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    All My Children CAST - Miranda Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miranda Montgomery Played by Denyse Tontz on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/

    Birthplace: San Diego, California
    Real Name: Denyse Tontz


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    Look Out For Love.

    Wednesday, May 15 2013

    At the hospital, Angie begs Amy to help. Amy shares what she remembers about the deplorable conditions in the darkened rooms where they were kept. Meanwhile, AJ visits JR alone in his room. JR won't ask for forgiveness because he can't forgive himself. He's sorry he can't remember why he came to the party with a gun. JR wants to be a better father. AJ pulls his hand away when JR pats it. Dixie comes in and AJ leaves abruptly. Later, Jesse meets Angie in Amy's room. Amy finally remembers hearing freight train sounds.

    Smart Girl.

    Tuesday, May 14 2013

    At home AJ picks up a bottle of alcohol and sets it back down. He smashes a glass to the floor and sits in the dark. Miranda arrives responding to his text. She comforts him as he shares his father doesn't know him. He thinks he's not important enough for his dad to remember. Miranda tells him not to do this and knows he's a great person and his dad will get better.

    What Happened To You?

    Monday, May 13 2013

    At the Chandler's, Miranda hugs AJ for being the greatest friend ever before beating him at a video game. She reminds him about practice and he remembers a great day he had with his father when she tosses him a baseball. Before leaving she tells AJ there's a chance to make things right with his dad.


    Thursday, May 09 2013

    At the Chandler's, Miranda reads an invitation and follows flower petals up the stairs. She finds a dress AJ bought for her. It's perfect but she panics and tells him she's not going. AJ says, "Neither am I. Put on the dress and meet me downstairs." She joins him downstairs. They are both dressed for prom. He leans in for a kiss and she interrupts. He asks her to close her eyes. He guides her to a room set up for a private concert. Hot Chelle Rae performs while they dance.

    It's Been Nice.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    At the Chandler's, Adam prepares to leave and promises to call AJ after his plane lands. Brooke indicates she'll keep an eye on AJ for him and Dixie. Adam worries about David being out of prison thinking David has an agenda. In the next room Celia tutors Miranda. Miranda's annoyed by the constant calls Celia's ignoring. They discuss their guy troubles and family history. AJ arrives and a corsage is delivered. Miranda won't go to the school dance and AJ's suspended anyway. Celia thinks there must be some way to cheer Miranda up. AJ smiles and disappears. Miranda confronts him when he returns and thinks he should talk to his father. AJ gets upset and leaves. Miranda finds a card addressed to her.

    Make Me Disappear.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    At the Chandler's, Bianca blames herself because Miranda's been bullied since grade school. Upstairs, Miranda refuses to go to school. AJ heads downstairs. Adam tells him that he's suspended. Back upstairs, Miranda apologizes to Bianca. She wants to disappear. Bianca remembers feeling the same at her age. Miranda tells AJ she going to transfer to Bramwell. He worries about how he will look in the uniform when he follows her.

    Stay Away.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    At the coffee house, Jane breaks up AJ and Hunter and tells AJ to go find Miranda. Jane listens to a cell phone that recorded Hunter and Sally's conversation. She threatens to turn anyone involved into the police for corrupting a minor if she finds anything posted online. Later, Bianca bumps into Zach getting coffee. He asks about Kendall. Bianca says Kendall is moving on with her life and he should too. Jane interrupts and tells her what happened to Miranda. Outside Celia and Pete have coffee after a walk. She gets personal about Evelyn and her mystery guardian. Meanwhile AJ finds Miranda crying on a bench nearby. AJ reminds her that her mom is not a freak and neither is she. She feels bad AJ got hurt. He says it's nothing and takes her home with him. Around the corner out of earshot, Zach meets someone that owes his casino money. The kid tells Zach he has nothing on the Koslov's. He was shut down digging for information and isn't interested in losing his life over money.

    At home, AJ texts Bianca that Miranda is staying at the Chandler's. Alone Miranda rips up the shirt her mom bought her for her date. Later Bianca interrupts them. AJ steps out and Miranda blames her mother for what happened.

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