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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)

    Birthday: 1977-03-10
    Birthplace: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jeff Branson


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    Is The End Near?

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    At The Comeback Ava and Jonathan are discussing wedding plans - or the lack of them. Ava mentions that Lily has picked out several dates and has started plans but none of them seem quite right. Jonathan wonders if that means something - like Ava isn't ready for marriage! He asks if she would rather be with JR, which makes Ava mad. She brings up Lily, asking if she is just a replacement for her sister. Jonathan can't believe what she is saying. He tells Ava they should put their wedding on hold. She gets angry and accuses him of not loving her. Sadly, Jonathan tells her he loves her as much as she allows but obviously that isn't enough. He leaves the bar and Ava begins to cry.

    Providing An Alibi

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Kendall arrives at the hospital with Spike. Ryan and Annie meet her and so does Erica. Erica has ordered them all lunch and reserved an area just for their family to wait for news of Spike's surgery. Joe walks in and Erica becomes uncomfortable; he focuses on Spike and Kendall, promising her that Spike will be right as rain in just a few hours. Ryan takes Spike off for a little daddy-talk. As the women become teary, Ryan promises Spike that he will hear again. Kendall kisses Spike one more time before Joe takes him off to surgery. Joe returns a while later. He shows them the implant and explains about the surgery and then leaves. Kendall becomes very worried that she may have made a mistake in going forward with the surgery. Both Annie and Erica tell her she is doing the right thing. Ryan tries to calm her down but Kendall freaks out about Spike and about Zach. Josh walks up with Zach's favorite hockey sweater. They sit down and Josh assures Kendall that Zach will be back fighting for both of her boys before long; Kendall isn't so sure. She worries when the nurses don't come in to give her an update on the surgery but Josh calms her down. Ryan and Annie return with coffee and apologize to Kendall for being so wrapped up in their own problems and not helping her. Kendall says it doesn't matter because they are all together now. Erica returns and Jack walks in the waiting room. Erica is surprised to see him and asks how things are. Julia arrives and they begin chatting about Lily. Erica is surprised to learn about Lily's meltdown and asks why Jack didn't call her. He says it never occurred to him that she would care; that hurts Erica. Kendall begins telling everyone about her newfound working relationship with Aidan. Across the room, Jonathan confronts Ava about her meetings with JR at the jail lately. He asks if she is seeing JR now! Before she can answer Joe comes in with news about Spike. He says Spike came through the surgery with flying colors but asks them to wait a few more minutes before disturbing the kiddo. Joe tells them in a few weeks they will turn the implant on and then they will know if Spike will hear again. The good news gives Kendall hope for Zach, too.

    Being Committed...

    Monday, December 10 2007

    Ava and Jonathan stop by the Montgomery home to see Lily. Jack tells them about Lily's meltdown and both begin to worry. Jack calls one of Lily's former teachers and leaves a messag asking for help. Upstairs, Sean is trying to calm Lily down but she will only rock and say "murder" over and over. Sean returns to Jack and says the music isn't helping. Ava goes upstairs to see if she can get Lily to talk. Ava can't get through to Lily either so Jonathan gives it a try. He sits down with her and tells her they were a team and asks for more clues. Lily begins rambling about "Richard" her new boyfriend and his likes and dislikes. "He is on the fifth floor of the hospital," she says. Jonathan realizes "Richard" is really Richie and shows her a photo of him. Lily cringes away from the picture. Jonathan promises her that Richie won't hurt anyone but that doesn't calm Lily's fears and she keeps rambling about Richard and boyfriends. Jonathan stays with her, trying to get through to Lily. Ava listens to Jonathan talking to Lily and becomes upset because he is still so connected to Lils. "You have shown me things and you have taught me things that nobody else ever could," Jonathan says and asks Lily to come back to them all. Jonathan brings Lily downstairs to Jack.

    Skeletal Remains!

    Friday, December 07 2007

    Ryan and Jonathan go to see Stan, one of the insurance agents. Posing as FBI agents, they tell him they are investigating Richie's connection to the mob and demand information about him! Ryan begins to question Stan in the outer office, leaving Jonathan inside to look around. A while later Jonathan comes out, tells Ryan they have a bigger problem than Richie and they leave. When they are alone, Jonathan says he hit paydirt! They begin going over the evidence that Jonathan found in the office.

