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    Fan Fiction Episode #21

    Started by PBNGJNG at 2013/08/16 07:32AM
    Latest post: 2013/08/17 12:41PM, Views: 319, Replies: 6
    #1   2013/08/16 07:32AM
    Fan Fiction Episode #21


    Scene 1:

    Brot and Tim approach Jesse’s office door and knocks once.

    “Enter,” says Jesse.

    Brot and Tim go in “Take a seat gentleman,” Jesse says.

    “I want to know exactly what happened in the park today and why an autistic young man was thrown down on the ground, handcuffed and brought to this Station? I have spoken to the boy’s sister and she is considering pressing charges.” Jesse tells them both.

    Tim speaks up first, “Chief we were told there was a strange man hanging around the playground. When we approached and asked his name several times he just ignored us.”

    “So let me get this straight, this boy who did nothing alarming and showed no aggression to you or your partner Officer Dillion, you interpreted that constituted a threat?” says Jesse.

    “I guess I might have overreacted to the situation, Chief,” Tim says.

    “I should thinks so. This boy was told by his sister to wait for him on the bench and not go anywhere or talk to anyone while she went to get a sweater from her car. I have talked to her, and apologized profusely. She finally agreed not to pursue the matter, but I suggest you both go and personally apologize to her and the boy.” Jesse tells them.

    Brot and Tim agree and Jesse dismisses them.

    A minute later there is another knock on the door, Brot enters and asks if they can talk. Jesse tells Brot he thought he was very quiet before and this whole incident does not sound like the way Brot operates.

    Brot tells Jesse he doesn’t want to start his partnership off badly with Tim but he (Tim) totally overreacted to the situation. Jesse thanks Brot for the information and dismisses Brot.

    Jesse sits back at his desk and opens a file drawer and pulls out a file. He looks at it and it is labeled “Dillion, Officer Timothy.” Jesse starts to think he may have missed something when he agreed to hire Dillion so quickly. He will keep his eye on him, but hopes this was an isolated incident.

    Scene 2:

    Zoey knocks on Zach’s office door and hears him say “Come in.”

    “Anthony, the Pit Boss said you wanted me to come to your office. Have I done something wrong, Mr. Slater?” she asks.

    “You have done nothing wrong, Zoey and I am sorry if you felt troubled. I need to talk to you about something and wanted it to be private and not to be disturbed. Incidentally you will be paid for your entire shift tonight, if that is a concern to you.” Zach tells her.

    “That is very considerate Mr. Slater, but I can not imagine what there is you could want to talk to me about that would require a meeting like this.” She says.

    “Please sit down, Zoey. Can I get you something to drink?”

    “No not at the moment, thank you though.” She says.

    Zoey, what I am about to tell you came as a big surprise to me. I have checked and rechecked all the information before even thinking about telling you this. Then I gave great thought as to how this information will impact your life. In the end I have decided that you need to know the truth. I only hope once you do, you will let me help you deal with all this new information.” Zach says.

    “You are kind of freaking me out Mr. Slater,” She says.

    “I am sure I am and I am sorry about that. Please sit down and let me try to explain this all to you. This started when you lost your locket and I found it at the Casino. I did not mean to but it opened and I saw the picture of your mother and your father. I could not believe it. Zoey, your father, whom you never met is my father also, Alexander Cambias Sr.” he says.

    “So you are telling me that we are related? That you and I are half siblings? Just from that picture, do you have any actual proof? Zoey asks Zach.

    “I am afraid I have more proof than I want or need, Zoey. I have everything here to show you. However, there is more to me telling you that we share a father. I need to tell you the whole Cambias story, and I am afraid that when I am done you might not like what your will hear and might not like me for telling you the truth about your real family. I just ask you to be patient and to understand I know better than anyone what this information will feel like to you. So let me start at the beginning, Alexander Cambias married my mother Amelia Howe and had two sons, my self named after my father and my younger brother, Michael. When we were both still small…..

