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    All My Children CAST - Dimitri Marick

    Full detailed profile on Dimitri Marick Played by Michael Nader on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/
    Dimitri Marick

    Actor: Michael Nader

    Who played Dimitri Marick over the years

    Michael Nader (September 1991 - September 20, 1999; May 5, 2000 - March 2001; June 12, 2013 - Present)
    Anthony Addabbo (April 6, 2001 - July 9, 2001)

    Useful information on Dimitri Marick

    * One of Erica Kane's greatest loves.
    * Was in a love triangle with Natalie and Trevor Dillon.
    * Fell in love with Erica while trying to take over her cosmetics company Enchantment. She was married to Adam Chandler and he was married to Angelique Voynitzeva at the time.
    * Kendall Hart accused him of rape when he turned down her advances. She later admitted she lied.
    * He was stabbed in the chest by Erica with a letter opener when she was hallucinating about her past rape.
    * Once suffered a degenerative neurological disorder.
    * Estranged half-brother of Edmund Grey.
    * Switched Edmund's painkillers for amphetamines during Maddie's custody trial.
    * Left Pine Valley with his wife Alex under suspicious circumstances. Right before he left in 2001 he received a mysterious phone call claiming to have information for him.
    * Returned to Pine Valley in 2013, single, to head up the Online Media division at Chandler Media.


    Current: Online Media Producer at Chandler Media
    Past: Hungarian Royalty (Count Andrassy)
    Past: Former Owner of TV station WRCW
    Past: Multimillionaire investor
    Past: Pine Valley Hospital Board of Directors


    Rich, handsome and mysterious, millionaire Dimitri Marick first appeared in Pine Valley as the man who rescued Natalie Hunter from a well on the Wildwind estate where she was being held by Janet Green. Dimitri and Natalie got engaged, but that ended when Dimitri's first wife, the formerly comatose Angelique, was wheeled into their engagement party by Angelique's mother Helga.

    Later, Dimitri learned that his boyhood frenemy, Edmund Grey, was also the son and heir to his father Hugo Marick, which caused major friction. He also learned he had a long-lost son, Anton Lang, by family maid Corvina Lang, who had seduced him when he was young and drunk.

    Dimitri and Erica Kane began their love affair but during a rough patch he slept with his sister-in-law, Maria Santos Grey, and Maria learned she was pregnant. Skye Chandler learned about the affair and doctored the results to make it look like Dimitri was the dad. Erica learned about it and ended things badly. She let Maria believe the baby had died. She then passed it off as a baby she adopted for herself from Russia.

    Dimitri then tricked ownership of the TV station WRCW from Stuart Chandler. Liza Colby learned he violated an FCC regulation, and she took over ownership.

    Dimitri sought custody of Maddie after Maria died in a plane crash. When he found out Maddie was biologically Edmund's daughter he took off to Budapest until Edmund and Tad Martin brought them back to Pine Valley.

    Dimitri and Edmund eventually became close again.
    Dimitri stood by Brooke's side throughout her trial for murdering Jim Thomasen. After Brooke was acquitted, she and Dimitri got close but she wasn't ready to get involved with another man.

    Dimitri began having dizzy spells and flew to Europe to be checked out. He was referred to one of the top neurologists in the world, Dr. Alexandra Devane. She diagnosed Dimitri with a very rare disease that prevented brain cells from rejuvenating themselves. She developed a miracle cure that put the disease in remission. They fell in love and got married.

    On their way back to Pine Valley Dimitri was believed to have suffered a fatal brain aneurysm, but Alex had really hid him at Seaview Hospital, where he fell into a coma. Edmund accused Alex of killing Dimitri so she admitted Dimitri was still alive but needed experimental stem cell therapy to live. Colby Martin was believed to be the donor but Adam swapped the cells with another child's. Even so, the procedure was a success - until Dimitri was believed to have sneaked out of the hospital, walked into the ocean, and drowned. His body was never recovered.

    In May 2000, a wheelchair-bound Dimitri was pushed through the corridors of a Welsh hospital. A secret group had kidnapped him because he had started to dig into Alex's past.

    Dimitri's therapy continued and was successful, but he pretended to be catatonic so he could eavesdrop. The director of the secret group was Alex's mother, Charlotte, who ordered him thrown from a plane.

