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    Random Thoughts By Patti G 050213

    Started by PBNGJNG at 2013/05/02 07:30AM
    Latest post: 2013/05/03 10:15AM, Views: 460, Replies: 2
    #1   2013/05/02 07:30AM
    Random Thoughts By Patti G 050213

    Well All My Children is back!

    I have read many posts on what you have all thought about the new show and now I would like to weigh in with my opinion.

    I have to start by saying the sets are just incredible. I want to live in Angie and Jesse’s house.

    I have to admit I was startled when I heard both Jesse and Zach curse. It is not that I such much was bothered by what they said, more that it was weird hearing characters I have watched for so long say something I never expected to hear them say. I also realized then that there will be a big difference on the show regarding content now that they are no longer under the thumb of the censors. I think that within reason that having the characters swear makes them more realistic but I hope that they do not go overboard with the language just because they can.

    As for getting some answers to what has happened over the past five years and why certain characters are not there. I was glad they addressed the Kendall matter. I hope that they will expand upon this some more in the future. It also appears to me that Tad was the one that got shot at the party five years ago, but I could be wrong.

    I am a bit surprised by how nice Adam is behaving. I found the interaction between him and Peter a little over the top. I hope that Adam has not become to tame in new incarnation.

    I was happy to see that Angie and David have kept their new friendship from when the show ended to this new version. I am very curious as to why David was sent to jail for the shooting.

    Miranda is pretty much what I pictured her to be like, I find AJ a little too nice. I would have preferred him to have a bit more edge to him.

    Yes, I am curious about the new character, Cecila. I hope it is not too long before we find out who her guardian is and I wonder if it is someone that we already know. Her situation reminds me a little of how Palmer treated Nina when they first came on the show.

    I have to admit they it took me a minute to recognize who the actress is playing Evelyn.

    I was a bit confused when Opal asked Peter to help fix the mess that Caleb left Cortlandt Electronic in. Hadn’t Caleb been gone from the show long before it ended?

    Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

    Patti G


    #2   2013/05/02 08:34PM
    Re: Random Thoughts By Patti G 050213
    katy kennicott

    Patti G! I'm so glad that you're posting her now that MD is gone - looks like it's for good. I used to post on the MD board as katy kennicott.

    I think that Celia's mystery guardian might be Dimitri. I would love for Dimitri to come back! AJ and Celia kind of remind me of Phil and Tara from the shows beginning. Pete Courtlandt is good and I love seeing Opal. I hope that you're wrong about Tad. I would love for them to recast Jake and Amanda. I wouldn't mind seeing Michael Lowry or J. Eddie Peck return as Jake. I liked both of them. The one I'm really missing is Jackson. Please bring him back.

    The sets are really nice and I love the outdoor scenes. They don't look hokey like they did when GL did them just before they were cancelled.

    I am so glad to see that you're here. Do you know if goldie posts here? I miss her posts, too.

    #3   2013/05/03 10:15AM
    Re: Random Thoughts By Patti G 050213

    Glad to be back! Hope you arreading my Fan Fiction stories.


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