    Scene 3:

    A young woman, Ellie Westmore shows up at PVH and asks the first nurse she sees where the HR department is. She explains she has just been hired at PVH as a nurse and needs to fill out some paper work before beginning her first shift

    Scene 4:

    Hours later Zach finally finishes up most of the Cambias history and how their family effected the lives of the people in Pine Valley. Zach knows he has given this young woman so much to process.

    “I can’t believe this whole thing, Zach. I grew up just thinking it was my Mom and myself. I never knew the man in her locket and she never talked about he much either. Did she know about him? If she did why didn’t she ever tell me? Putting aside for the moment all the horrible things that he and Michael, my Uncle, did to all these people, I have found I have a whole family that I never knew about.” Zoey stands up and just looks at Zach with confusion written all over her face. I have to get out of here right now and be alone, have some space to process all of this.” She tells Zach.

    Zoey runs to the door and Zach starts to go after her but realizes that she probably does need time to take this all in. He just hopes when the dust settles they can talk again and try and form some kind of relationship and he can help her deal with all that being a Cambias entails.

    To be continued…

    P.S. I have been watching AMC since 1976 and during that time I have had the pleasure of sharing that experience with family, friends and yes even my late husband. Now however I watch the show alone these past years and enjoy writing my Random Thoughts article as well as this new venture Fan Fiction. I am pleased when I see people have read my posts as it makes me feel connected to all of you out there. Thanks for all your support. I am always happy to here what you have to say about either one of my posts.


    Patti G

    #2   2013/08/16 08:43AM
    Re: Fan Fiction Episode #21
    Axl Rose

    Zoey has a lot to process, I mean she is a Cambias after all but at the same time all of this was just dropped on her and she had to find out just what her father Alexander Cambias, Sr. did or has done to so many people and not to mention Michael Cambias her other brother what he did to so many people

    Just thought that I would correct you on one thing, that being that Michael is not Zoey's uncle, he is her brother too, because Michael is Zach's brother making him Zoey's brother too, just thought that I would point that out to you

    But nevertheless about Tim, I think Brot is starting to rethink having Tim for a partner and why? Because Tim is a nutcase apparently, I guess it runs in the family, I mean his mother Janet from Another Planet she is or she was unstable mentally and not to mention insane, so it seems Tim is following suit or he will, it is only a matter of time

    And Ellie Westmore debuting on canvas, she is going to become a nurse here at Pine Valley Hospital, I wonder if Ellie has any ties to anyone in town? It wouldn't surprise me if she does, Ellie for all we know she could be a long-lost Chandler or a long-lost Cortlandt or she could be a long-lost Martin, I would go for her being a Martin any day of the week

    #3   2013/08/16 09:14AM
    Re: Fan Fiction Episode #21

    Thanks for reminding me about Michael's relationship to Zoey. Also Janet was not Tim's mother. Natalie was.

    #4   2013/08/16 09:15AM
    Re: Fan Fiction Episode #21

    Meant ay that Ellie will have ties with people in PV.

    #5   2013/08/16 09:43AM
    Re: Fan Fiction Episode #21
    Axl Rose

    Quote PBNGJNG: Thanks for reminding me about Michael's relationship to Zoey. Also Janet was not Tim's mother. Natalie was.

    Even so Tim is destined to flip out, it is only a matter of time before he is on the crazy train if you know what I mean

    #6   2013/08/16 10:15AM
    Re: Fan Fiction Episode #21
    Axl Rose

    Quote PBNGJNG: Meant ay that Ellie will have ties with people in PV.

    Wonder if we will hear more about Ellie's backstory, where she comes from or how she grew up or if she has any family or if her family is right here in Pine Valley? But mostly how old is Ellie, in her early, mid or late 20s? Or is she in her early 30s?

    #7   2013/08/17 12:41PM
    Re: Fan Fiction Episode #21
    Axl Rose

    Here is hoping we get to see the teenagers AJ, Miranda, Kathy, Emma and Spike in episode #22

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