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    All My Children ACTOR - Connie Fletcher

    Full detailed profile on Connie Fletcher playing Erin Lavery on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Connie Fletcher
    Connie Fletcher

    Birthday: 1982-11-08
    Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
    Currently playing: Erin Lavery


    Connie Fletcher was born in Jacksonville, Florida, where she graduated from Episcopal High School in 2001. Throughout her high school years, Connie acted in school productions and upon her graduation, headed for Boston University to study Theatre.

    While in school, she appeared in productions of Blue Surge, Electra,The Rimers of Eldrich and See More Glass.

    Her first big acting job was with All My Children, originating the character of Erin Lavery in 2005. She was released from her contract in 2006.


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    All My Children - Erin Lavery (2005-2006)

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