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Spoilers for the Week of July 29, 2013

07/29/2013 12:00am

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Week of July 15:

Monday July 15: Part 1:

AMC Recap: So Broken.

When she is in need, Angie finds herself alone.

Miranda and Bianca reflect on their journey together over the years.

Will Zach and Lea finally give in to the passion that’s building between them?

Monday July 15: Part 2:

AMC Recap: No Longer Open For Business.

Once Zach learns that Jesse had a hand in framing him for murder, will their friendship survive or will Jesse be in even more danger?

Dimitri tells Brooke to pack her bags! They have plans together.

Colby comes up with a sure-fire way to raise money for the Miranda Center, but will she be able to take the heat?

Week of July 22:

Monday July 22: Part 1:

AMC Recap: Major Klutz Moment.

A Pine Valley bachelor will be auctioned off for a once-in-a-lifetime date.

Unexpected guests interrupt AJ and Miranda's day at the beach and threaten their time together.

Colby stuns Celia in regards to her relationship with Pete.

Monday July 22: Part 2:

AMC Recap: Evil On A Stick.

Colby and Cassandra are connected on a deeper level after they share a moment.

Opal is given a special assignment by Brooke for the Chandler Media Gala.

Dixie and Billy Clyde won't forget the gifts each gives the other. participated in a conference call with "AMC." Here are is a tidbit from the call:

When asked if there is any chance we might see a different side to Celia, Jordan Lane Price (Celia) says, "I can’t speak completely to that, but I definitely think that - yes. I think that if you keep watching, I think Celia is starting to have a little bit of a boiling point. I think that, you know, she is a very - like you said a very earnest sweet girl but I think, you know, there’s only so far you can push and Colby definitely is pushing those buttons. So yes I think, you know, Celia’s going to wise up at some point."

Week of July 29:

Monday July 29: Part 1:

AMC Recap: For A Good Cause.

Will Angie be able to get to Cassandra before she makes a life-alerting decision?

Colby lets down her guard and shows her vulnerable side when Cassandra needs her the most.

In his moment of need, who posts bail for Jesse and what's the catch?

Miranda finds herself drifting even further from AJ.

Monday July 29: Part 2:

While coming to blows over Angie, David drops a bomb on Jesse.

Colby makes a drastic move that will turn Celia's night at the big Chandler Media Gala upside down.

Now that AJ is going to the gala with Heather, who will Miranda choose to escort her?

Week of August 5:

Monday August 5: Part 1:

Opal as a hostess on the red carpet. Will it be a disaster or a triumph?

Will the steroids impact JR’s behavior at the Gala? Looks like JR will go "postal."

There's a cameo by CNN's Jake Tapper.

We'll be treated to a performance by pop star Jason Derulo.

AJ and Miranda are dressed for the Gala, but when Heather interrupts, it's anyone's guess if their relationship will ever be the same again.

Colby Chandler... Will she be a villain, vixen or just arm candy for David at the Gala?

Monday August 5: Part 2:

Looking ravishing, Brooke enters the gala and catches Dimitri’s eye. Will this be the night that will change their relationship forever?

A mysterious bidder wins a date with Pete.

Lonely Miranda finds a date for the Gala - someone everyone in Pine Valley has their eye on!

With David so close to Oliver at the Gala, will Cara’s world come crashing down?

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