pulls away, telling Jonathan they have to stop and running from the room. Jonathan follows and demands she let him in to her room. Ava opens the door, tells him goodnight and he steps inside. They begin kissing again and Jonathan takes her to bed. They make love. Afterward, Ava tries to push Jonathan out of her room but he won't go. "I'm not going anywhere," he says and pulls her back into his arms. They fall asleep in each others arms.

    D. R. A. M. A.

    Monday, July 09 2007

    At the yacht club, Lily tells Jonathan about Ava's latest impersonation. She explains that Ava went as a favor to her! Lily realizes that Jonathan isn't thrilled with the latest impersonation and she wonders why. When Jonathan won't say anything Lily begins deducting and soon gets really nervous. She thinks Ava might be a good match for Jonathan and that makes her nervous! She pulls out earbuds to block out the noise and her own thoughts about Jonathan and Ava. She calms down and tries to make Jonathan understand how different they are now. He assures her that he already knows they can't go back to the way things were. He offers to pay for dinner but Lily would rather split the bill. Josh walks in, surprised to see them together. Josh focuses on Lily and Jonathan makes a quick escape. Josh is confused.

    Adam and JR - Together Again!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Annie meets Ryan at the yacht club. Things are still quite stilted between them. He brings up her fairy tale, telling her that they are still magic! Annie gets nervous and begins looking for their waiter. Ryan asks her to cancel her plans and he'll cancel his so they can spend some time alone. Erica sees them arguing. Annie tells Ryan that he needs to back off. "The harder you try the worse I feel," she says and runs out. Erica approaches Ryan, telling him to go after Annie! Ryan tells Erica the time isn't right but that doesn't matter. Erica is all about Annie now and wants to see them together. Ryan realizes Erica is only in favor of Annie because she isn't Greenlee. They begin arguing about Greenlee, with Erica spouting the beauties of love - and Annie! Ryan wonders if her new attitude on love is because of a reconciliation with Jack. Erica gets nervous and walks away, telling Ryan again to go after Annie. Jonathan arrives and Ryan tries to focus their conversation on a new business he is planning to invest in. Jonathan tells him to find someone else because he is only a bartender. Ryan won't take no for an answer and asks Jonathan what he really wants. Jonathan is brutally honest and tells Ryan he has no idea what he wants. Before Ryan can react Jonathan tells Ryan he'll look over the prospectus while he is waiting on his date! Ryan gets nervous when Jonathan tells him he is meeting Ava! Ryan isn't sure at all about Jonathan's interest in Ava and wonders if it is because of how she looks. Jonathan assures him that he sees every difference in the two girls. "I know the difference between them," he says.

    Erica meets Jack at the yacht club in a disguise. She tells him who they are now so they can avoid the press and they head off to their room. Lily walks in and sees Jonathan. He asks why she is there and she says she is meeting Ava for dinner. This is news to Jonathan who thinks he is meeting Ava for dinner. Lily goes to the bar and waits for Ava. Jonathan follows. He tells her that his dinner plans fell through and invites Lily to join him until Ava arrives. Lily agrees.

    Lily - The Next Fusion Girl?

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Ava is practicing her smile at Wildwind when Jonathan sneaks up on her. She gets angry, especially when he asks if she is trying to look like Lily again. "I don't get it, what does Lily have that I don't have?" she asks. Jonathan wonders why it matters that she look so much like Lily but Ava won't give him an answer. She tries to convince him it's a sister/girl thing but Jonathan doesn't think so. She finally comes clean, telling Jonathan about Kendall's plan to make Lily the new face of Fusion. She thinks she should have been asked because Lily probably won't be able to handle the attention. Jonathan still doesn't get it and wonders if she'll try to impersonate Lily again, making Ava all the more mad. "I don't want them to want Lily. I want them to want me," she exclaims! Jonathan reminds Ava that Lily's beauty isn't skin deep, that she has a unique, fresh feel to her because of her illness. Ava can't comprehend that she couldn't act like Lily given their physical similarities. Jonathan goes on to tell her that she is just as special as Lily but in a different way, surprising her. Ava asks if he will always love Lily, already knowing the answer but still surprised when he says yes. He holds up her hand mirror and shows her all the ways she is different from Lily, especially her eyes. He tells her that her eyes are incredibly expressive and that sets her apart from Lily. He says she'll make a great model because of her own face and her own emotions, not because she looks like her sister. Ava gets nervous and tells him to go to work. He's off today, though, and has nowhere to go. He surprises her by asking her to dinner to show her just how different she is from Lily. Ava turns him down, saying she has to work. Jonathan tells her to meet him at the yacht club at 8pm and walks away.

    JR Comes Clean!

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    Ava surprises Aidan, who is drinking OJ from the carton, half-naked because he just woke up. They exchange barbs. Di comes down and Aidan heads back upstairs. She asks Ava what was going on between them. Ava doesn't really give her an answer and Di leaves for work. Jonathan comes in and tells Ava, who is wearing a tiny nightie with no wrap, to cover up! She tells him about her job and suggests they discuss it over breakfast. She heads upstairs to get a robe and Jonathan leaves to make coffee. They meet back up in the parlor and Ava tells him about her plans to move ahead - by getting behind the bar as quickly as possible. Which is where he comes in. He's a bartender at ConFusion and she wants him to teach her to tend bar! Jonathan gives her a few pointers and Ava begins making imaginary drinks - margaritas, martinis and anything else he orders. He goes on to tell her not to drink with the patrons; let them buy her a drink but don't drink it! Telling her to flirt but be aloof, Jonathan gives her a few more pointers. They continue working with Ava catching on quickly. Ava leaves and Di walks in, teasing Jonathan. He explains what has been happening and Di wonders if there is more to the bartending lessons that meets the eye.

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