    Dimitri washed up on a beach near Pine Valley and stayed in hiding until he asked for Edmund's help in getting Charlotte out of Alex's life. Charlotte was turned over to the police and David Hayward insisted on treating Dimitri.

    Dimitri agreed, but only if David let everyone believe he was dead. David accepted, but his assistant Dixie found out. Dixie agreed to keep Dimitri's secret, but eventually sent Alex to the hunting lodge at Wildwind where they had an emotional reunion.

    Dimitri and Edmund worked together to throw Ryan Lavery and Gillian Andrassy a surprise second wedding, but Dimitri was shaken when Gillian was killed a few weeks later. Dimitri and Alex left Pine Valley for Europe on what they said was a honeymoon but before they left he received a phone call claiming to have information for him.

    Dimitri returned to Pine Valley on June 12, 2013, at the request of Brooke English. She asked him to head up the new online media division at Chandler Media, as well as keep a close eye on JR Chandler, who had just woken up from a five-year coma.


    Alexandra Devane (divorced)
    Angelique Voynitzeva
    Erica Kane
    Erica Kane
    Gloria Marsh


    Corvina Lang (one night)
    Natalie Marlowe (affair)
    Erica Kane (affair)
    Maria Santos-Grey (affair)


    Hugo Yakov Marick (father - deceased)
    Anna Sporades (mother - deceased)
    Edmund Grey (paternal half-brother - deceased)
    Samuel Carlos Grey (paternal nephew by adoption)
    Madelyn Flora Grey (paternal niece)
    Alexei Von Voynavitch (uncle)
    Maxime Von Voynavitch (cousin)
    Gillian Andrassy (cousin)


    Anton Lang (son with Corvina Lang)
    Unnamed child (miscarriage with Angelique)
    Unnamed child (miscarriage with Erica)


    There are no additional images yet


    Monday, September 02 2013: Fill The Void.

    At the mansion, JR apologizes to Brooke and offers to smooth things over with the investors. Dimitri tells him it’s too late – they’ve all invested in CorTech. Colby overhears from the next room and accuses JR of sucking up. It’s all part of his plan. Upstairs, Miranda joins AJ in his room with a surprise. Heather interrupts and AJ leaves with her. Miranda rips up some tickets.

    JR runs into Cara back at the mansion. He apologizes again about the prescriptions and tells her he’s clean. She’s happy for him but it scares her that she can’t trust him. He wants another chance and her help to stay clean. She just wants to take Oliver and leave. Meanwhile, Dimitri grabs Brooke and kisses her.

    At Chandler Media, Brooke wants things to go back to how they were. They are amazing professional partners, but they have to leave the rest at the door. Dimitri thinks it was a hell of a kiss but agrees.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Take My Chances.

    After the gala, Dimitri tells Brooke he saved the investors. Brooke is presented with the diamond necklace from the auction and, assuming Adam bid, gushes about him. Meanwhile, alone in her room, Colby asks JR how it went with Adam. She had this idea her father would always love and protect her. JR assures Colby she did nothing wrong and calls Adam a heartless bastard. Later, Brooke realizes Dimitri bought the necklace. He admires how perfect she looks and leans in for a kiss. JR watches, but she pulls away. Upstairs, JR tries to mend fences with AJ but he is appalled with how JR behaved, not just tonight but his whole life. JR promises he is different but a syringe falls out of his pocket. AJ screams that JR is a liar and an addict. JR pleads that he is trying to change but no one will let him. He wishes he could undo his mistakes but all he can do is be a better dad. He worked hard and is sure Brooke messed with his file. He begs AJ to keep the steroids a secret and promises to stop. He asks AJ not to give up on him. AJ isn’t buying it. All JR does is disappoint him and AJ throws him out of his life. Alone in her room Colby is upset.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Down In The Mud.

    At the mansion Colby accuses Brooke of taking everything. JR refuses to lose everything to her. Later, Brooke assures JR that having a backup reel was good business, nothing else. She wonders why he thinks she would risk losing investors just to humiliate him and suggests he needs psychological help. Dimitri walks in and JR asks if Adam knows how much time they are spending together. Dimitri warns JR not to drag Brooke in the mud.

    Brooke gives the necklace back to Dimitri at the mansion. She’s committed to Adam and apologizes for blurring the lines. He informs her some investors are reconsidering going with CorTech.

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