    Manipulations and Lies

    Wednesday, December 05 2007

    Jonathan arrives at the Lavery penthouse to check on things with Ryan. Inside he sees stacks of papers that Ryan has ordered - all with information on Richie. Ryan shows Jonathan the information from visitor's logs and parole hearings from when Richie was in prison - including a statement from Chambers saying Richie wasn't a threat to anyone. Jonathan takes off his coat; he and Ryan being working on the papers together to find more information on Richie. As they go through the papers Ryan tells Jonathan how Walter and Richie are affecting Annie. Soon Jonathan finds a life insurance policy! They keep digging and find papers that indicate Richie saw several life insurance agents just before he was released from prison. Jonathan volunteers to track one of them down to get more info. Jonathan leaves. Ryan calls Annie to check in. A few minutes later Babe arrives to talk about Richie. She tells Ryan about Richie's upcoming hospital dismissal and asks Ryan to fund Richie's outpatient care. Ryan can't believe it. He refuses and tells Babe to stop allowing Richie to manipulate her. Babe tells him to do the right thing before Richie dies and then leaves.

    Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    At the penthouse, Annie and Ryan try to put Babe at ease but she still thinks they are using her to get to Richie. Jonathan and Ava walk in and immediately sense the tension. Ava thinks it is her fault. Jonathan steers her to the balcony so he can explain. Back inside, Annie tells Babe that she has seen a change in Richie and that change is all because of her. Babe isn't sure what to believe from her friend and the feeling is made worse when Ryan says he still doesn't trust Richie. Annie tries to smooth things over by telling Babe that Richie has them out of sorts because of the strange events. She says she just wants Babe to be aware of the problems and to let them know if she finds out anything that could hurt them.

    On the balcony, Jonathan tells Ava that the tension is mostly because of Richie and has nothing to do with them. They talk about not-so-great past Thanksgivings with their families. Jonathan promises her that this year changes things for both of them - they will have good family fun and be able to put the past to rest. Ava hugs him. Feeling a little tension between them, Jonathan asks Ava what is going on between her and JR. Ava plays dumb but Jonathan keeps pushing and tells her that he knows JR was bothering her at The Comeback. Ava says it isn't a big deal because JR is just upset about his new business failing. Ava and Jonathan return to the others just as Babe is about to make her exit. Ryan goes to get the kids so they can eat. Babe begins to leave anyway but decides to stay when Emma asks her to. They all sit down and enjoy the day together.

    JR Opens Up To Ava

    Monday, November 19 2007

    Ryan calls Annie to let her know they arrived at Tommy's place - but he isn't there. Once he's rang off the line, he tells Jonathan that things could get dangerous! They get back in the car and head for home. Jonathan tells Ryan that Richie's sole purpose in life right now is getting back at Annie, which means it will be impossible to figure out his next move. Ryan tells Jonathan to stop comparing himself to Richie. Jonathan points out that if he revisits the place he was when he was sick that they might be able to figure out Richie's plans. "Surgery took the anger away but it didn't erase the memories," Jonathan says. He goes back to his memories and tells Ryan his goal back then was to get revenge on Ryan for leaving Jon alone with their father when he was a boy. Ryan is stunned by what Jonathan says. "Richie's dying," Jonathan says, "I guarantee he plans on taking you and Annie with him." The conversation turns to Erin for a second; both miss their sister terribly. Jonathan swears he'll keep Richie at bay so that he doesn't have to lose another sibling.

    Ava racks up the balls for a game of pool at The Comeback. JR comes in, obviously drunk. Ava can't stop staring at him and tells him he looks horrible. He asks how her hair issues are; Ava tells him to back off and asks how the alcoholism is going. She tells him alcohol doesn't look good on him and goes back to her game. JR leans against the bar and asks Ava to tell him all about alcoholism, believing Ava has a history with booze, too. She doesn't want to but he won't drop it. Finally, Ava starts telling him about the guys she has known in the past. Saying she had no choice but to stay with the bad boys or starve, she asks why he's drinking now. JR doesn't want to talk about his problems and instead cries on Ava's shoulder about not being able to stop. Ava compares JR's alcoholism to being addicted to a woman. He says it's very similar and he's been obsessed with her just like he's obsessed with alcohol. Ava can't believe him; she says they can be friends and he can talk to her about anything. Talk turns to Fusion and Ava admits she was acting badly toward him; she says he made her laugh, though, all the time. JR realizes he has no idea how he got back to the bar. He thanks Ava for listening and heads outside to find his car. Jonathan arrives a few minutes later and takes Ava home.

    Zach's In Biiiiiiig Trouble

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Ryan and Jonathan are speeding toward Tom Brennan's place, hoping to get there before Richie. Ryan begins to really worry about what might happen if they don't reach Tom. Jonathan offers to help Richie disappear forever! Ryan turns him down, saying they just need to put Richie back behind bars. He tries to stay focused on Tom Brennan but Jonathan keeps talking about taking Richie away and keeping him locked away until he dies. "We're going to do this the right way," Ryan says and tells Jonathan to leave Richie alone.

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