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Spoilers for the Week of November 11, 2013

11/11/2013 12:00am

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Jake Tapper (TOLN)

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Get details as to why Prospect Park has halted production on All My Children.

Read the latest AMC Blog for Hollie's take on the season finale in Pine Valley! participated in a conference call with Jordan Lane Price.

Here are is a tidbit from the call:

When asked if there is any chance we might see a different side to Celia, Jordan Lane Price (Celia) said, "I can’t speak completely to that, but I definitely think that - yes. I think that if you keep watching, I think Celia is starting to have a little bit of a boiling point. I think that, you know, she is a very - like you said a very earnest sweet girl but I think, you know, there’s only so far you can push and Colby definitely is pushing those buttons. So yes I think, you know, Celia’s going to wise up at some point."

Week of August 19:

Monday August 19: Part 1:

AMC Recap Part 1: Take My Chances.

JR and AJ go head to head over his use of steroids.

Will JR’s rage lead him to destroy someone in his family?

When Dimitri puts a necklace on Brooke and she feels his touch, will it lead to a kiss—and betrayal?

Can Colby, our vulnerable vixen, recover from the slight by her father, Adam Chandler, or will it send her on a quest for love?

David shares a tender moment with Oliver. Will he put the pieces together and realize he is his son or will Cara admit her duplicity?

Monday August 19: Part 2:

AMC Recap Part 2: Down In The Mud.

Cara confronts JR about stealing her prescription scripts. Will her work as a doctor be in jeopardy?

Pete ups the romance and plans a night for Celia straight out of the movies.

Colby and Opal team up as a dynamic duo to cause mayhem in Pine Valley. But will they get caught?

JR’s rage builds, and he makes a destructive plan. Who will it impact—David, Brooke, Dimitri, or Cara?

Week of August 26:

Monday August 26: Part 1:

AMC Recap 1: The Eagle Has Landed.

Cassandra is released from the hospital, but not from the emotional scars. Will her trauma threaten her relationship with her family?

Jesse is a man on the edge. Will his intentions to save his family ultimately cost him his family?

Pete prepares a romantic date with Celia, but will their evening be interrupted by an unexpected guest?

Colby makes plans to have Pete all to herself? Can she succeed?

Shaken by the growing relationship between AJ and Heather, Miranda decides to move out of the Chandler Mansion. Who does she turn to in her hour of need?

Monday August 26: Part 2:

AMC Recap 2: Grind You Into The Ground.

Celia and Pete have an eventful evening, capped off by a close moment and a sensual expression of their feelings.

Dixie walks in on Anders struggling with the shadows of his past.

JR makes a veiled threat to Cara regarding his steroid usage. Does he have Cara backed into a corner?

Lea asks Zach what he wants from life—he responds with a passionate kiss.

The season finale for "All My Children" is Monday September 2.

AMC Season Finale Recap: Fill The Void.

From TOLN, "The first season of 'All My Children' wraps up by answering many of the seasons burning questions. Will Angie and Jesse finally bring home Cassandra after her horrific journey? Will the ordeal bring them closer or is Jesse keeping another secret that could put his family in jeopardy? Will Pete finally end up with Celia or do Colby and Opal have other plans? And what of Dimitri’s feelings for Brooke? Miranda’s for AJ? Zach’s for Kendall? And is there a big surprise in store for Cara, JR and David about Oliver? Lots of action to come."

Season One Finale Previews:

Cara will protect her son, no matter what it takes.

A phone call Jesse receives leads him to believe his family is in danger.

Someone from Zach's past reappears and makes him question if he's really moved on.

Heather is an obstacle for AJ and Miranda.

Dixie becomes attracted to Anders.

Brooke will face temptation in regards to Dimitri.

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