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    All My Children CAST - Jane McIntyre - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jane McIntyre Played by Heather Roop on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Brian To/

    Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
    Real Name: Heather Roop


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    Fill The Void.

    Monday, September 02 2013

    Miranda looks for a job at Jane’s Addiction. She thinks about AJ and tells Jane the summer hasn’t turned out like she planned.

    Down In The Mud.

    Monday, August 19 2013

    Pete goes over his romantic plans with Jane at Jane’s Addiction while Opal listens in. She looks at a picture of Celia on Pete’s phone and has an image of a little girl that makes her cold. She urges Pete to be careful. Later, Colby joins Opal and proposes a plan to sabotage Pete’s romantic evening. She thinks something is off with Celia and Opal agrees. She wonders what Colby has in mind.

    Live It Large.

    Monday, August 05 2013

    At Jane’s Addiction Jane gets desserts ready for the gala. Miranda admits to Zach she is nervous considering what happened at the last party. Lea watches as they hug.

    I Should Be Grateful.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    Inside the coffee shop, Jane asks Pete if he's excited about the auction. He says he'd be more excited if Celia was going with him. Billy Clyde overhears and introduces himself as someone who knew Palmer. Billy Clyde tells Pete that he and Palmer had similar acquaintances. Pete tells him about Celia and Billy Clyde tells him that he should not let her get away. Pete realizes he's almost late for a conference call and exits. Meanwhile, Miranda says she's just in the way of AJ and Heather. Zach asks if she is still going to the gala. Miranda responds that she needs a dress. He agrees to take her shopping. Nearby, Lea spots them as Miranda briefly exits. Lea tries to make Zach understand why she couldn't look the other way with Jesse. Back inside, Zach and Miranda sit and Lea spots them again. She begins chatting her up about her hair.

    For A Good Cause.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    Heather hangs a poster about the bachelor auction at Jane’s. Pete is embarrassed and wants to speak to Celia about the specifics. Celia reluctantly agrees but AJ and Miranda soon interrupt. Heather then returns and Celia takes over the posters. Pete follows with a boost from Heather and asks for one dance at the gala. Celia agrees. Inside, AJ grabs coffee while Miranda learns from Heather that AJ invited her to the gala as his date. Zach arrives and Miranda encourages Heather and AJ to shop without her. Alone, Zach asks if everything is OK and Miranda pretends it is.

    Evil On A Stick.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    Opal gossips with Jane at Jane’s Addiction about what a snake David is. Brooke listens while Opal moves on to gossiping about what a hunk Zach is and asks her to come by the office later.

    Dimitri and Brooke stop by Jane’s Addiction before leaving town. While she is in the bathroom Dimitri answers her phone when Adam calls. Adam hangs up and later Brooke tries to call him back. Outside, Dixie hands Billy Clyde a letter, thanking him for helping AJ when he needed it. Maybe his spirituality isn’t an act and she hopes it continues to guide him. He seems touched and thanks her.

    Major Klutz Moment.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    At Jane’s Addiction Colby tells Pete that Celia must have jumped to her conclusion they were together because they slept together. Pete wonders how Celia found out about that. Colby plays dumb and asks for some benefits but he tells her no. Jane drops the check and he leaves. Later, David offers Colby an opportunity to stick it to Pete - and a few Chandlers. She’s in. Outside, Celia imagines kissing Pete and has an intense vision of the mystery man, his shoe, a chair, and blood on a carpet. She screams.

    No Longer Open For Business.

    Monday, July 15 2013

    Colby spots Celia at Jane’s Addiction and adjusts her order to make it seem like her and Pete had sex all night. Celia shows Colby some flower arrangements for the party but Colby dismiss them as too Sweet 16. Later, Jane tells Celia that Pete isn’t into Colby at all.

    So Hot, So Fast.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    Heather and Miranda arrive at Jane’s Addiction after shopping. Miranda spots Zach and he invites her to New York with him and Bianca to see her favorite artist but she doubts her mom can come. Miranda is glad he isn’t in trouble anymore and he introduces her to Lea. Later, AJ, Celia, Heather and Pete talk about the new sports app. Miranda and AJ get into a tickle match that makes Heather uncomfortable. When AJ invites Heather out, Miranda gets quiet. Before Pete leaves Heather lets him know he broke her friend’s heart.

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