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    All My Children CAST - Heather Kent

    Full detailed profile on Heather Kent Played by Stevie Steel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (David Russell/The OnLine Network)
    Heather Kent

    Actor: Stevie Steel

    Who played Heather Kent over the years

    Stevie Steel (May 30, 2013 – present)

    Useful information on Heather Kent

    * Attends Bramwall Hall.
    * Friends with Miranda Montgomery and AJ Chandler.
    * Stood up for Miranda at Jane's Addiction.
    * Dislikes Pete Cortlandt for what she perceived was him using her friend Celia Fitzgerald.
    * Was asked to the Chandler gala by AJ Chandler.


    Current: Student
    Past: Unknown


    Heather provided a sympathetic ear to Celia Fitzgerald at Bramwell Hall about her relationship with Pete Cortlandt. She also stood up to a bunch of bullies who were harassing Miranda Montgomery at Jane's Addiction.

    She has developed feelings for her new friend AJ Chandler, but doesn't want to cause problems with Miranda Montgomery. Still, she accepted a date to the Chandler gala with him.




    * AJ Chandler (flirtation)






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    Monday, September 02 2013: Fill The Void.

    At the mansion, JR apologizes to Brooke and offers to smooth things over with the investors. Dimitri tells him it’s too late – they’ve all invested in CorTech. Colby overhears from the next room and accuses JR of sucking up. It’s all part of his plan. Upstairs, Miranda joins AJ in his room with a surprise. Heather interrupts and AJ leaves with her. Miranda rips up some tickets.

    AJ and Heather get back to his room and start making out. She lets him know this isn’t her first time and pushes him to move forward. JR interrupts and Heather waits downstairs so they can talk. AJ tells JR it’s too late. All JR knows is to lie, cheat, steal and kill, and AJ wants nothing to do with it.

    Monday, August 26 2013: The Eagle Has Landed.

    At the Chandler Mansion, AJ tells Miranda he’s done with JR. Heather arrives and invites them to a waterpark. AJ agrees but Miranda declines because she has to meet Zach. AJ offers to stay and talk instead but Miranda insists. Later, Dixie looks for JR but finds Colby instead. Dixie asks if JR seems different since the party and Colby agrees – he finally got some guts. Colby switches topics to Celia. She saw her and Dixie this morning and asks why. Dixie lies and tells her it was about the Miranda Center.

    Zach and Miranda take a break in the square from Zach's apartment hunting. She wonders why Bianca has been gone so long. AJ and Heather turn the corner holding hands and Zach guesses Miranda didn’t tell AJ how she feels. She admits it’s weird living there and they decide she will move in with Zach,

    Miranda walks in on AJ and Heather making out at the mansion. Heather rushes home and Miranda tells AJ she’s moving in with Zach. He gets upset.

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