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    All My Children CAST - Celia Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celia Fitzgerald Played by Jordan Lane Price on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/WENN)

    Real Name: Jordan Lane Price


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    Stay Away.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    Back at Bramwell, Celia gets ready for bed and is startled by an older male figure behind her as she glimpses in her mirror. She turns and no one is there.

    It's Me, Your Old Friend.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    At the mansion, Celia notifies Brooke she'll continue volunteering despite her guardian's wishes. Upstairs AJ helps Miranda get dressed for a date.

    Celia watches a video invite telling her to go to the window of her room. Pete is outside with a rose.

    What Did You Do?

    Wednesday, May 01 2013

    Alone in her room, Celia complains about her guardian. Evelyn comes in and listens to Celia's pleas for more freedom. Celia thanks her for speaking on her behalf and adds she's tired of the mystery man routine and wants to meet him.

    Adam kisses Brooke at the mansion. Opal interrupts with Peter who is ending a phone call as they arrive. Adam thinks Peter doesn't need advice regarding Cortlandt but arranges a meeting for him. Celia misses Peter as she arrives. Brooke introduces her to Opal. Opal realizes what Pete's interests are in staying in Pine Valley. Alone, Brooke mentions Celia's a computer whiz. Opal begins to tell Brooke that Celia's perfect for Petey but she adds "to help him while he's in town." Brooke steps out and Opal deletes a file. Opal texts Petey for help when Celia finds it missing. Celia receives an important text and leaves.

    Celia meets Evelyn at Bramwell. Evelyn relays her guardian denied her requests. Celia considers leaving since she's 18. Evelyn reminds her she has no money.

    I Promise.

    Tuesday, April 30 2013

    In her room, Celia explains about the condom when Heather comes in asking who the hot guy Vicki saw her with was. Ms. Johnson dismisses Heather and Celia opens up about her work passing out condoms at the Miranda Center. Celia doesn't want her guardian to know and is tired of his restrictions.

    Home Sweet Home.

    Monday, April 29 2013

    Pete is out getting air when he sees Celia. He helps her pick up her documents. He asks her name as she rushes off to teach class. He picks up her dropped locket and returns home. He tells Opal he's decided to stay a little longer as he clasps Celia's locket in his hand.

    Evelyn tells Celia she's late when she arrives at the school. She promises to reschedule her students' sessions. Evelyn asks her to explain a condom she found.

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