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    All My Children CAST - Peter "Petey" Cortlandt - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Peter "Petey" Cortlandt Played by Robert Scott Wilson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Robert Scott Wilson/Instagram)

    Real Name: Robert Scott Wilson
    Height: 6'


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    The Who And Jalepenos.

    Monday, June 10 2013

    JR finds AJ and David chatting at Jane’s Addiction and admits his mistakes in regards to Babe. David isn’t buying JR’s sensitivity one bit but AJ tells David to back off. JR just hopes to be able to convince people he has changed, especially Brooke. She’s doing big things at Chandler Media and he wants to be a part of it. JR accidentally trips Jane with his cane. AJ is concerned but JR assures him he is fine. Later, JR warns David he can’t get to him through AJ. Meanwhile, Colby answers Pete’s phone when Celia calls and pretends they are fooling around. David joins their table but soon Pete heads back to the office. David warns Colby that Pete isn’t interested. They split champagne and when her card is declined David covers the bill. Then, he gives her a check for $30,000. She wonders what the catch is and he wonders if she really cares.

    Celia drops off the shopping bags from New York outside Opal’s place. Opal invites Celia in for tea. Celia tells her how much she liked Pete and can’t imagine dating anyone again. They hug and it appears as though a dark feeling comes over Opal. When Pete comes home he is upset by the bags.

    Dweeb To Hot.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013

    Colby runs into Pete at Jane’s Addiction, pleasantly surprised at how hot and successful he has become. Later, Pete’s lawyer tells him distancing himself from David could be a PR nightmare. Pete decides to use this to his advantage and has him draw up a contract that gives them control. He runs into David and tells him a partnership will be on his terms. David tells him to lighten up – they are about to make a lot of money. Pete doesn’t trust him, and David is fine not being besties. They just need to make Cortlandt Electronics a success.

    Celia and Pete run into each other outside Jane’s Addiction. He loves her but she thinks it is too much too soon. Colby interrupts and Celia runs off. Inside, AJ has coffee with David. David hopes JR has changed for AJ’s sake and promises to be there for him because that is what Babe and Marissa would have wanted.

    Major Damage Control.

    Monday, June 03 2013

    Pete does damage control in his hotel room after David’s press conference while Celia tries to recover from her earlier shock but she sees a vision of the man again. Pete calls David, but he blows him off.

    Pete finds David at Jane’s Addiction and accuses him of trying to strong-arm him, but David thinks their partnership will be a win-win. Meanwhile, Celia is startled by Jane and runs home.

    Wrong Guy.

    Wednesday, May 29 2013

    In New York, Pete and Celia make plans. She asks Pete what he would rather be doing if she were someone else, insinuating it'd be a romantic evening in. She admits falling in love and they kiss. She pulls away when she has another vision of the man she saw in her dreams. Pete's distracted when he hears the TV news about his merger with David. Celia's upset nearby as Pete rants that David's messing with the wrong guy. He gets legal on the phone to file an injunction.

    He's Always Right Behind You.

    Wednesday, May 22 2013

    Celia has a nightmare at the hotel. She sees a child with no eyes and blood on her face and hands. The child stops chanting and banging a drumstick before telling Celia, "He's always right behind you." Celia sees the man she saw before and screams. Pete comforts Celia. He's about to kiss her when her cell beeps. She realizes she has about 50 texts. He offers to take her back but they go shopping. He asks her not to think about anything else when they return and he kisses her.

    At Bramwell, Opal leaves a message for Pete to call and Evelyn searches Celia's room. She finds a table with Pete's video message introduction.

    How Convenient.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    In New York, Pete and Celia settle in at a hotel. Celia gets uncomfortable staring at the king size bed. He tells her it's all hers; he'll sleep in a chair. Her suitcase is back in Pine Valley so Pete has a rack of dresses delivered so she can find something to wear. All dressed up, they leave to paint the town red. She offers to let him share the bed, on top of the covers, when they return.

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