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    All My Children CAST - Celia Fitzgerald

    Full detailed profile on Celia Fitzgerald Played by Jordan Lane Price on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Alberto Reyes/WENN)
    Celia Fitzgerald

    Actor: Jordan Lane Price

    Who played Celia Fitzgerald over the years

    Jordan Lane Price (April 29, 2013 - Present)

    Useful information on Celia Fitzgerald

    * New character.
    * Has an unknown 'guardian'.


    Present: Student


    Celia Fitzgerald goes to Bramwell Hall. She feels stifled by the rules her unknown 'guardian' has for her. She met Petey one day and dropped a locket, which he picked up and kept.








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    Monday, August 26 2013: The Eagle Has Landed.

    At Bramwell, Evelyn gives Celia a gift Pete sent over, an outfit for her date, and they both laugh. Pete soon arrives in a matching sailing outfit.

    Back at Jane’s, Celia emerges in a new outfit. Pete hits the switch and the room is set up like her favorite scene from "Lady and the Tramp," complete with spaghetti and meatballs. As they dance, Opal and Colby release a skunk and Celia screams as it sprays her. Outside, Opal and Colby do a happy dance before scurrying off.

    Monday, August 26 2013: Grind You Into The Ground.

    Celia and Pete go to his place to get the skunk smell off and the date back on track. They kiss but are interrupted by Opal. As soon as Opal sees Celia, she is struck by her scary vision. Opal can see the skunk brought them closer. She leaves and Pete and Celia make out.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Take My Chances.

    Heather and Celia gossip about Colby and the gala at Bramwell Hall. Heather urges Celia to give Pete another chance and she hopes it isn’t a mistake. Heather admits that she kissed AJ. She wasn’t sure how he felt about her before but now she knows they were meant to be. Plus, Miranda is cool with it. Later, as she sleeps, Celia dreams a man reaches his hand out to her to take her away and she wakes up upset. She calls someone.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Down In The Mud.

    Celia meets Dixie in the square to talk about her visions. Coby overhears as Celia worries that she is going crazy. Dixie tells her something in her unconscious is trying to get out and promises to help her. Dixie wants to see her regularly and offers total privacy.

    At Bramwell, Evelyn has been worried about Celia. She called the station but she wasn’t there. Celia tells her Mr. Marick had her running errands. Celia rushes off for a tutoring session. Evelyn calls someone and tells them Celia lied about being at the station.

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