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    All My Children CAST - Hunter Morrison - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hunter Morrison Played by Daniel Colvin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/

    Real Name: Daniel Colvin



    Daddy’s Here.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    Back at the gala Colby, Opal, Evelyn, and Celia trade barbs about the auction. Meanwhile, AJ warns Hunter off of Miranda. JR backs AJ up but can’t throw Hunter out because of his parent’s potential investment in Chandler Media. AJ knows JR has worked hard on his presentation and admires that. Meanwhile, David has something to say to Angie but Joe interrupts and Dixie shoots him the evil eye. Zach joins AJ at the bar and they talk about Miranda. AJ admits she is the most beautiful girl at the gala. Later, David apologizes to Angie for letting slip to Jesse about the abortion. Angie blames herself for the abortion because she was with Jesse instead. He assures her this isn’t her fault. JR and Cara check on Oliver upstairs. JR lingers and injects himself while Cara runs into Dixie downstairs. Dixie hasn’t been able to reach Tad to tell him JR is out of his coma. She misses him but has faith he’ll be back soon. Cara offers a sympathetic ear if it isn’t too uncomfortable. Dixie thinks whoever Tad loved had to be pretty special. Meanwhile, Zach encourages Miranda to talk to AJ about her feelings. If she doesn’t open her heart she won’t know how beautiful it could be. Brooke takes the stage and introduces Jason Derulo. While he sings, Heather kisses AJ and Miranda looks sick. David stares at Cara. After, Brooke introduces JR’s presentation. The file is corrupted so she fires up her backup reel. JR loudly accuses her of setting him up. Adam silences him and David looks overjoyed.

    Free Booze.

    Monday, August 05 2013

    Opal interviews JR and Cara as they hit the red carpet at the gala. Colby and David arrive next and Colby touts her hand at pulling the gala together while David promotes his new bio-sensor. Billy Clyde watches from the bushes and imagines Opal introducing him on the red carpet. Inside Dimitri is impressed with Brooke. She helps him with his cufflinks and they share a moment before they are interrupted by a flower delivery from Adam to his dearest Brooke. Then they hit the red carpet and question why Colby brought David. Pete is up next, promoting CorTech and the new job openings to come. Next up is AJ and Heather but Miranda decides to avoid it. She chats with AJ and Heather as Hunter arrives with his parents. Hunter tells Miranda she looks hot in her dress but she plays it off so AJ won’t get in trouble.

    Back at the party Dimitri puts a diamond necklace from the auction on Brooke. She would bid on it if it wouldn’t be inappropriate. Meanwhile, David approaches Cara while Colby gives JR a boost about his reel. He is more concerned about her date choice, as is Brooke. JR returns with champagne for Cara who is shaken that David and her son are in the same house. Outside Opal insists Miranda walk the red carpet considering the center is named after her. Zach arrives with her shoes and Heather is impressed with his hotness. Miranda tosses her old shoes, inadvertently clocking Billy Clyde in the head. Dixie takes the carpet next and she mentions the generous donation while Billy Clyde beams. Inside Hunter taunts Miranda about her sexuality. Dimitri and Brooke dance while David tells Colby it’s time to cool it. Her heart is with someone else and maybe his is too. Outside, Celia hits the red carpet and Opal is speechless as she sees Celia’s vision. She calls Pete onstage for the auction and the bidding begins at $500. Colby battles but Opal won’t call on her so David bids on Pete for her. Meanwhile, Evelyn encourages Celia to bid. Dimitri gets a bid via phone for $10,000. David backs out and the winner is – Celia! She denies bidding but Colby rages on her.

    Major Klutz Moment.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    AJ’s eyes practically pop out when Miranda gets down to her bikini at the beach. She asks him to lotion her up and after some horsing around she is on top of him, but quickly jumps off and looks sad when Heather and some friends join them. Later, Heather and AJ go off to get ice cream. Hunter and his buddy harass the other girls for hanging out with Miranda. They leave and Hunter grabs at Miranda's top. She runs off. Meanwhile, AJ invites Heather to the Tempo party as his date.

    Just Hang In There.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    In detention, Hunter shares another fake photo of Miranda and Heather, and when the teacher steps out Hunter draws female stick figures in a compromising position. Miranda runs off.

    AJ finds Miranda in his room and wonders why she didn’t tell him about the picture. She didn’t want him to know because he could get kicked off the team if he hit Hunter. She means more to him than the team. She goes to the bathroom and he finds the picture on her phone. Furious, he storms off. She returns and runs after him.

    AJ meets Hunter outside school ready to fight one on one. Instead, Hunter’s friends hold AJ up while Hunter beats him. Billy Clyde intervenes and pulls a knife from his cane, spouting bible verses. AJ thanks him as Miranda runs up. Billy Clyde realizes AJ has ties to Dixie.

    Wrong Guy.

    Wednesday, May 29 2013

    Miranda and AJ arrive at Jane's. Miranda's friends blow her off so she sits with someone else while AJ gets coffee. AJ bumps into his teammate and apologizes for his father finding the drugs. He joins Miranda and her new friend Heather. Hunter makes an inappropriate joke aimed at Heather about Bramwell girls being lesbians and suggests maybe Miranda is that way. Miranda stops AJ from hitting Hunter. Meanwhile Billy Clyde interrupts a customer. Outside he threatens to send photos to the man's wife if he doesn't tell Billy where he's taking his business. The man gives him a business card. Later David has a TV crew setting up for a press conference.

    He's Always Right Behind You.

    Wednesday, May 22 2013

    Hunter apologizes to Miranda at school and warns AJ about giving him trouble. Later, AJ worries about his chance as starting pitcher. His teammate's surprised AJ isn't juicing and gives him drugs.

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