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    Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #23

    Started by PBNGJNG at 2013/09/06 12:40PM
    Latest post: 2013/09/09 07:34PM, Views: 296, Replies: 3
    #1   2013/09/06 12:40PM
    Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #23


    Scene 1:

    The nurse tells Krystal the doctor can see her now.

    “Thanks,” says Krystal as she gets up and walks toward his office door. “Hello Dr. Barber, thanks for squeezing me in.”

    “No problem, Krystal. I know how busy your schedule is these days. I don’t know how you juggle your restaurant, Jack’s campaign and your family.”

    “It is a challenge sometimes, but I feel so blessed with my life right now. However, I know you didn’t call me in to discuss my managerial skills, and I am not a woman who likes to postpone the inevitable, so just give it to me straight.”

    “Okay, Krystal. I have gone over your test results and there is no doubt you have a growth on your right breast. Now it is too early to jump to conclusions, or that it is anything serious until we do a biopsy. I know that this comes at a bad time but I think we should get the answer soon so we know what we are dealing with.”

    “Well Dr. Barber, lets schedule something as soon as you can get me in. Is this something that requires me to stay in the hospital?”

    “No we can do it as an out patient, why?”

    “Well the truth is until I know what is going on I would rather not tell anyone, that includes Jack.”

    “Krystal I understand you not wanting to upset your family before we know what is going on, but do you think it is wise to not confide this to your husband?”

    “Please doctor just make the arrangements and keep this to yourself. I appreciate your concern really, but I will deal with my husband and when and what he needs to know.”

    Scene 2:

    Zoey rings the bell and Zach comes to the door happy to see her. “Come on in,” he tells her.

    “You have a beautiful home,” she tells Zach.

    “Thank you, but Kendall is mostly responsible for that. My only input was the big flat screen TV for watching the Red Wings games. Come sit down. Can I get you anything to drink?”

    “No, I fine for now, thanks.”

    Suddenly from behind, two young boys coming running into the room and jump on Zach. A young woman is holding a baby in her arms and passes her over to Zach. Zach introduces Rachel to Zoey and tells Zoey he has things covered if she wants to go out for awhile.

    “Well Aunt Zoey, these are your two nephews, Spike and Ian and this little bundle is your niece Amelia. Would you like to hold Amelia?”

    Zoey looks at the two boys and tells them what handsome young men they are. Both Spike and Ian laugh and tell Zoey that Dad told them all about having a new Aunt. Zoey carefully takes Amelia from Zach and holds her in her arms. “She is so beautiful Zach”, Zoey tells him.

    “Well I think the credit for that goes to her mother more than me.” Zach laughs.

    Scene 3:

    Ellie and Tim and head over to the Martin house where Jake and Amanda are having a BBQ. Ellie is a bit nervous, “Are you sure it is okay for me to come? They might just want family.” Ellie says to Tim.

    “Amanda told me to bring anyone I want, and I wanted to bring you. Besides you know Jake from the hospital,” he tells Ellie.

    “Well I have met him briefly, but I won’t know anyone else there but you.”

    “Look it is just Amanda, Jake their kids and Dr. Joe. Tad and Dixie will probably be coming by with the girls as well.”

    “Okay if you sure it is all right.”

    Amanda answers the door and tells them to come right in. Tim introduces Ellie to her and Amanda tells her it is nice to meet her. “How do you like living at Opal’s?” she asks. If this guy here gives you any problems you just let me know, okay?

    Amanda tells Tim and Ellie everyone is out back and to follow her outside to meet everyone.

    Scene 4:

    Jack is home working on some campaign issues when the doorbell rings. Not expecting anyone he can’t imagine whom it would be. He opens the door and smiles. Standing there at attention and saluting is Major Reggie Montgomery, Jack’s son.

    “Hello Dad,” Reggie says. “I’m home.”

    To be continued…..

    #2   2013/09/07 07:31AM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #23
    Axl Rose

    It seems Ellie and Tim are getting closer but I wonder what Amanda, Tim's sister will think about Ellie and her brother getting closer?

    And Zoey meeting her niece Amelia, her nephew Ian and her step-nephew Spike, that was great but with Zoey she is still to meet her sister-in-law Kendall but once Kendall meets Zoey you can bet they will either get along or Zoey and Kendall could wind up hating one another

    And Krystal having breast cancer, that is a shocking development

    #3   2013/09/08 06:31PM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #23

    Without giving too much away, Amanda is going to figure in a big way regarding Ellie.

    Again, I have plans for Zoey and Kendal as well as Zoey's involvement in the Slater's life.

    Krystal's cancer is going to have a big effect on Jack's campaign, their marriage and their big extended family.

    #4   2013/09/09 07:34PM
    Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #23
    Axl Rose

    So I wonder if Greenlee approves of Krystal being with her father or if she approves of Krystal being her step-mother? Or if Reggie and Lily also approve of Krystal being with their father? Or if Reggie and Lily approve of Krystal being their step-mother?

    And Marissa and Jenny being Krystal's daughters I wonder if they will find out about their mother's breast cancer? And if they do I wonder if they will grow closer to their step-father Jack?


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