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    All My Children CAST - Uri Koslov

    Full detailed profile on Uri Koslov Played by Martin Harvey on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/
    Uri Koslov

    Actor: Martin Harvey

    Who played Uri Koslov over the years

    Martin Harvey (May 7, 2013 – present)

    Useful information on Uri Koslov

    * Runs the sex trafficking operation that kidnapped Cassandra Foster from the airport.
    * Was prepared to start a turf war with Billy Clyde Tuggle.
    * Killed his brother Vlad to fake his own death.
    * Blackmailed Jesse Hubbard into framing Zach Slater for his own murder.
    * Wears a custom-made medallion around his neck with only two others like it - one for his brother Vlad and the other for his father.


    Current: Sex trafficker
    Past: Russian mob


    Uri was first seen onscreen warning his brother Vlad not to touch the merchandise in reference to Cassandra Foster, whom they kidnapped from the airport for their sex trafficking business.

    When Uri realized that Cassandra's stepfather, Jesse Hubbard, was the chief of police of Pine Valley, he knew he had to get rid of her. He dumped Cassandra's beaten and drugged body on the floor of the Hubbard's home. He then faked his own death, and in order to keep Jesse under his thumb, got him to incriminate his friend Zach Slater for his murder.

    FBI Agent Lea Marquez figured out what happened and tried to track Uri down by his custom-made medallion.






    Vlad Koslov (brother - deceased)




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    Monday, July 08 2013: So Hot, So Fast.

    At the station Zach and Lea get the dental records and realize Vlad is dead, not Uri. The charges against Zach are dropped. He grabs Lea and kisses her.

    Monday, July 01 2013: A Little Extra Juice.

    At the hospital, Anders tells Angie and Jesse that Cassandra tested negative for all STDs but she’s pregnant. Angie worries about the effects of the drugs on the baby. Inside Cassandra begs for something to take the edge off. Angie assures her she and Jesse are there for her, but Jesse is gone. In the hall, Jesse calls Uri and demands a meeting.

    Zach and Lea pretend to be married and welcome jeweler Constantine to their hotel room. Zach picks out a brooch before they request a custom piece, much like the Koslov pendant. Constantine admits he has made three pendants for the Koslovs – one for Uri, one for the father and one for the brother Vladimir. He has no idea where they are and is too busy for new clients.

    Jesse punches Uri in an alley. Uri threatens to kill everyone in his family before he comes after him.

    Monday, July 01 2013: Reminders Of My Dark Past.

    In the square, Zach and Lea wonder if Uri killed Vladimir. Zach wants to talk to Jesse about the dental records.

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