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Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2008

08/25/2008 12:00am

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Amanda and Jake are heating up! (

Coming Up on All My Children

Wednesday, August 27

Kendall and Greenlee argue with Babe and Amanda again.

Zach tells Ryan how to deal with Annie.

Angie asks Jesse what happened while he was "dead".

When Kendall and Greenlee don't support their ideas, Babe, Amanda and Randi form their own co-op!

Frustrated with Kendall, Zach takes action.

Jake and Taylor can't agree on the war in Iraq.

Amanda offers David's cabin to Jake.

Jesse receives a strange phone call.

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What is Taylor's problem? (

Thursday, August 28

Greenlee asks Ryan about his feelings.

Adam and Petey make a deal.

Zach begs Kendall to focus on their family.

Friday, August 29

Ryan tells Annie he still loves Greenlee.

Amanda decides to keep other women far away from Jake.

Erica is surprised at Jack's.

Greenlee interrupts a fight between Aidan and Ryan.

Adam kisses Erica.

Erica thinks Jack may be The One for her.

Later This Summer

Brot confuses things for Taylor. Read about that here and learn how you could be the new Brot!

Adam cons JR and Babe to get Fusion for himself!

Josh puts pressure on Zach and Kendall's relationship.

Annie, Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee struggle with the confines of marriage.

A tornado is headed for Pine Valley and not all of our favorite characters will survive!

Part of Jesse's past begins to haunt is future with Angie.

Dr. David Hayward returns! Read about David's return and the latest Comings & Goings here.

Kathy places a lot of pressure on Tad and Krystal.

JR and Babe begin to take their relationship to the next level.

Jake realizes that Amanda is a fun date but can't stay away from Taylor, either.

Petey tries to win Colby's heart by gaining Adam's trust.

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