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    All My Children CAST - Celia Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celia Fitzgerald Played by Jordan Lane Price on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/WENN)

    Real Name: Jordan Lane Price


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    That's Rich.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    Back at Bramwell, Evelyn lets Celia know the chauffeur's there. Pete comes in dressed in a uniform and exchanges a smile with Celia. He follows them out and deliberately drops a passport. Outside Evelyn can't find her passport and goes inside. Pete runs with Celia to his Porsche. Evelyn catches a glimpse of them driving off.

    Look Out For Love.

    Wednesday, May 15 2013

    At the Chandler's, Miranda talks AJ into giving his dad another shot after Dixie arrives explaining JR feels horrible about what happened. They leave for the hospital. In another room, Celia tells Brooke she's been sneaking out of Bramwell to see Pete. They're surprised when Pete arrives with documents for Brooke. Alone Celia and Pete remember their last date and plan reservations for later.

    Opal visits Evelyn Johnson at Bramwell. She's surprised when Opal introduces herself as the mother of the young man dating Celia. Opal hints Celia's been sneaking around but wants to make sure Celia's not in trouble for missing curfew. She offers to pay for the broken trellis outside Celia's window. Evelyn cuts Opal off and thanks her for her visit. Evelyn's waiting for Celia when she returns to her room. She surprises her with the news they are leaving immediately to travel Europe. Celia refuses to go.


    Thursday, May 09 2013

    At Jane's, Celia tells Pete he could have mailed the locket. She didn't plan on seeing him again after what he was planning. He doesn't understand and tells her to go play games with someone else. She's happy to find out he was playing her before she fell for him. He chases after her. She tells Pete she overheard his friend discussing when Pete would score with her. Pete straightens it out and invites her to dinner sometime and takes her home. They sneak in her window and she considers seeing him tomorrow.

    It's Been Nice.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    At the Chandler's, Adam prepares to leave and promises to call AJ after his plane lands. Brooke indicates she'll keep an eye on AJ for him and Dixie. Adam worries about David being out of prison thinking David has an agenda. In the next room Celia tutors Miranda. Miranda's annoyed by the constant calls Celia's ignoring. They discuss their guy troubles and family history. AJ arrives and a corsage is delivered. Miranda won't go to the school dance and AJ's suspended anyway. Celia thinks there must be some way to cheer Miranda up. AJ smiles and disappears. Miranda confronts him when he returns and thinks he should talk to his father. AJ gets upset and leaves. Miranda finds a card addressed to her.

    Zach and Jesse meet at Jane's. Angie bumps into them and wonders why Zach is still in town. She asks if Jesse has heard from Cassandra who isn't answering her texts. Alone, Angie asks Jesse what's going on. Meanwhile Jane asks Pete why a good looking guy like him is helping her instead of hanging out with Celia. He thinks Celia's not interested. Celia shows up. Pete brings over her lost locket. She thanks him. He says it's been nice talking to her and walks away. Outside Zach shares a new lead with Jesse.

    Later, in Center City, Zach and Jesse break into the Fancy Finger Nail Salon.

    Make Me Disappear.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    Brooke drops off Celia's flash drive at Bramwell and compliments her on the flowers. Celia confesses to sneaking out with Pete.

    At Jane's, Pete introduces Dillon Wilder the best coder in the west. Dillon hits on Jane and wonders why Pete isn't knee deep in babes. Pete excuses himself to catch Celia walking by outside. He invites her to dinner. She promises to meet him later. Inside Dillon rides Pete about how he's going to seal the deal. Celia returns and overhears Pete say he doesn't need a line with this one. She leaves before she hears him add how special she is. Later Peter can't believe he's been stood up.

    Back at Bramwell, Celia throws out her flowers wondering how she could be so stupid.

    Stay Away.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    At the coffee house, Jane breaks up AJ and Hunter and tells AJ to go find Miranda. Jane listens to a cell phone that recorded Hunter and Sally's conversation. She threatens to turn anyone involved into the police for corrupting a minor if she finds anything posted online. Later, Bianca bumps into Zach getting coffee. He asks about Kendall. Bianca says Kendall is moving on with her life and he should too. Jane interrupts and tells her what happened to Miranda. Outside Celia and Pete have coffee after a walk. She gets personal about Evelyn and her mystery guardian. Meanwhile AJ finds Miranda crying on a bench nearby. AJ reminds her that her mom is not a freak and neither is she. She feels bad AJ got hurt. He says it's nothing and takes her home with him. Around the corner out of earshot, Zach meets someone that owes his casino money. The kid tells Zach he has nothing on the Koslov's. He was shut down digging for information and isn't interested in losing his life over money.

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