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    All My Children CAST - Brooke English

    Full detailed profile on Brooke English Played by Julia Rose Barr on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julia Barr
    Brooke English

    Actor: Julia Rose Barr

    Who played Brooke English over the years

    Julia Barr (1976 - 1981, 1982 - April 23, 2010; September 16, 21 - 23, 2011)
    Elissa Leeds (1976)
    Harriet Hall (1981)

    Useful information on Brooke English

    * Blackmailed Phoebe into letting her stay in town after she realized Phoebe wasn't paralyzed.
    * Jailed for refusing to reveal a source in an article.
    * Kidnapped Jamie after learning she had an ectopic pregnancy.
    * Shot and killed Jim Thomasen - Stood trial for murder but was acquitted.
    * Coerced/bribed a couple into donating their dead nephew's heart.
    * Had a decades long feud with Erica Kane.
    * Left town after reuniting with Adam Chandler.
    * Returned with Adam, who was distraught after Stuart's death.


    Past: Editor of Tempo Magazine
    Past: Executor of Edmund Grey's last will and testament.
    Past: Head of the Brooke English House (homeless shelter)
    Past: Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity


    As a rebellious teen, Brooke came to Pine Valley to be raised by her rich aunt. Under Aunt Phoebe's watchful eye, Brooke grew into a responsible young woman, became a reporter and met and married Tom Cudahy. They became the parents of a daughter, Laura, who was later tragically killed by a drunk driver. Brooke was shattered and Tom became an alcoholic, leaving the marriage. Brooke found some relief when she gave birth to Jamie, fathered by Tad Martin. They have maintained a strong friendship for the sake of their son.

    The string of men in Brooke's life looks like a list of those discarded by Erica Kane, and Brooke is frequently reminded of that by Erica and none too kindly. After Tad, Brooke had a brief relationship with a reclusive artist, that ended when his former love returned and reclaimed his heart. She found solace in her adolescent adopted daughter, also named Laura.

    On a return flight from New York, accompanied by Edmund, Maria and Maddie Grey, the plane crashed and all aboard were killed except Edmund, Maddie, Brooke and a man named, Jim. Being a reporter, Brooke teamed with him to try to determine why the plane had crashed, and discovered he had known Laura in the past and had taken pornographic pictures of her. As Brooke and Jim's relationship deepened, she eventually realized he was only after her money and had been instrumental in the plane crash. When she confronted him with evidence, they argued, and she shot him. She was exonerated at a later trial. (Only in soap operas can you get away with murder.)

    Brooke busied herself in community service, had a brief fling with Dimitri Marick, and then fell for Revered Eliot Freeman. She turned him away when she later learned that he had assumed a new name and was really the man behind the wheel when her darling Laura was killed.

    Working with Edmund at Tempo Magazine brought him and Brooke closer together, and eventually the two became engaged. Their marriage was destined for happiness until Brooke spied a woman she believed to be Maria Grey. When Maureen Gorman's memory returned, Brooke confessed that she had known that Maria was alive for some time, and Brooke's marriage with Edmund was annulled allowing him to reunite with Maria. Brooke fell into Adam Chandler's bed and swore him to secrecy, but Jamie found out. It didn't last because Brooke still loved Edmund.

    Brooke's relationships were put on the back burner when Jamie became involved with JR Chandler's wife, Babe, and believed he might be the father of the baby she carried. To Brooke's relief the child was JR's. Her joy was short-lived as Edmund was found dead in a barn at Wildwind and she discovered she, rather than Maria, had been named executor of his will.

    Brooke, always with a good heart, looked after the needs of Edmund's children, and even took in Amanda Dillon, a past love of son, Jamie's, when Amanda's mother was found to be the responsible one for the blast at the masquerade ball. Brooke left town in December of 2006.

    Brooke returned to Pine Valley in March 2010 upon hearing that Tempo Magazine needed an Editor. She moved into the Chandler Mansion and supported the family as JR battled cancer. During this time her feelings for Adam resurfaced. She reunited with Adam and the two left town together.

