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    Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25

    Started by PBNGJNG at 2013/10/01 04:08AM
    Latest post: 2013/10/03 05:48AM, Views: 665, Replies: 11
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    #1   2013/10/01 04:08AM
    Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25


    Scene 1:

    Krystal is seated in Dr. Barber’s office waiting for him to discuss her biopsy results.

    “Krystal, I am sorry to keep you waiting.” Dr. Barber says. “I know you must be anxious.”

    “I haven’t been waiting long. I appreciate you putting a rush on this for me.”

    Dr. Barber opens the file and says to Krystal, “You biopsy does show the mass is malignant. However because you were so diligent in your breast exams and came to see me so soon, I believe we can remove the mass entirely and without being too evasive. With some additional radiation and chemo I feel assured that the cancer will be gone.”

    “Well I guess that is like good news/bad news, right?” Krystal tries some humor.

    “I know you must be scared, but I promise the prognosis looks very encouraging. We have to schedule the surgery immediately though. Have you told your husband?”

    “No, not yet. You have to know that the timing for all of this is not very good.”

    “It never is good timing Krystal, but you can’t postpone this and Jackson and your family need to know. You are going to need their support through this.”

    “I know, doctor but once Jackson finds out about this I know he is going to want to drop out of the election. He has wanted this for so long.”

    “I think your husband will care more about his wife and her health then any election, Krystal. Please speak to him tonight and inform your family as soon as possible. We need to schedule this procedure right away.”

    Just out of curiosity, how long could I postpone the surgery?”

    “Krystal, please do not even think about trying to wait this out till after the election. You do not have that kind of time!”

    “Okay, Dr. Barber I will talk to Jack as soon as possible and make arrangements to get started.”

    Krystal leaves the doctors office and heads over to the park. She has so much to think about. She knows the doctor is right and this can’t wait but how can she tell Jack and know he will concede his dreams for her health?
    Scene 2:

    Reggie walks into the Fusion office looking for Greenlee. A beautiful young woman walks up to him.

    “Can I help you?” She asks. It is Cassandra who is working at Fusion as Greenlee’s assistant.

    “Actually I am looking for Greenlee,” says Reggie.

    “Do you have an appointment?

    “No, but I am sure she will see me, I am her brother Reggie.”

    “I had no idea Greenlee had a brother.”

    “I guess you can’t see the family resemblance.” Reggie says jokingly. “I have been away from Pine Valley for a few years, and I wanted to stop by and let her know I was home.”

    “Reggie!” Greenlee runs up to him and gives him a big hug. “When did you get home? Does Jack know you are here?”

    “Yes, I stopped and saw Jack and Krystal earlier. I wanted to make you my next visit. You look great Greenpea. I guess marriage, work and motherhood really are good for you.”

    “Well thanks, and I can see the military has done okay with you as well.”

    “I’m sorry, Reggie this is Cassandra my assistant. Cassandra is Chief Hubbard and Dr. Hubbard’s daughter.”

    “It is a pleasure to meet you, Cassandra,” says Reggie.

    “The pleasure is all mine,” says Cassandra smiling.

    Scene 3:

    Ellie walks into the Staff Lounge and finds Jake getting a cup of coffee.

    “It’s not great but it will definitely keep you up,” says Jake.

    “I think I will pass, but thanks,” says Ellie.

    “So how are you finding work at PVH?” says Jake.

    “Everyone is very nice and the work is very rewarding.” Ellie tells him. “I know your family has a long history here at the hospital. How long have you worked here?”

    “I came back here a long time ago, after working out in California. Since then I have worked here off and on for several years.” Jake tells Ellie.

    “Where did you come from before moving here?” Jake asks her.

    “Oh. I was just working in Chicago, but I have lived all over growing up with my Mom.”

    “Is your Mom out in Chicago?”

    “No, my Mom has been living out of the country for many years now.”

    Scene 4:

    Griffin walks through the door of The Boarding House and Zoey is sitting on the sofa reading a magazine.

    She looks up and says to Griffin, “long day?”

    Griffin answers that he did a double shift at the hospital and stopped off to put a few hours in at The Free Clinic. “How was your day?”

    “I spent the afternoon with Zach’s kids at the park. Zach had a some Casino business to attend to and I thought he might want some free time to go see Kendall.”

    “It is great you and Zach are getting along and you seem to enjoy the kids as much as the seem to like being with you.”

    “Well I am glad I am getting to know Zach but it is still kind of weird finding out about having a whole family I knew nothing about, especially the Cambias part of it. As for the kids I think they are just getting attached to me because they miss their Mom. You know Kendall, what is she like?”

    “How much time do you have?” jokes Griffin.

