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    All My Children CAST - Colby Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colby Chandler Played by Brooke Newton on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1987
    Birthplace: Ocala, Florida
    Real Name: Brooke Newton


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    No Longer Open For Business.

    Monday, July 15 2013

    Pete grabs a baseball bat when he hears someone enter his home but it is just Opal cooking breakfast. He urges her to find someone or something of her own so he is not her whole world. Later, Colby arrives with more breakfast and gives Opal attitude for clinging to Pete. Opal assures her Pete likes having her around, unlike Colby who he never talks about. Pete reminds Opal about her Tai Chi class and she offers to take the trash out as she leaves, gesturing to Colby. Later, Colby tries to get him to bed but he has a meeting. She leaves but makes sure her sunglasses remain.

    At Chandler mansion Colby tells Celia that Brooke liked the charity element and suggested the Miranda Center. Celia thinks it would be the perfect night to announce Dixie as the new director. Colby agrees and suggests an auction – a date with Pine Valley’s most eligible bachelor. Later, Pete arrives with Colby’s sunglasses but she is out. He offers himself to Celia for the auction and puts his arm around her. She asks about Colby but he assures her they are just friends. He insists she is the only one he wants as Colby watches.

    So Hot, So Fast.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    At Talk Tempo, Brooke and Dimitri are happy with the numbers from David’s interview but Brooke doesn’t want to coast. Colby suggests a launch party and Brooke agrees. Colby will organize it only if Celia helps. Later, Dimitri forces Brooke to take a break.

    Colby and Celia make party plans at Chandler mansion. Colby can see why things didn’t work out between Celia and Pete, and Celia concedes that Colby is a better match for him. Colby agrees they got hot, fast, and pretends to hope this talk isn’t bothering Celia.

    At lunch, Dimitri steers talk away from work and toasts to Brooke. He feels like he is meeting her all over again. She agrees they make a great team and appreciates his distraction from work. Later, Colby and Celia show up to book the place for the party and Colby lies that the event is for charity.

    Back at Jane’s Addiction Celia suggests adding a charity component to the gala. Colby loves it.

    Back at the mansion Adam cuts his call with Brooke short. Colby senses trouble in paradise and tells Brooke she had an idea to make the launch party a charity event. Brooke loves it for the Miranda Center. She is impressed with Colby.

    Reminders Of My Dark Past.

    Monday, July 01 2013

    On set Brooke introduces David, his shady past and his new medical device. He shares that he wants to start over, despite his past unauthorized experiments. This is his home and the scene of many of his medical triumphs. His partnership with Cortlandt Electronics will revitalize a weak economy. Dimitri, Colby, Pete and Celia watch from the sidelines. Colby moves Pete away from Celia. Meanwhile, Brooke reminds David that his fingerprints were on the gun that shot Marissa too but he chalks that up to the struggle he had with JR. He wonders what Brooke would do if someone killed her child in front of her? He wishes JR had suffered the same fate as his daughter. After, David asks Colby out for breakfast but she has eyes for Pete. Meanwhile Pete tells Celia he has no one to share his success with. Colby asks him out for breakfast and Celia walks off.

    Just Hang In There.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    David and Colby stretch out in bed. He had a great time but she hastily leaves.

    At Tempo Talk Dimitri and Brooke discuss David as Colby arrives. Brooke informs her that Dimitri is the new publisher and Colby is aghast that Eurotrash is running a Chandler project. He laughs and offers Colby a position as his assistant. She could learn a little respect. "That is so a hell no, " she screams.

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