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    All My Children CAST - Jonathan Lavery

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan Lavery Played by Jeff Branson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeff Branson (ABC)
    Jonathan Lavery

    Actor: Jeff Branson

    Who played Jonathan Lavery over the years

    Jeff Branson (June 15, 2004 - 2008)

    Useful information on Jonathan Lavery

    * Marital Status - Estranged (Lily Montgomery)
    * Abused girlfriend, Larraine Rossiter.
    * Placed on probation for assault with instructions to undergo anger management.
    * Attempted murder - Shot his brother, Ryan.
    * Poisoned Greenlee with an anti-psychosis drug.
    * Slapped Maggie Stone during an argument.
    * Murdered Edmund Grey.
    * Murdered his brother, Braden Lavery.
    * Murdered Steve, a bodyguard hired to protest Greenlee and Lily.
    * Kidnapped Greenlee and Lily (and later Kendall) and forced them into a cave.
    * Held Greenlee, Kendall and Lily at gunpoint and forced them into a line where he locked them behind an iron gate.
    * Presumed dead April 14, 2005 when a bomb exploded in an old mine.
    * Revealed to be alive on August 23, 2005
    * Diagnosed with a brain tumor which was successfully removed.
    * Shot and killed Annie McDermott's husband for trying to rape Lily.
    * Slept with Amanda Dillon while trying to get over losing Lily.


    Past: Manager at ConFusion
    Past: Bartender at BJ's
    Past: Executive at Fusion


    Jonathan showed up in Pine Valley, at Fusion, looking for Ryan Lavery. Simone flirted with him, but he ended up being seduced by Kendall in an effort to make Ryan jealous. What she didn't know was that he was Ryan's younger brother.

    Ryan, holding Kendall responsible, forgave his brother and the two became acquainted again. Jonathan shared that he had graduated from law school, and Ryan offered him a job at Fusion. However, after botching up some financial deals, Greenlee discovered that Jonathan had never completed his degree, and told Ryan. Again Ryan let it slide and Jonathan continued working for Cambias Enterprises and Fusion.

    Jonathan became romantically linked with Maggie Stone, but he began having horrible bouts of flaring temper. Despite trying to make the relationship work, after too many times of being hit, Maggie left. Jonathan spiraled out of control, kidnapped Greenlee, Lily and Kendall and held them in a cave not far from where he had hidden his brother, Braden's body. For months prior, Jonathan had tried to convince Greenlee that Braden was her stalker, but the truth was revealed. Jonathan had been the one trying to kill her. There was an explosion at the mine, and Jonathan was presumed killed. He later turned up alive and well, living with sister, Erin, but was completely delusional.

    A subsequent medical examination showed that Jonathan had a brain tumor that affected his behavior. After surgery, his personality changed and he became somewhat mentally challenged. The people of Pine Valley were none to quick to forget his transgressions or accept the reason for them, but he was determined to make amends.

    Because of his condition, he found friendship with autistic, Lily Montgomery. Her father, Jackson, was opposed to Jonathan having anything to do with his daughter, and sent her away to school. Jonathan found Lily, and the two married before coming back to Pine Valley. Jonathan began having severe headaches and ended up in the hospital. He had suffered a blow to the head while in New York, and the trauma caused him to return to normal. Knowing the truth would end his relationship with Lily, whom he really loved, he swore Erin to secrecy and continued to act as he had before. Jackson overheard Jonathan having a 'normal' conversation with his sister, and revealed the truth to Lily, ending her relationship with Jonathan. When Jonathan saved Lily from being raped by Thompson McDermott, a perverted molester, Jackson became indebted to him and tried to get his daughter to take Jonathan back, but Lily couldn't accept their differences.

    Jonathan was just beginning to accept the loss of Lily in his life when he was dealt another heartbreaking blow. His sister, Erin, was found murdered on the rooftop of the Fusion building, just a short time after Simone, another member of the Fusion team was found dead in the office.

    Jonathan and Ryan worked closely to save the Fusion women; it turned out that Alexander Cambias was the killer. Soon after, Lily's lookalike sister, Ava, arrived in town. She and Jonathan fought hard to resist their attraction but gave in and began to have an affair. Lily was crushed when she learned of it but did forgive them.

    Jonathan tried to make Ava see that she didn't have to be hard and tough but Ava was too damaged from her life before Pine Valley; she used their engagement to further her modeling career and left town. Jonathan left town, too, to start fresh.


    Lily Montgomery (annulled)


    Larraine Rossiter
    Kendall_Hart_Slater (one-night stand)
    Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone
    Lily_Montgomery_Lavery (dated)
    Ava Benton (engaged)


    Patrick Lavery (father - deceased)
    Gail Curry (mother - deceased)
    Braden Lavery (brother - deceased - 2005)
    Ryan Lavery (brother)
    Erin Lavery (sister)
    Spike Lavery (nephew)
    Emma McDermott Lavery (niece)




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    Tuesday, December 18 2007: Is The End Near?

    At The Comeback Ava and Jonathan are discussing wedding plans - or the lack of them. Ava mentions that Lily has picked out several dates and has started plans but none of them seem quite right. Jonathan wonders if that means something - like Ava isn't ready for marriage! He asks if she would rather be with JR, which makes Ava mad. She brings up Lily, asking if she is just a replacement for her sister. Jonathan can't believe what she is saying. He tells Ava they should put their wedding on hold. She gets angry and accuses him of not loving her. Sadly, Jonathan tells her he loves her as much as she allows but obviously that isn't enough. He leaves the bar and Ava begins to cry.

    Tuesday, December 11 2007: Providing An Alibi

    Kendall arrives at the hospital with Spike. Ryan and Annie meet her and so does Erica. Erica has ordered them all lunch and reserved an area just for their family to wait for news of Spike's surgery. Joe walks in and Erica becomes uncomfortable; he focuses on Spike and Kendall, promising her that Spike will be right as rain in just a few hours. Ryan takes Spike off for a little daddy-talk. As the women become teary, Ryan promises Spike that he will hear again. Kendall kisses Spike one more time before Joe takes him off to surgery. Joe returns a while later. He shows them the implant and explains about the surgery and then leaves. Kendall becomes very worried that she may have made a mistake in going forward with the surgery. Both Annie and Erica tell her she is doing the right thing. Ryan tries to calm her down but Kendall freaks out about Spike and about Zach. Josh walks up with Zach's favorite hockey sweater. They sit down and Josh assures Kendall that Zach will be back fighting for both of her boys before long; Kendall isn't so sure. She worries when the nurses don't come in to give her an update on the surgery but Josh calms her down. Ryan and Annie return with coffee and apologize to Kendall for being so wrapped up in their own problems and not helping her. Kendall says it doesn't matter because they are all together now. Erica returns and Jack walks in the waiting room. Erica is surprised to see him and asks how things are. Julia arrives and they begin chatting about Lily. Erica is surprised to learn about Lily's meltdown and asks why Jack didn't call her. He says it never occurred to him that she would care; that hurts Erica. Kendall begins telling everyone about her newfound working relationship with Aidan. Across the room, Jonathan confronts Ava about her meetings with JR at the jail lately. He asks if she is seeing JR now! Before she can answer Joe comes in with news about Spike. He says Spike came through the surgery with flying colors but asks them to wait a few more minutes before disturbing the kiddo. Joe tells them in a few weeks they will turn the implant on and then they will know if Spike will hear again. The good news gives Kendall hope for Zach, too.

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