    Brooke and Adam returned to Pine Valley in 2011 to help a troubled JR, who lost the mansion. Brooke bought the house for Adam with money from her inheritance from her Aunt Phoebe. While home, they discovered that David had been keeping Stuart alive. They threw a party at the mansion, where JR lurked and shot at someone.


    Tom Cudahy (divorced)
    Adam Chandler (not legal)
    Tad Martin (divorced)
    Edmund Grey (not legal - deceased)


    Benny Sago (1976 and earlier)
    Dan Kennicott (1976)
    Eddie Dorrance (rape)
    Mark Dalton
    Giles St. Claire
    Edmund Grey
    Pierce Riley
    Jim Thomasen
    Eliot Freeman


    Ed English (father)
    Peg English (adoptive mother)
    Jane Dobrin (biological mother)
    Phoebe Wallingford (paternal aunt)
    Lincoln Tyler (paternal cousin)
    Ann Tyler (paternal cousin - deceased)
    Elizabeth Martin (paternal first cousin - deceased)


    Laura Cudahy (with Tom Cudahy - deceased)
    Unnamed Child (with Eddie Dorrance - abortion)
    James Edward Martin (with Tad Martin)
    Unnamed Child (with Tad Martin - ectopic pregnancy - abortion)
    Laura Kirk (daughter by adoption)


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    Monday, September 02 2013: Fill The Void.

    At the mansion, JR apologizes to Brooke and offers to smooth things over with the investors. Dimitri tells him it’s too late – they’ve all invested in CorTech. Colby overhears from the next room and accuses JR of sucking up. It’s all part of his plan. Upstairs, Miranda joins AJ in his room with a surprise. Heather interrupts and AJ leaves with her. Miranda rips up some tickets.

    JR runs into Cara back at the mansion. He apologizes again about the prescriptions and tells her he’s clean. She’s happy for him but it scares her that she can’t trust him. He wants another chance and her help to stay clean. She just wants to take Oliver and leave. Meanwhile, Dimitri grabs Brooke and kisses her.

    At Chandler Media, Brooke wants things to go back to how they were. They are amazing professional partners, but they have to leave the rest at the door. Dimitri thinks it was a hell of a kiss but agrees.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Take My Chances.

    After the gala, Dimitri tells Brooke he saved the investors. Brooke is presented with the diamond necklace from the auction and, assuming Adam bid, gushes about him. Meanwhile, alone in her room, Colby asks JR how it went with Adam. She had this idea her father would always love and protect her. JR assures Colby she did nothing wrong and calls Adam a heartless bastard. Later, Brooke realizes Dimitri bought the necklace. He admires how perfect she looks and leans in for a kiss. JR watches, but she pulls away. Upstairs, JR tries to mend fences with AJ but he is appalled with how JR behaved, not just tonight but his whole life. JR promises he is different but a syringe falls out of his pocket. AJ screams that JR is a liar and an addict. JR pleads that he is trying to change but no one will let him. He wishes he could undo his mistakes but all he can do is be a better dad. He worked hard and is sure Brooke messed with his file. He begs AJ to keep the steroids a secret and promises to stop. He asks AJ not to give up on him. AJ isn’t buying it. All JR does is disappoint him and AJ throws him out of his life. Alone in her room Colby is upset.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Down In The Mud.

    At the mansion Colby accuses Brooke of taking everything. JR refuses to lose everything to her. Later, Brooke assures JR that having a backup reel was good business, nothing else. She wonders why he thinks she would risk losing investors just to humiliate him and suggests he needs psychological help. Dimitri walks in and JR asks if Adam knows how much time they are spending together. Dimitri warns JR not to drag Brooke in the mud.

    Brooke gives the necklace back to Dimitri at the mansion. She’s committed to Adam and apologizes for blurring the lines. He informs her some investors are reconsidering going with CorTech.

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