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    All My Children CAST - Colby Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colby Chandler Played by Brooke Newton on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1987
    Birthplace: Ocala, Florida
    Real Name: Brooke Newton


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    Just Hang In There.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    Dimitri and Brooke laugh about Colby in the square. Brooke got her to agree to try some low-level production work. But Colby has a mind of her own.

    Ready To Play.

    Monday, June 24 2013

    Colby tracks Pete down at Jane’s Addiction with dinner plans. He had fun but doesn’t want a relationship. He offers a friends with benefits scenario instead and she agrees. Meanwhile, Jane leaves an urgent message for someone. David arrives and a jittery Jane is ready with his regular order. Pete dismisses Colby and alone David asks Pete about their status. Pete insists he is nothing more than a boy toy to Colby. David can tell she’s ready to play. They get to work prepping for Brooke’s questions – Pete knows she is going to be tough. David insists he’s prepared for anything. Pete asks him to explain his jail stint. David considers is a sacrifice he made for someone he loves.

    David joins Colby at a bar and she offers him a glass of Cristal Champagne considering he paid for it. He hopes the $30,000 helped and they toast to trouble.

    David and Colby make out in his room. He knows she is doing this to stick it to Pete and she knows he is doing it to stick it to her family but neither cares. He throws her on the bed.

    Mind-Blowing, Overwhelming, Staggering.

    Monday, June 17 2013

    Pete and Colby enjoy the afterglow before they go at it again. Opal walks in, shocked, and she and Colby spar a bit. Later, Opal catches Colby sneaking out and accuses her of being a gold digger. Colby takes a call from AJ who tells her Randy is there and she rushes home. Later, Pete tells Opal that Colby is nothing serious, and neither is Celia, but he is moving out. Opal warns Pete about Celia’s dark aura.

    Colby gives Randy cash at the mansion and he reprimands her for her boy toy stealing his stash. Later, AJ is concerned about Colby but she warns him to stay away until he can stand up to Brooke.

    This Is Wrong.

    Wednesday, June 12 2013

    Pete's surprised to find Colby in bed wearing his shirt when he goes to his room. She flirts non-stop wondering how often he thought about this when they were younger. He admits only in his wildest dreams and takes advantage of this dream coming true. They have sex a few times into the night.

    The Who And Jalepenos.

    Monday, June 10 2013

    JR finds AJ and David chatting at Jane’s Addiction and admits his mistakes in regards to Babe. David isn’t buying JR’s sensitivity one bit but AJ tells David to back off. JR just hopes to be able to convince people he has changed, especially Brooke. She’s doing big things at Chandler Media and he wants to be a part of it. JR accidentally trips Jane with his cane. AJ is concerned but JR assures him he is fine. Later, JR warns David he can’t get to him through AJ. Meanwhile, Colby answers Pete’s phone when Celia calls and pretends they are fooling around. David joins their table but soon Pete heads back to the office. David warns Colby that Pete isn’t interested. They split champagne and when her card is declined David covers the bill. Then, he gives her a check for $30,000. She wonders what the catch is and he wonders if she really cares.

    Dweeb To Hot.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013

    Colby runs into Pete at Jane’s Addiction, pleasantly surprised at how hot and successful he has become. Later, Pete’s lawyer tells him distancing himself from David could be a PR nightmare. Pete decides to use this to his advantage and has him draw up a contract that gives them control. He runs into David and tells him a partnership will be on his terms. David tells him to lighten up – they are about to make a lot of money. Pete doesn’t trust him, and David is fine not being besties. They just need to make Cortlandt Electronics a success.

    At the Chandler mansion Brooke urges her assistant to find the perfect passionate and stylish candidate to run "Teen Tempo" – immediately. JR enters and Brooke hopes he is not pushing himself too hard with his workouts. Later JR apologizes to AJ for being upset about the steroids. AJ understands he is just trying to be a good dad but quickly leaves. JR throws the steroids in the trash. Later, Colby saunters in and gets a warm reception from Brooke, AJ and JR. Later, Colby asks Brooke to give her $20,000. Instead, Brooke offers her the editorship at "Teen Tempo" but Colby doesn’t want to work. She’ll just call daddy. Plus, she ran into Pete and he is hot and loaded. Brooke delights in telling her he is taken. After Adam and JR both refuse her money she urges JR to embrace his inner jerk and take Chandler back from Brooke.

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