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    All My Children CAST - Miranda Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miranda Montgomery Played by Denyse Tontz on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/

    Birthplace: San Diego, California
    Real Name: Denyse Tontz


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    Live It Large.

    Monday, August 05 2013

    Opal is ready to wow the viewers at Chandler Media. David makes a sizeable donation to the Miranda Center. Dimitri is sorry he won’t be able to come but David wouldn’t miss it. He spars with JR at the mansion on his way out. JR snaps and grabs David. "There he is, the old JR in the flesh," David says. Brooke comes in and David warns her to lock up all the guns. Upstairs, Miranda and AJ get ready and share a moment before Heather arrives. Miranda leaves, upset, and AJ stares after her.

    I Should Be Grateful.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    Back at home, Miranda finds a note from AJ. She thanks Zach for the gown and says she can’t wait for Bianca to come home.

    For A Good Cause.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    AJ silently watches Miranda singing in his room then asks her to go suit shopping with him. Downstairs, Cara and JR read about Jesse’s arrest in the paper. The both agree when it comes to their kids people will do the unthinkable.

    AJ and Miranda listen to music in the square. AJ wishes he could have seen all the classic rock greats live. She asks him what else he wishes for. He wants to go back in time a few months before things got crazy between them. She wishes for a brownie from Jane’s.

    Heather hangs a poster about the bachelor auction at Jane’s. Pete is embarrassed and wants to speak to Celia about the specifics. Celia reluctantly agrees but AJ and Miranda soon interrupt. Heather then returns and Celia takes over the posters. Pete follows with a boost from Heather and asks for one dance at the gala. Celia agrees. Inside, AJ grabs coffee while Miranda learns from Heather that AJ invited her to the gala as his date. Zach arrives and Miranda encourages Heather and AJ to shop without her. Alone, Zach asks if everything is OK and Miranda pretends it is.

    Major Klutz Moment.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    Miranda and AJ break up another tickle session on his bed and head off to the beach. Downstairs, Colby knowingly interrupts as Pete and Celia are about to kiss. Again he protests the auction, but agrees if he can talk to Celia. Colby whisks her off to Talk Tempo instead. Outside, Colby makes sure Celia knows Pete isn’t into monogamy. Colby wants to make a pact that neither of them go after Pete at the auction.

    AJ’s eyes practically pop out when Miranda gets down to her bikini at the beach. She asks him to lotion her up and after some horsing around she is on top of him, but quickly jumps off and looks sad when Heather and some friends join them. Later, Heather and AJ go off to get ice cream. Hunter and his buddy harass the other girls for hanging out with Miranda. They leave and Hunter grabs at Miranda's top. She runs off. Meanwhile, AJ invites Heather to the Tempo party as his date.

    So Broken.

    Monday, July 15 2013

    Lea and Zach meet for coffee in the square. They agree there is something between them and neither one wants to mess it up. Later, Miranda meets Zach while Lea steps away and he gives her the good news that his charges were dropped. She gives him a picture she drew of Spike and Ian. She leaves with AJ, promising dinner soon. Lea returns and asks how he is related to Miranda. He tells her it’s complicated.

    AJ and Miranda set up a picnic in the mansion. He can tell she misses her mom. Miranda misses the time she had with her mom before Gabi came along. Her dad was just a donor from a sperm bank so it was just the two of them. AJ runs to get some of Carmen’s fro-yo and she cheers up when Bianca calls. Later, she and AJ happily eat their dessert.

    Lurking For Any Opportunity.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    JR surprises Cara with her son Oliver and mother at the mansion. He has arranged it so her mother will be the new cook. David doesn’t have to know anything. Cara doesn’t know how to thank JR. She is nervous people will recognize her mom from her wedding to Tad five years ago but he is sure no one will remember. JR admits he has done this because he doesn’t want Cara to leave. They embrace. Upstairs Miranda sings and plays guitar in AJ’s room when Brooke arrives, impressed with her skill. Miranda tells her AJ is on a date.

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