    To be continued…

    #2   2013/10/01 05:41PM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25
    Axl Rose

    It seems Griffin and Zoey are getting to know each other but I love that Griffin is getting to know Zach's little sister Zoey but Zoey she is still trying to adjust to her new life of being a Cambias which I am sure can't be easy for her but if she has her family there for her helping her through it as well as Griffin helping her out then I am sure she will be fine but I couldn't help but see the chemistry between Zoey and Griffin, definite chemistry there if I do say so myself

    I wonder if Ellie's mother is someone from Pine Valley's past because if she is...then I wonder just whose daughter Ellie really is? But how about Ellie's father? That is the bigger mystery now isn't it?

    Reggie and Cassandra definitely have chemistry if you ask me, and if there is an African-American supercouple that you could definitely build up or at least have a slow build towards it is definitely them because Reggie reminds me so much of a young Jesse and Cassandra reminds me so much of a young Angie, so many similarities

    And Krystal needs to tell her family about her illness and fast before they find out some other way

    #3   2013/10/02 04:54AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25
    Axl Rose

    I think Kendall will wake up soon enough if she hasn't already and if she has woken up then she is most likely faking her coma but I don't get why Kendall would do that, why she would put her loved ones through that especially if she's awake and she could let them know

    But Zoey being here for her family while trying to adjust to this new family, it's admirable on her part because Zach he has never had a sister before and Zoey being an only child she has never had any siblings so it would be great to see her and Zach's brother-sister relationship touched upon more in the sense that they do bond with each other more

    And Zoey she has her brother's step-son her step-nephew Spike Ryan & Kendall's son to look after, but also her nephew Zach & Kendall's son Ian and her niece Zach & Kendall's daughter Amelia to look after considering their mother is in a coma or she's pretending to be, and their father Zach isn't always around all the time so the kids have no one else to depend on well actually that's not true because they have Kendall's sister their Aunt Bianca

    But in any event since Halloween is coming up, I wonder what you have planned in terms of your Halloween episode of your Fan Fiction series considering Halloween is the time for murder and mayhem on soaps, so I wonder if someone is going to die or come pretty close to dying?

    And considering Halloween is coming up soon I wonder if you will have the kids trick or treating or in Halloween costumes?

    How about the grown-ups in town? I wonder if there will be a costume party somewhere in town and if there is...then I definitely suggest Wildwind the Cortlandt Mansion or the Chandler Mansion

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    #4   2013/10/02 05:11AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25
    Axl Rose

    For the Thanksgiving episode of your Fan Fiction series I wonder if you have anything planned as far as your Thanksgiving episode goes?

    Just who will be spending Thanksgiving with whom? Which families will be celebrating the holiday together? But also wondering if we will see any returns for Thanksgiving?

    #5   2013/10/02 07:11AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25
    Axl Rose

    A.J. I wonder if he still lives with his mother Marissa because if he does then why not have a teenage A.J. move into the Chandler Mansion? Who even lives at the Chandler Mansion now? I'm sure A.J.'s grandfather Adam and A.J.'s step-grandmother Brooke live there so if they do why not just have A.J. move in with them? Adam and Brooke could always use having more people at the mansion they have a lot of space and not to mention the mansion is practically empty since Adam and Brooke it is just the 2 of them

    If Adam's grandson A.J. were to move in then it would be perfect considering Adam's children are so far away, his son J.R. is not around, his daughter Colby is not around either, his other daughter Hayley she's not around, and Adam he has another son out there if I'm not mistaken...his son Miguel Reyes Chandler, Miguel is not around either

    And Adam's nephew Stuart's son Scott he isn't around either

    And it would be nice if A.J. started to take an interest in his family company of Chandler Enterprises, have A.J. follow in his grandfather and father's footsteps by having A.J. take an interest in Chandler

    A.J. can become an intern at Chandler learning from the very best learning the business from the ground up

    #6   2013/10/02 07:35AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25

    Your comments are s always spot on. You are going to enjoy the new episodes and stories.

    #7   2013/10/02 07:40AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25

    I can assure you that Kendall is not faking her coma. Things are going to be interesting when she does wake up and her reaction to Zoey ad Zoey's presence in their lives. As for a Halloween episode I don't think so as that is a holiday that is very visual and better suited to the screen.

    #8   2013/10/02 07:41AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25

    nothing planned right now.

    #9   2013/10/02 07:44AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25

    I mentioned in an earlier episode that AJ asked JR to move back into mansion

    #10   2013/10/02 08:23AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #25
    Axl Rose

    But I do hope that there is a Christmas episode of your fan fiction series because I wonder for Christmas just who will spend Christmas with whom and which families will celebrate Christmas together since Christmas is such a grand-scale holiday

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