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    All My Children CAST - Billy Clyde Tuggle

    Full detailed profile on Billy Clyde Tuggle Played by Matthew Cowles on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/
    Billy Clyde Tuggle

    Actor: Matthew Cowles

    Who played Billy Clyde Tuggle over the years

    Matthew Cowles (1977 – present)

    Useful information on Billy Clyde Tuggle

    * Operated a prostitution ring.
    * Drugged Benny Sago and Estelle and locked them in coffins.
    * Tried to kill Dr. Chuck Tyler with a shovel.
    * Tried to kill Donna and make it look like a suicide.
    * Kidnapped Dixie Martin and tried to make her his wife.
    * Thought dead in a bridge explosion.
    * Bought Cortlandt Manor after winning the lottery.
    * Donated a large sum of money to the Miranda Center.


    Current: Philanthropist
    Past: Pimp
    Past: Owner of the Cyclops Disco
    Past: Pimp


    Billy Clyde Tuggle moved his prostitution ring to Pine Valley in 1977. His hottest ticket was Estelle La Tour, whom he kept drugged. He became obsessed with her friend Donna but she married the prominent Chuck Tyler.

    Billy Clyde continued to scheme to make Donna his. He married Estelle and took her off the streets to buy her silence. Meanwhile, Billy Clyde sensed her connection with Benny Sago and tried to bury them alive. Chuck saved them and Billy Clyde went to jail.

    When Billy Clyde was released years later he returned to Pine Valley and opened the Cyclops Disco under the name John Rockefeller. A young woman named Emily Ann Sago worked there and Billy Clyde revealed that he and Estelle, not Donna and Benny, were her real parents.

    While Billy Clyde got better acquainted with his daughter, he became obsessed with Dixie Martin. He kidnapped her and planned to make her his wife but Emily saved her.

    Billy Clyde agreed to give up Dixie but later lured Tad to a bridge on the day that Tad and Dixie planned to remarry. Billy Clyde set off an explosion and both were presumed dead. Tad later was found alive.

    Billy Clyde returned to Pine Valley in May 2013, running another prostitution ring. After winning the lottery, he gave the business to one of his girls and bought Cortlandt Manor and donated a large sum of money to the Miranda Center, where Dixie is the director.


    Estelle La Tour (divorced)






    Emily Ann Sago (daughter)


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    Monday, August 12 2013: Daddy’s Here.

    Jesse drinks alone at a bar. Billy Clyde joins him and orders a Stinky Pinky on the rocks. He heard about Jesse losing his job and assumes it had to do with his daughter. Jesse won’t give up finding who did this. Billy Clyde offers help. He has no children but if he did he would break one of God’s commandments and hope for forgiveness later. Billy Clyde reveals he won the lottery. The lord works in mysterious ways. Jesse has more drinking to do.

    Monday, August 05 2013: Free Booze.

    Opal interviews JR and Cara as they hit the red carpet at the gala. Colby and David arrive next and Colby touts her hand at pulling the gala together while David promotes his new bio-sensor. Billy Clyde watches from the bushes and imagines Opal introducing him on the red carpet. Inside Dimitri is impressed with Brooke. She helps him with his cufflinks and they share a moment before they are interrupted by a flower delivery from Adam to his dearest Brooke. Then they hit the red carpet and question why Colby brought David. Pete is up next, promoting CorTech and the new job openings to come. Next up is AJ and Heather but Miranda decides to avoid it. She chats with AJ and Heather as Hunter arrives with his parents. Hunter tells Miranda she looks hot in her dress but she plays it off so AJ won’t get in trouble.

    Back at the party Dimitri puts a diamond necklace from the auction on Brooke. She would bid on it if it wouldn’t be inappropriate. Meanwhile, David approaches Cara while Colby gives JR a boost about his reel. He is more concerned about her date choice, as is Brooke. JR returns with champagne for Cara who is shaken that David and her son are in the same house. Outside Opal insists Miranda walk the red carpet considering the center is named after her. Zach arrives with her shoes and Heather is impressed with his hotness. Miranda tosses her old shoes, inadvertently clocking Billy Clyde in the head. Dixie takes the carpet next and she mentions the generous donation while Billy Clyde beams. Inside Hunter taunts Miranda about her sexuality. Dimitri and Brooke dance while David tells Colby it’s time to cool it. Her heart is with someone else and maybe his is too. Outside, Celia hits the red carpet and Opal is speechless as she sees Celia’s vision. She calls Pete onstage for the auction and the bidding begins at $500. Colby battles but Opal won’t call on her so David bids on Pete for her. Meanwhile, Evelyn encourages Celia to bid. Dimitri gets a bid via phone for $10,000. David backs out and the winner is – Celia! She denies bidding but Colby rages on her.

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